We all receive calls from unidentified numbers every once in a while. But if an unknown number keeps calling repeatedly, you would be eager to identify who the caller is for your safety and security. Unknown numbers are displayed if you don’t have the number saved on your iPhone or if the number was blocked by your network provider. In this guide, I’ll show you the methods to find an unknown caller number on your iPhone.

Unknown calls are mostly affiliated with scams and dangerous activities. So it is important to identify these recurring calls before answering the phone or returning their missed calls. You can either block the unknown number, or you can stop calls on your iPhone without blocking it.

Let’s start.

How To Identify an Unknown Caller on iPhone

There are three methods used to identify an unknown caller number on your iPhone. 

Use Star 69 or Star 57 Codes

The *69 code is a universal prefix number that tracks and finds out the true identity of an unknown caller ID. It works well for anonymous or blocked calls. Also provides the exact time and date with the phone number used. 

It will allow you to gain access to the unknown caller’s information. After you’ve received the necessary information, you can enter the phone number into your block list.

The *69 code also gives options on whether to return the call in case you want to confront the spam caller or to block the unknown number immediately. 

Alternatively, you can use the *57 code to track an unknown caller number. This code is most suitable for tracking spam callers and their identities. The *57 code is more advanced compared to the *69 code.

The *57 code can also forward the information of the unknown caller to the law enforcers. This makes the authorities trace the recurring unknown calls to their source.

Also, inform the police about the unknown spam call with a copy of the recent calls to make tracing easier. If the calls aren’t as serious to involve the police, you can use the *69 code.

Note that these services charge extra coverage fees. Although this doesn’t apply to all network service providers. Yours might not charge extra or not charge at all for the use of the *57 and *69 codes.

Use of Third-party Apps To Find Out the Unknown Caller Number On iPhone

You can also find out unknown caller numbers by installing third-party applications on the Apple App Store. Examples of these apps are:

  • Truecaller.
  • Mobile Number Locator.
  • CallApp.
  • Showcaller.
  • Caller ID.
  • Caller ID – Who Called Me.
  • Hiya – Caller ID & Block.
  • Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker.

After you’ve installed any of these apps, you can search the app for the unknown number. Hopefully, the identity of the unknown caller would be retrieved. 

Alternatively, You Can Check For The Call ID Via The Settings App. 

1. Open the Settings app. 


2. Scroll down and tap Phone.

phone setting

3. Under the Calls section, you can see a list of recent calls and the caller ID for the respective calls. 

4. If you can’t find the caller ID of the unknown number, you can quickly search online or use any of the third-party applications stated above. 


Here are some treated questions on how to locate and trace unknown or private numbers with your iPhone.

Are unknown calls dangerous?

Most times, unknown calls are mostly affiliated with scammers and crooks. So when you receive a call from an unknown, private or blocked number, you should be very cautious. You shouldn’t even answer such calls. This is to protect your privacy and security. 
If this unknown number is an international number, you would also be charged by your local network provider for coverage fees. If the call is urgent or legitimate, the caller would send a text message to identify himself or herself with a voicemail message.

Can my telephone provider tell me who the unknown number is?

No, they can’t. Network service providers cannot tell you the identification details of the unknown caller. This is because it is a very important protocol not to expose the user’s identity. This helps to prevent identity theft and breach of personal information. 
Also, they can’t help you track the unknown caller’s number. 

How do I identify an unknown number?

With the use of a reverse phone search site like White Pages, Reverse Phone Lookup, and AnyWho. These sites are very reliable and are guaranteed to return positive results. 
If it doesn’t find the exact name of the unknown caller, it can provide an approximate location of where the spam caller might be.

How do I find out who an unknown caller is on my iPhone?

You can the *69 or *57 codes. These codes specialise in tracking and locating anonymous or private calls. 

How do you unmask a no caller ID on iPhone?

You can use any of the apps below to unmask and reveal anonymous phone numbers. 
TrapCall app.
Mobile Number Locator.
Caller ID.
Caller ID – Who Called Me.
Hiya – Caller ID & Block.
Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker.
Vital information like the caller’s full name, phone number and email address is revealed. After you’ve received this information, you should put the contact in your blocklist or black list to prevent them from calling you again. If they try to, they’d receive a “Currently Not Available” or “User busy” feedback from your network provider. 


Finding and locating spam callers is very important. These spam callers are calling thousands of people at a time so it is very necessary as a patriotic citizen to unmask and report these callers to the rightful authorities to prevent other innocent people in the community from becoming victims of their heinous acts. 

This guide has covered all the methods used to easily find out an unknown caller number on your iPhone.

I hope you found this guide informative. Thanks for reading.

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