How To Fix Controller Drift Xbox One?

A perfect Xbox One controller is essential for any gamer who enjoys playing various games. But when one notices that the Xbox One controller has a drift, you will not enjoy the games the way you should. Did you know your Xbox One Controller can be salvaged even if it suffers from a drift? Before you throw it away, please read this guide to discover the various tips you can try to fix it.

If you are wondering, How To Fix Controller Drift Xbox One? This article will guide you on How To Fix Controller Drift Xbox One?

How To Fix Controller Drift Xbox One

Four Methods to Fix Controller Drift Xbox One

The four ways to fix controller drift Xbox One are mentioned in detail below:

Method 1: Replace the Xbox One Controller Batteries

Your Xbox One Controller may have a drift because the batteries are running low. Therefore, you can first try changing the batteries to a new pair. Once you replace the batteries, try using the controller and check if you are still experiencing the drift. If the problem disappears after changing the batteries, your controller has no hardware issue.

Method 2: Use Air Compressor to Clean the Controller Joysticks

When the controller gets in contact with dust and other dirt particles, it may start drifting. In such a case, if you have an air blower or compressor, you can use it and remove the dirt particles in the joysticks. Moreover, when using compressed air, be careful not to make the controller too moist.

To ensure you clean the joysticks without making them moist, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure to disable your Xbox controller before you start cleaning it.
  2. Go to the joysticks and push compressed air inside while pressing them to one side. Direct the air to the base, and do it for a few seconds.
  3. Repeat the above step with the other joystick, then keep the controller still for a while before you start using it.

If successful, your Xbox One controller should work properly without experiencing drift.

Method 3: Open Your Controller and Clean it.

If you are brave enough to open your Xbox One controller, you can easily clean its hardware and prevent it from drifting when enjoying various games. However, it is important to note that this method requires various tools, and you must know which part of the controller you are fixing. 

If you are fixing worn-out thumbstick springs of your controller, you must have a prying tool, stick springs to replace, tweezers, and a safety Torx like T-8.

How to Clean the Controller?

Once you have the tools, continue with the following guidelines.

  1. Open your Xbox One controller using the pry tool and T-8 safety Torx.
  2. Go to the bottom and right side of the thumbstick and use the pry to remove the plastic covers carefully. 
  3. Find the Springs and remove them with care. You can use the Tweezers if you find it difficult to remove them.
  4.  Use the new analog springs to replace the ones taken from the controller.
  5. Return the green plastic to its initial place.
  6. Reassemble all the controller parts back together and test if it is drifting.

Note: You can only attempt this method when you are sure you can locate the controller parts carefully. Moreover, if you remove any part wrongly, it may prevent the controller from functioning properly.

How To Fix Controller Drift Xbox One

Method 4: Fix Xbox Controller in a Shop

If none of the methods helps you, you may find it necessary to visit a workshop to fix your controller. If you find it hard to open and clean, opting for professional services is the easiest way to get your controller back to normal. 

FAQs On Fixing Controller Drift Xbox One

Why is My Xbox Controller Drifting?

Many reasons may make your Controller drift. The obvious reason is that the batteries have low power levels. Low battery levels are one of the reasons behind joystick drifting. You can confirm if low battery levels cause Xbox controller drift by changing the batteries and checking if you are experiencing the drift.

Is it Possible to Repair a Controller Stick Drift?

Yes. It is possible to fix your Xbox controller when you know the cause. When a controller drifts, either the thumbtack pad is worn out, the springs are worn out, or the thumb stick unit is bad. If the thumb stick pad is worn out and causing the controller to drift, repairing or replacing it will fix the drift issue. Moreover, if the springs in the controller were the cause of the drift, replacing them would fix the problem.

What Do I Do to Prevent Xbox One Controller from Drifting?

If you don’t want to experience issues with Xbox controller drift, it is good to ensure you have clean cardboard that will keep the controller away from contamination. Things like snacks and other staff in the air make the controller start drifting. Moreover, it is good to ensure you do maintenance regularly to ensure your controller is in good shape.

Is it Possible to Fix Xbox One Controller Without Dismantling it?

Yes. Before you clean the various parts of your controller and prevent it from drifting, you can try other ways, like changing your controller batteries. If the controller does not have enough battery power, it may drift. Moreover, you can use compressed air to remove dust and other dirt particles from the controller.

Will My Xbox Controller Drift for Using it For a Long Time?

It is possible that when you have used something for a long time, it tears and wears out. It may have worn out if you have used your Xbox one controller for a long time. Because the controller is a hardware item, it is imminent to get damaged at some point. If you think you have used your controller long enough and it is worn out, it is highly recommended to consider changing to a new one or repairing its hardware parts.


Before you finally throw away your Xbox One controller, it is good to try and fix it. The guide has explained the various methods you can use to try and fix your controller. Moreover, to avoid finding your controller suffering from a drift next time, try keeping it in a clean cupboard that is not contaminated and do regular maintenance.

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