How To Find Your Clipboard On Instagram?

Instagram is an excellent social media platform full of surprising features. You can share any images or posts from this platform with other social media apps. This article will guide you on How To Find Your Clipboard On Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t allow you to save any images or videos, but it does allow you to share them with your loved ones. So you can get any link to the post or story by copying them on your clipboard.

Sometimes you come across a beautiful dress, quote, celebrity pose, or any inspirational video on Instagram. That clicks you, and now you want to disclose that unique kind of post with your friends or family.

When you try to share an image by copying the link, you don’t know how to find your clipboard on Instagram

Don’t worry! This article will explain the easiest and most quick way to get your Instagram post clipboard.

So, let’s dig inside the article to explore the secret way to get a clipboard without any trouble.

What Is Clipboard?

Clipboard is a feature of your smartphone that allows you to get texts, links, posts, etc., from Instagram or any social media app. It helps you to share long texts that you cannot copy by yourself from a post.

Sometimes an inspirational story is shared on the famous Instagram page, and you like that very much. Now you want to send that to your other social media platforms friends. 

The clipboard feature allows you to send those long texts, links, and posts to anyone on any social media platform. You can share these things on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, And many other platforms without consent.

The ultimate benefit of this feature is that you don’t have to drag the cursor or screen to copy anything. You must tap and hold, that’s all. It will automatically copy text or links on your keyboard clipboard. 

How To Find Clipboard It On Instagram?

The problem comes when you don’t know how to use this feature. That is why we have given you the best step-by-step guide below with a quick explanation to find this feature on Instagram. 

Steps To Find Clipboard On Instagram

You must follow each step below to avoid any inconvenience while implementing this procedure:

  1. Open Instagram App
Open Instagram App

Unlock your smartphone and locate the Instagram app. If you are using an iOS device, the method will be the same. Open the Instagram app by tapping on it from your thumb or figure.

  1. Open Any Post
How To Find Your Clipboard On Instagram

Now on the main Instagram app interface, open any post you want to copy on your clipboard. You can select any post on your Instagram feed r from a specific account. Now tap on the three dots option at the top right corner of that post.

  1. Tap On Link Button
How To Find Your Clipboard On Instagram

When you tap on the three dots, a pop-up window will open. There you can see multiple options with their logos. You need to select the link button by tapping on it. 

  1. Link Copied To Clipboard
How To Find Your Clipboard On Instagram

The pop-up window will automatically close when you tap on the link button. On the main post, a quick notification will show the message of the link copied. Now the image you want to share link is saved on your clipboard, which can be used anytime on any social media app.

  1. Open Any Social Media App
Open Any Social Media App

Now open any social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. In our case, we use WhatsApp as an example. Open any chat from your list and tap on the message bar to open the keyboard.

  1. Open Clipboard Feature
How To Find Your Clipboard On Instagram

When you open the chat, the keyboard will appear on the screen from the bottom. As per your keyboard app, locate the clipboard button, whether it is a third-party or default app. 

All previously copied links and texts will appear when you open the clipboard option. You need to select the recent one which you will copy from Instagram.

  1. Send The Message
Send The Message

When you enter the link in your WhatsApp message, it will automatically detect the source of the post. Your post preview will appear, and when you send it will show the post’s main image. It is how you find your clipboard on Instagram.

FAQs On Instagram Clipboard

How Do I Get Benefit From Instagram Clipboard Usage?

You can benefit from using a clipboard when your social media presence decreases daily. 
Using the clipboard feature, you can share your Instagram posts on other social media platforms. More audience will see your posts through link sharing, and your profile will boost.

How Do I Copy And Paste From Instagram Clipboard?

You can copy and paste from an Instagram post by following the steps below:
1. Open Instagram app
2. Open any image or video that you want to copy and paste 
3. Tap on the three-dot option in the upper right corner of that post
4. Choose the link option, and it will copy to your clipboard
5. Now open any app or message and spread the clipboard on your keyboard to paste that text or link

How Do I Copy A Link From Instagram Post?

You can copy any link from an Instagram post by opening the options button on the top corner of the post. A new pop-up window will appear on the image with multiple options. Choose the link button, and it will automatically copy o your clipboard.

How Can I Copy A Text From Any Instagram Post?

You need to follow some quick steps below to copy Instagram posts text:
Open Instagram app
Find the post from which you want to copy the text
Tap and hold on the post text until the cross arrow appears
Drag the arrows from start to end and tap on copy option that occurs after the selection

Where Can I Find My Saved Clipboards?

You can find all your saved clipboards on your smartphone keyboard features. Your keyboard will open whenever you post something or send someone a message. 
Locate the clipboard option and open it, where all the saved texts and links will be present.


Instagram always provides a user-friendly interface to its users. Whenever you feel any trouble on their app regarding a technical glitch, you will always find the resolved within a few days after a new update.

If you are among those wonders searching for how to find a clipboard on Instagram, then the above guide is for you.

If you like the article’s content above, share it with others and send your feedback in the comment section. Also, check our blog section to explore more valuable tech solutions.

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