How To Get 5g On iPhone XR?

iPhone is creating new hypes among the people with its extraordinary features and unlimited opportunities. If you are an iPhone user, you must wonder how to get 5g on iPhone XR. Well, this article will answer all your queries and teach you new and easy ways to get 5g on iPhone XR. 

If you have an iPhone SE model (3rd Generation), iPhone 12, or iPhone 13 model, you are reading the right article. You can learn to use the 5G cellular networks of specific carriers. We would not keep you hanging; let’s begin with the learning. 

Method 1: To Get 5g On iPhone XR

Before starting the process to get 5g on iPhone XR, you need specific models of iPhone. The models can be iPhone 13, iPhone 12, or the 3rd generation series such as iPhone SE. Other than the models, it would help if you had a carrier that could support the 5G. 

Without the carrier, you cannot proceed with the launch of 5G on your iPhone. A cellular plan of 5G is also essential to carry out the process. Make sure that you are in the area where 5G is available. Let’s begin with the first method:

Step 1: Go to settings.

Unlock your phone and visit the settings menu. In settings, you can see the option of mobile Data; go to the cellular data and check the possibility of “Enable more data on 5G.” This way, you can get more intensive features with a higher-quality ok iPhone. 

How to get 5G on iPhone XR?

Step 2- Turn Off Wi-Fi

When you Enable more data on 5G, the cellular data will turn on, and the Wi-Fi will turn off automatically. You can also enable the iCloud backups automatically on cellular. This way, your iPhone XR will use 5G, not Wi-Fi, in all the areas where 5G coverage is available. 

iphone wifi setting

Step 3- Choose the Network Mode

After you select the data plan, it now turns to choose the network mode to use 5G data. You can go to the settings and set the network for data. You can always switch between two networks when it is essential. The auto settings of 5G will switch to the network of LTE if you are using LTE. If the 5G is turned on, the device will use the 5G network whenever you are in the available area. 

iphone voice and data setting

Method 2: To Get 5g On iPhone XR

If you are still looking for a way to get 5G on your iPhone XR, then you can choose this second method. iPhones are relatively slow working with 5G cellular plans than other phones. But we can see a change in the settings of the iPhone XR, and you can get 5G in a few steps. Let’s get started. 

Step 1- Go to settings

Unlock your iPhone and go to the settings menu of your device. You can see a lot of setting options in front of your eyes. Choose the option of mobile data. Tap on it and wait for it to open. 

Step 2- Tap on Cellular Data

After you have stepped into data settings, you can see the option of cellular data on your screen. Tap on it. You need to check that your carrier supports 5G.

Step 3- Turn off the Airplane mode.

Turn off the Airplane mode of your iPhone. If you keep it turned on, you cannot make it till the end. 

Step 4- Contact the Carrier

You will enable 5G on your iPhone device in this step by contacting your carrier. If you think this will not happen, then contact the carrier again to figure out if you can get 5G on iPhone XR.

How To Know If Your iPhone XR Has 5g Or Not?

If you want to know whether your iPhone XR holds the feature of 5G or not, there are simple ways to learn about it. You can always learn about your iPhone anytime, anywhere. Let’s begin with the steps of how to know if your iPhone has 5G:

Step 1- go to the settings

To start anything, you must visit the settings app on your iPhone. Go to settings and then select the option of cellular that will be shown on your screen. 

Step 2- Smart data mode

Now that you have stepped inside the cellular option on your phone, you can see the possibility of “Choose smart data mode.” Select the same option by tapping on it. The intelligent data mode will automatically switch the iPhone between the lesser standards or 5G standards. 

What Are The Cons Of Using 5g In Your iPhone XR?

  1. There are some cons and many pros of using 5G in your iPhone XR. These are as under:
  2. It will be available only in certain areas by specific carriers. 
  3. Not all iPhone XR contains 5G in their program. 
  4. The battery life gets shorter and shorter with the use of 5G. 
  5. The 5G is a bit more expensive plan than other lesser plans. 
  6. 5G does not work everywhere in the region. 


What kind of features can be played on 5G in an iPhone?

All the high-data features can be used and played if you are using 5G on iPhone XR. These features include HD video playback, download of iTunes, apps, and FaceTime. 

Does iPhone SE contain 5G?

You can check it by looking at the network logo on your iPhone device. If the symbol contains four squares, then it is 4G. If the logo includes five circles, then it is 5G.

Can you use 5G on the dual sim in iPhone?

Yes, you can use 5G with the dual sim on iPhone if you have iOS 14.5 or the latest model such as iPhone 12 or iPhone 13. 

Finishing Up

People who use iPhone XR are more concerned about using 5G on it. It is challenging to get 5G because it is only available in certain regions and on specific devices. You can know through your settings if your device contains 5G or not. You can also enable the setting of 5G in your iPhone through your setting menu. 

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