How To Fix Couldn’t Load Activity Instagram?

People every day want to access their Instagram accounts but find that the service doesn’t load on their particular devices. There could be many reasons for not loading your activity on Instagram. There are a few steps to fixing this problem! We are sharing some methods you can follow in this article, so just keep on reading! Read ahead to get the answers to your ‘How To Fix Couldn’t Load Activity Instagram?’ question.

What are the Methods To Fix Couldn’t Load Activity Instagram?

There are five methods to fix this issue, and they are listed below.

Method One: Fix Instagram Asking For Permission

If you’re having trouble loading Instagram on your device, try the following: 

  • First, confirm that you have the latest version of the app installed. Go to Instagram’s App Store page and tap on the Updates button to download the latest update.
  • Next, go to Instagram’s Settings page and make sure that Allow Building from Code is enabled. This will let us access the app’s code and fix any issues we might have.
  • If you’re still having trouble loading Instagram, try restarting your device. This can sometimes help clear up any errors or problems that might be causing the issue.

Method Two: Sign Out And Log Back In

There are two different ways to try and fix an activity on Instagram if you’re having trouble loading it. The first and easiest step is to sign out of your account and log back in. You can try using a different device or browser if that still doesn’t work.

To sign out

1. Go to your profile page.

Go to your profile page

2. Under the “Tools” menu item, select sign out, enter your password, hit “Sign Out,” and confirm your decision.

How To Fix Could not Load Activity Instagram

To log back in

1. Launch the Instagram app on your device. 

Launch the Instagram app on your device

2. Open your Instagram app, enter your login information, hit “Log In,” and confirm your decision.

How To Fix Could not Load Activity Instagram

Method Three: Turn Off Location Services On Your Phone

If you’re having trouble loading Instagram on your phone, it might be because the app is trying to use your location services to geolocate you. To turn off location services on your phone, open the Settings app.

1. Go to Privacy 

Go to Privacy

2. Then go to Location Services. 

Then go to Location Services

3. Turn off all of the options under Location Services.

How To Fix Could not Load Activity Instagram

Method Four: Clear Cache on Your Phone

If you’re still having trouble loading Instagram, clearing the cache on your phone may help. You can do this by going to 

1. Go to Settings. 

2. Then go to  General. 

3. Storage and tap Clear Cache.

Method Five: Check Your Internet Connection

If you’re having trouble loading Instagram, there are a few things to check. 

1. Check your network connection. Ensure that your phone is connected to the internet and that there isn’t any firewall blocking Instagram from connecting properly. 

2. Reset your network settings. If that doesn’t work, try resetting your network connection settings on your computer and phone. This will completely reset all of your devices’ settings and may solve the problem. 

3. Try a different internet connection. If you’re still having trouble loading Instagram, try using a different internet connection – like using Wi-Fi instead of cell LTE – to see if that helps. 

5. Use an alternate web browser. If all else fails, try using an alternate web browser like Safari or Chrome to access Instagram.

FAQs On Fixing Couldn’t Load Activity Instagram

 How do you fix the problem where your Instagram activity won’t load?

When you can’t access Instagram on your phone or tablet, the first thing you should do is restart it. If the issue persists after a device restart, try accessing Instagram via both Wi-Fi and mobile data to see whether or not a poor network connection is to blame.

Why Can’t Instagram load results on my phone?

 Instagram users should check their internet connection to fix the “Couldn’t load post” problem. You might want to turn off your WiFi and use your phone’s internet instead. If you have a mobile connection, turn off mobile data and turn on wifi.

What is the problem with my activity level?

 If you can’t see someone’s activity status, it’s probably because they don’t want you or anyone else to see it. This means that the user turned off the “Last Active” option, and it can’t be turned back on.

 How do you keep Instagram up to date?

 How do I change something on Instagram? Instagram doesn’t have a refresh button or a menu option. All you have to do is drag the screen down and leave it, and the feed will update and show you the most recent information.

What happens to the Activity status of an Instagram account after 48 hours?

 Today’s status, “Active,” will stay that way for the next 24 hours. If a person hasn’t done anything for 8 hours or more, this status will show up next to their name. If you haven’t been on Instagram in more than 24 hours, this will change to “Active yesterday.”

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