How To Find Someone’s IP Address On iPhone?

You always have an internet protocol address (IP address) when you have a device to stream videos and send emails on the Internet. This guide will show you How To Find Someone’s IP Address On iPhone.

The iPhone has built-in networking features that allow you to check someone’s IP, but you don’t know the procedure. Sometimes you don’t know about the person using your IP address and doing some inappropriate activities on the Internet. 

Some activities that include doing illegal things can put you in danger when someone uses your IP address. It could be anyone who linked to your PC, MAC, or smartphone through a fishy link you might get across while searching on the web. 

So, you might wonder how to find someone’s IP address on iPhone without being noticed. This article will explain the method to find someone’s IP address. Let’s dig deeper inside the article to find out the answers you are looking for.

What Is IP Address?

Internet protocol address (IP address) is a digital code of any device that can use the Internet. The IP address could be any digit like with specific unique numbers that recognize the location and networking identifications.

You can change your IP address using various techniques like VPNs or torc browsers. You might use it to change your IP when you want to contact someone privately without being noticed.

Changing your IP address is not illegal, but it depends on your activity. It will be unlawful if you change your IP address to do hacking activities or sell and purchase drugs, guns, etc. 

The IP address is your device’s most influential digital code or internet device. When you try using malicious websites like torrents, they can easily detect your IP and location.

How To Find IP Address On IPhone?

The step-by-step guide is given below with a brief explanation to find someone using your network. 

You can find that IP address from your iPhone by using a built-in networking system or any third-party app or website.

Steps To Find Someone’s IP Address On iPhone

You need to follow each step below carefully to avoid any inconvenience while locating other people’s IPs:

1. Open Your iPhone Settings

How To Find Someone's IP Address On iPhone

Unlock your iPhone and locate the settings logo in the main menu. Please tap on the settings option to open it.

2. Open Wi-Fi Settings

How To Find Someone's IP Address On iPhone

Now in the main settings menu, you must open the Wi-Fi settings. If you can’t find the Wi-Fi settings, you can search for them in the search bar at the top of the screen.

Tap on the Wi-Fi option and open it to explore more features through which you can locate the IP address.

3. Turn On The Wi-Fi

Turn On The Wi-Fi

After entering Wi-Fi settings, you need to turn this feature on. Tap on the button given in front of the Wi-Fi feature. 

When it turns green, it means you successfully turn it on. You can switch on the Wi-Fi using the taskbar menu’s shortcut.

4. Connect To That Person’s Wi-Fi

How To Find Someone's IP Address On iPhone

Now your Wi-Fi feature will show all the available networks around you within the range of your iPhone. You must know the device’s password to which you want to connect. Please tap on the network you want to connect to.

5. Enter The Network Password

Enter The Network Password

Now enter the password you remember for that device. If you don’t know the password, it might be impossible to see the IP of someone who relates to that network. After entering the password, tap on join this network.

6. Open Connected Wi-Fi To Check IP Address

Open Connected Wi-Fi To Check IP Address

Now you have connected to that person’s network, go back to the Wi-Fi network menu. There select the connected network. You can see the IPV4 address section in the connected network, where all the details will be mentioned.

Also, check the IP address of that network and the router address with which you are connected.

7. Open Configure IP

How To Find Someone's IP Address On iPhone

You can also check the DNS server Ip by tapping on the configure DNS option. Also, check the DNS server IP, which might also help you get to that person.

FAQs On Finding IP Address

How Do I Find Someone’s IP Address?

You can find someone’s IP through many tricks using a third-party website or app. Websites like can help you to locate the internet protocol address of someone.
If you use an android or iOS device, you can find anyone’s IP address by connecting with their Wi-Fi and checking the server details in settings.

How Can You Find IP Address Through Third-Part Apps or Websites?

You can find your IP address using third-party apps or websites that only enable you to locate only your IP address. You can also discover the device’s IP to which your Wi-Fi is connected through third-party websites like

How Can I Trace Someone’s IP Address?

You cannot trace an individual IP address unless you hack into the cellular network provider servers. You can only trace your own IP because other devices cannot be traced without law and enforcement permission.
Law and enforcement departments traced IPs from that internet protocol address when the criminal activity occurred.

How Do I Get An IP Address Without Wi-Fi On iPhone?

You cannot get an IP address without connecting to the Wi-Fi on your iPhone. The only way to get someone’s IP is to get permission from law-and-order departments of your country or state.

What Kind Of Information Can An IP Address Provide To Someone?

Your geolocation will only reveal to someone through your IP address. No other information like your contact number, name, or anything will not get disclosed through your IP address. The location will also not be 100% precise, which will show on your IP.


Finding the internet protocol address of someone whose device you relate to is not a complicated method. If you try to find someone’s IP not present in your location is nearly impossible unless you are an expert in IP and know some ethical hacking skills. So, there are slight chances of getting caught if you try to do it as an unethical hacker, which is illegal worldwide. 

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