How To Find Someone’s Birthday On Instagram?

Unlike Facebook, Instagram cannot display the subscriber’s birthday on their page. But some people add their birthdates to Instagram and discuss their interests, hobbies, and locations with their fans. Although we can’t promise you’ll locate the date, we can point you on the right path. Thus, if you’re seeking to find someone’s birth date on Instagram, keep reading to find out how. This article will discuss How To Find Someone’s Birthday On Instagram?

Step by Step To Find Someone’s Birthday On Instagram

As humans, we tend to forget details, and birthdates are on that list. Here’s how to locate a connection’s birth date on Instagram:

Option one: Use the search bar

The Instagram search function might be the solution to your birthday quest. Anyone use a username and name to do basic searches in Instagram’s google search bar. To find someone’s birthdate on Instagram, use the search feature:

  1. Connect to Instagram.
Connect to Instagram
  1. Locate the search bar.
Locate the search bar
  1. Enter the username or name of the individual whose birthdate you wish to locate and click the search button.
  1. Find the individual you’re looking for among the results. Check out their posts and bio. 

Option Two: Explore their Tagged Posts.

Some people tag their contacts in postings wishing them the best birthday wishes. And you can find their birthdate details here. The caveat is that you can only see such info if the user’s friends are your Instagram friends and active members. To discover someone’s birthday on Instagram, look at tagged posts:

  1. Sign in to Instagram.
  2. Browse and tap on the user’s profile.
Browse and tap on the user's profile
  1. Navigate to the ‘Tagged Section’ 
How To Find Someone's Birthday On Instagram
  1. Look over the tagged topics for a posting on the birthday.

Some individuals who regularly use Instagram or other media may mention their birthdays in their stories. You may also go through the user’s tales for such postings. You can also check the other party’s account when you share Instagram connections. Evaluate whether they have mentioned birthday wishes for the person you’re searching for in their posts.

Option Three: Browse Instagram Posts 

If you are friends on Instagram with the person, you can:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Look at the user’s profile.
  3. Examine their most recent postings. On Instagram, many individuals post about their birthdays. You could uncover postings on their birthdays if you go over their updates from the last year. If the individual does not often use Instagram, there’ll be no results.

FAQs On How To Find Someone’s Birthday On Instagram

Is it possible to see a person’s birthdate on Instagram?

To see your target user’s tagged postings, go to their account and select tagged photographs in the upper right below their name. Then, look for tagged posts associated with their birthday. After that, you should be able to figure out anyone’s birthdate on Instagram.

How can I find out about someone’s birthday?

Because most individuals are pretty open about their private details and post their birthdates on their Facebook profile, it’s the natural first place to search. Navigate to their Facebook account’s About section and search in Overview. Alternatively, you might navigate to Events and, afterward, Forthcoming Birthdays.

Is it possible for others to view your Instagram activity?

When you enable your Activity Status, individuals you like and anybody you contact on Instagram will be able to see your last active time and day. Or it might be you are presently active. You may toggle the Activity status on and off anytime. To access your profile, click your profile image in the lower right section.

What are Instagram’s three tabs?

You may look for other people by full name or username under the People button. The Tags tab enables you to check for entries that include a particular hashtag. At the same time, the Places option allows you to search for posts published in various areas.

Is it possible to see who is looking at your Instagram account?

Instagram users cannot see who visits their accounts. Thus, if you glance through somebody’s profile and comment or dislike a post, they have no idea who views the photos.

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