How to Fix “Please Wait A Few Minutes” on Instagram?

There are numerous Instagram users worldwide, and most of us have experienced seeing the “Please wait a few minutes” pop-up on the platform. This mainly happens either because of server problems or if Instagram has mistaken you for a bot. Here, we’ll show you different measures to resolve this issue. If you’re wondering about How to Fix “Please Wait A Few Minutes” on Instagram? This article will guide you on How to Fix “Please Wait A Few Minutes” on Instagram without hassle.

Steps to Fix “Please Wait A Few Minutes” on Instagram

Before you learn the steps, identify what exactly happened that led to the error.

Identify the Possible Causes

There are several reasons why Instagram displays “Please Wait A Few Minutes” on your screen. Still, it can be divided into two main causes: the system is overloaded, or Instagram has identified your account as a bot and, consequently, has blocked your IP address.

The latter reason mainly occurs due to the following possibilities:

  1. You have logged in and out too quickly
  2. You are using an unauthorized third-party app for Instagram
  3. The app isn’t updated to its latest version
  4. Your recent activity led you to be mistaken as a bot

Once you have identified exactly why this is happening, you can move on to the following options to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Wait It Out

How to Fix Please Wait A Few Minutes on Instagram

Frequently it is simply a matter of waiting it out. This is especially the case if the problem is with Instagram’s server. 

Close the app and wait it out for a few minutes. Most of the time, this simple method is enough to fix the issue.

Solution 2: Switch Your Internet Source

 Switch Your Internet Source

You can try switching your internet source if you think Instagram is blocking your account based on your recent activity.

Instagram blocks users from using their IP addresses. Different networks possess different IP addresses, so it’s an excellent method to switch networks when an error occurs. If you’re using Wi-Fi, you can use mobile data instead or the other way around.

Solution 3: Switch to an Official App

Switch to an Official App

Using a third-party app, Instagram could be blocking your IP address. Several apps in the market tie in with Instagram, but several are also unauthorized. Using these apps increases the chances of seeing the error or even risks your Instagram account. Furthermore, there could also be a concern about data security.

The best thing to do is to stop using these apps and switch to an official one.

Solution 4:  Use a VPN

How to Fix Please Wait A Few Minutes on Instagram

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks mask your IP address and prevent the platform from identifying it. This way, you can freely conduct your browsing activities privately. 

Using a VPN lets, you freely use Instagram while significantly reducing the chance of encountering the pop-up. 

Solution 5: Update Your App

How to Fix Please Wait A Few Minutes on Instagram

There’s a higher chance of a bug or glitch occurring if you use an older version of Instagram. As a result, the “Please wait a few minutes” error is more likely to happen.

Check if your app has been updated to the latest version through app management or by opening the app on the Play Store/App Store. Sometimes all it takes is to update Instagram and use the new version. 

FAQs on Fixing “Please Wait A Few Minutes” on Instagram

 How can I tell if my Instagram is disabled?

You can quickly identify if your account was disabled because a message telling you so will appear once you try to log in.

 What is the Instagram “try again” error?

This error appears when you engage in an activity that the platform considers inappropriate.

 Is there a difference between the “try again” error and the “please wait a few minutes” error?

The former focuses more on possible violations and suspicious activity. It also takes a long time to restore, namely 24 to 48 hours.

What is considered bot-like activity on Instagram?

 Logging in and out too quickly, spamming like mass commenting and liking, or repeating the same thing numerous times can be seen as bot-like or suspicious activity.

What is an Instagram limit?

Instagram limits actions that could potentially harm its environment. Spammy actions can easily trigger the warning that states, “We limit how often you can do certain things.” 


It can be annoying when Instagram suddenly interrupts what you’re doing and instead shows these different pop-ups that tend to limit your activities. However, it is good to remind yourself that these methods exist to protect everyone’s privacy and well-being. With a bit of patience and creativity, you can easily avoid this issue.

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