How to Fix No App Found to Open URL Android?

Android is a common mobile operating system developed by Google. When using it to access a browser, you may encounter a link you wish to open. Unfortunately, you may click on it and get a message saying no app supports the URL opening. Luckily, we understand the error and the reasons why it occurs. If you want a quick way to ‘fix no app found to open URL Android‘ and hopefully open your link, keep reading the article.

What Is the “No App Found to Open URL” Error

When browsing and you click on a link, your system has to locate an app to open the link. It throws the error if it finds no app or permission to open the URL. When that happens, you won’t access the URL’s page until you resolve it. 

Besides, the error mainly arises if you have some configuration error in your settings or when you’ve disabled some apps like Google Play Store, which allow URLs to open on your system. Furthermore, it could be a glitch with your phone. Now that you understand why you are getting the error. let’s see the various methods of fixing the error.

methods to Fix No App Found to Open URL in Android

Any of the listed methods below will aid in resolving the error. Try them out.

  1. Restart Your Phone

As a rule of thumb, restarting the phone should be your first option any time you encounter any error on your Android phone. Most errors are technical glitches, and restarting the services of your phone could easily fix them.

Restart your phone using the steps below.

  1. Press and hold the power button for around 10 seconds
  2. On the boot options that appear, click the restart option

Once your phone restarts, open your browser and try clicking the link that caused the error before. Fixed? If so, that’s it. You don’t need to try the other methods. However, if still stuck, use the other methods below.

Method 1: Check Disabled Applications To Fix The Error

Sometimes, you may find that you’ve accidentally disabled some crucial applications like the browser and Google Play Store. Such apps are essential for opening URLs on your phone; when disabled, you deny your phone from opening them. It could be for security reasons. Nonetheless, you need to check if they are the ones causing the error and enable them to fix the issue. 

To verify the disabled systems applications, use the steps below.

  1. Locate and click the Settings application on your home screen.
Locate and click the Settings application on your home screen.
  1. Scroll down the options and click the Apps option
Scroll down the options and click the Apps option
  1. Next, click the App Info
  2. A list of all apps will open up. Here, our target is the Google Play Store
Next, click the App Info
  1. Scroll down and click on it.
  2. Ensure that it is enabled. You can verify if you see the disabled option, meaning it is already enabled.
Scroll down and click on it.
  1. Once enabled, open your browser and try opening the link once again. Hopefully, it worked.

If not, repeat the same steps for all system apps, including browsers checking if the URL now opens. If all system apps are enabled, and the error persists, try the last method below.

Method 2: Reset Your Apps to Default Preferences

On Android, you can change the default preferences to match your needs. For instance, it could be that you’ve set a different default browser or some other conflicting apps. To fix this, you should reset all apps to their default settings.

Use the steps below.

  1. Start by opening the Settings app on your phone.
Start by opening the Settings app on your phone.
  1. Click the Apps option from the list.
Click the Apps option from the list.
  1. Press the App Info option 
  2. Click the three dots at the top right of your screen
Click the three dots at the top right of your screen
  1. From the listed options, click the Reset App Preferences option

Bingo! You’ve reset all applications to their default settings. You can open your browser and click on the problematic link. It should now open the URL with no error.


Why Are My Links Not Opening?

If you try clicking on links and get the error that the URLs can’t open, it could be a minor technical glitch with your phone. Also, it could be that you’ve disabled some applications needed to open links on your system, or the app preferences currently set on your phone are conflicting.

How Do I Fix My Phone Lacking an App to Open Links?

It is unfortunate when your phone lacks an app to open links. If that happens, start by restarting the phone and checking if that does the magic. If not, enable all the system apps on your phone and if still stuck, reset the preferences of your apps. Hopefully, the three methods will fix your error.

How Do I Open Links on Android?

If someone sends you a link, click on it. The default browser on your system will open the link to the specified URL. Similarly, if you are browsing, you can open any link by clicking on it, and you will get redirected to your browser. That’s how you open links on Android.

How Do I Enable a Disabled App on Android?

To enable an app, click on the settings application and navigate to apps. From there. Click the app info option. Scroll down the listed opens, and click on the one you want to disable. Once opened, click the enable option on the page.

Why Is My URL Not Working on Android?

If your URL is not working, you could have disabled the required apps to open it. This article shows how you can enable system apps to fix the problem. Follow the steps presented to fix the error.


When your URLs fail to open on your Android phone, you shouldn’t panic. This guide offers three easy methods of fixing the problem. With any of the listed methods, you should find ease in fixing your URLs. All the best.

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