How to find ups account number?

United parcel service which is a shipping organization, was started in the united states of America in 1907. The company is well known all over the world for its service. It provides different services, which include Postal services, next-day delivery, and capital services. UPS account number is a 6-digit number that is used to differentiate your account from the other account users. The company which provided the UPS number is named United Postal Service. The number is used similarly to the zip code for your regular postal delivery. These work equally as the codes but are associated with delivering a package internationally. These are the numbers present on the Epackets that are received from abroad. You might wonder how to find a UPS account number.

Finding an ups number is the most asked question nowadays. ups numbers are unique six digits that are used to create your account and shipping packages internationally. So in this article, I am going to tell you how you can find the ups account number.

Finding a UPS account number is very easy, but there are several  things that only customers can do with an account, like:

  • Sending and receiving parcels from other businesses.
  • Finding where the parcel is present at that particular time.
  • Get special discounts for quick shippers.
  • Get access to special discounts for frequent shippers.
  • Receiving information about every send and receiving shipping.

If the customer is facing any trouble, then he just needs to make calls to the UPS customer service they are mostly available 24/7 to facilitate their customers.

4 Ways to find ups account numbers:

By using invoice or sales receipt

Find the six-digit account number written on the invoice or the sales receipt in the right-hand corner.

By using customer call service

By using customer call service at  1-888-742-5877 from Monday to Friday,  you can easily get your ups to the account number you just have to call the customer service and ask them to give you your six-digit number. after you provide them with details of your account, they will give you your 6-digit number.


You have to go to the website on google. Then log in to the website, Click on the MY account tab present in the top right-hand corner of the page. click on “Open an Account” and follow the instructions provided by the website to create an account or log in to an existing account if you already have UPS.

By using the label 

The UPS account number is present at the bottom of the label/check. Many people get confused because it is also referred to as the number for shipping.


How to find ups account number without an invoice?

In order to find your ups number without an invoice, you have to log in to the UPS account and your number will be displayed on the right side of the screen. And by walking to their headquarters, branches, and also by using a check.

How to find ups account number UK?

To find your ups account number in the UK and any other country. You simply have to log in to your UPS account and navigate to the profile payment option. Then if there will no account number then you have to create one.

How many digits a UPS account has?

The ups account has 6 digits that differentiate your account and other accounts.

How to UPS shipper number lookup?

You can simply find your shipping number by looking on the top right corner of page no 1 of your bill.

How ups account can verify?

In order to verify your ups account, you have to put the correct information on your profile and then log in to .(use the same ID and password that is in your shipping app) 
Then select the Account summary from my ups tab. Verify your account is listed, if not, select Add a UPS Account link, and that’s all.


Ups has earned a good reputation during 110 years in the shipping services. They provide a new account number to million of their customers to provide them a new identity by using which they can be identified.

The account number is fed to their integrated system, which means you can use all of the UPS services through this number at all UPS services outlets.

Finding a UPS account number is necessary for any foreign transaction. You may even need this 6-digit number when you work with the company and want to track the packages. Follow the above methods to find your unique ups account number.

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