How To Freeze Location On Find My iPhone?

The recent improvement in mobile devices is impressive. When you want to navigate a new place you haven’t been accustomed to, you can use your location feature and maps to find your way around. The fantastic thing about using this feature for transit is that your starting point gets recorded to help you trace your path.

On the iPhone, the Find My iPhone application is extraordinary. It enables you to locate your iPhone and other associated devices. You can also share your location with family and trusted third-party apps.

As much as this location feature helps you to know the world, there are certain times you’d want to freeze your location on your iPhone.

This article will show you the most reliable method to freeze your location on an iPhone. Before diving deeply into the process, you must know that Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are now a single app called Find My. This feature is available beginning with iOS 13. Now let’s help you ghost your location on your iPhone.

User-Friendly Guide on How To Freeze Location On Find My iPhone?

There are several ways you can freeze your location on Find My iPhone:

>>Method 1 : Activating Airplane Mode To Freeze Location On Find My iPhone

Turning on airplane mode on your iPhone can help you freeze your location in less than five seconds. To turn on your airplane mode, use these steps:

  • Open the Control Center.
  • Tap the Airplane Mode icon.
iphone notification center
  • Hurray! You’re good to go.

>>Method 2 : Turn Off Share My Location

This method is helpful when you use the location feature, and others can access your location when switched on. You can freeze your location if needed by following these steps.

  • Open the Settings app.
How To Freeze Location On Find My iPhone?
  • Tap the Apple ID, iCloud, Media, And Purchases option.
iphone setting
  • Tap on Find My
find my device
  • Tap the toggle on the Share My Location option to turn off location sharing.
location services  iphone

>>Method 3 : Turn Off Location Services

Location services provide access to your current location and last seen data on the map. To freeze your location, follow these steps.

  • Opening the Settings app
  • Tap the Privacy option.
privacy setting
  • When privacy opens, tap Location Services.
privacy setting
  • Toggle on Location Services to turn off this service.
location services

Doing this will instantly freeze your location and stop others from accessing it.

>>Method 4 : Setting A Fake Location

This method of freezing your location on an iPhone is fun. Your location shows that you’re in a particular place while you’re nowhere near that area. You can use third-party software like iMyfone to fake your Find my iPhone’s location as often as possible. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Download the iMyfone app on your PC 
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Connect your PC and iPhone to the same WiFi network.
  • Click Load Map on the iMyfone app.
  • Click teleport mode.
  • When the page loads, type in the preferred location that you want others to see.
  • After typing in your preferred location, Click Teleport, and your location instantly sets to a fake one.

You must restart your device if you decide to use your precise location later.

FAQs in iPhone

Can Spotify Work Offline On An Apple Watch?

Yes, it can. Recently, an upgrade on Spotify enables you to download songs from the service. These songs are stored at 96kbps quality to save storage. Once you’ve downloaded music, you can listen to it without needing to connect to WiFi or an iPhone nearby.

Does The Apple Watch Have A Location Feature?

The Apple watch does not have a global positioning system. You can only use GPS on your Apple Watch when you connect it to an iPhone via Bluetooth. This method works efficiently on Apple Watch-supported iPhones.

How Do I Delete A Video From The Clips App On My iPhone?

If you have videos in your clips project that you want to get rid of, then here’s the easy step to delete them. Tap on the down arrow at the top left of the app. Long press on the preferred video you want to delete until the x button pops up. Tap on the x on the video you want to delete, then click confirm.

Can I Find My Lost iPhone While It’s Offline?

To locate your iPhone while offline, you’ll need a Bluetooth connection with a nearby iPhone to send your iPhone’s location to iCloud. This feature is available on iOS 13 and later. To be on safe side, ensure that your offline findings are on your iPhone.

How Do I Reset My iPhone Home Screen To Default?

To reset your iPhone home screen, open Settings, tap on General, then Reset. On Reset Page, tap the Reset Home Screen button. Confirm your action by tapping on the Reset Home Screen. 


Freezing your location is a wise decision, especially when you want privacy from the people you’re sharing your location with–like parents interfering in your whereabouts. Though it is for a positive reason, sometimes it can become so annoying that you no longer have privacy. The only option you have is to freeze your location. We believe this article helped you to know – How To Freeze Location On Find My iPhone, so go ahead and freeze your iPhone location to retain your privacy.

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