How to find the owner of an Instagram Account?

Are you curious to discover who owns an Instagram account when you create connections on Instagram? Or you want to know if a particular account is fake or not. There are a lot of methods to find who owns an Instagram account. In this article, you can find three different ways by which you can see who owns an Instagram Account. So, let’s get started with our guide on How to find the owner of an Instagram Account?

three Ways to find the owner of an Instagram Account?

#Method 1: Ask directly to find Instagram Account Owner

How to find the owner of an Instagram Account?

It is the easiest method among the three methods. When you come across an Instagram account and are extremely curious to know who owns that particular account then the easiest step is to ask them directly. Sometimes you may end with an answer. You can directly message the profile holder you want to know the details about. While you ask the person about his information, you should inform that person of the reasons for asking for the owner’s details. You should be clear with your intentions.

Method 2: Check About the profile to find Instagram Account Owner

  • Step 1: Open your Instagram account
instagram on play store

Install and sign in to your Instagram account. After that, search for the profile on which you want information. 

  • Step 2: Open the menu

After opening the profile, click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner. From there, you can access the other menus. 

  • Step 3: About This Account
instagram profile setting

After you click on the icon, you get a lot of options which include, Report, Block, About This Account, Hide your story, etc. From these options, click on the “About This Account” options. 

  • Step 4: Information about the account
instagram account information

After you click on About This Account, you will see a lot of information about the account. Please remember that the information will only be visible if the profile owner has made it public.

You can get a lot of information. With this information, you can do more research and conclude by yourself.

#Method 3: Take help of Third-party apps to find Instagram Account Owner

How to find the owner of an Instagram Account?

There are different third-party apps and tools available such as webstagram, staunch, etc. You can find many more on the internet, if you search for them. These third-party apps can also provide you with some information.

Do some detailed research about the profile on the internet. You can get some leads to the final information. You can use the other Social Media sites and other available resources on the internet to find more details about the profile.

FAQs on Instagram Account

Is it possible to trace an Instagram Account?

There is no definite answer to this question. Because it depends on each profile. It is a difficult task to accomplish. And there is only one way to trace an account: to look at the account’s IP address. Thus you can find if an account is fake or real.

Is it possible to find someone’s email address on Instagram?

Yes, it is possible to find the email of one profile if the owner has made it visible to the public. For that, you have to search for the person’s profile and, from there, click on the email icon if it is visible on the profile.

Is it possible that someone on Instagram see if you viewed their profile?

No, it is not possible to see if someone has viewed their profile. Instagram doesn’t provide such a feature to any account holders. Only on stories we can view who has viewed our Instagram stories.

How can we know if an account on Instagram is fake?

There are a few ways by which you can tell this. One of the ways is by observing its followers count. Usually, such fake accounts will have some followers, but their posts will not have many likes and comments. They are primarily fake accounts.

Is it possible to track a deleted account on Instagram?

Once an account is deleted from Instagram, the user name and all other information related to the account are removed from the Instagram server. The deleted account cannot be reactivated or created again with the same user name.

Tracking Instagram Profile Owner

By now, you would have a clear idea of how to track down a profile owner on Instagram. Above, we have given three different methods by which you can find the owner. There is one more tip for finding the owner, that is, by tracking the IP address of the account holder.

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