How To Get a Free iPhone?

As one of the largest manufacturers of phones and iOS devices, Apple products are the most sought after by its consumers. Apple’s products possess a unique structure that facilitates its advanced functional capabilities. Its aesthetic feel and sleek characteristics are also a huge selling point to its customers. Read the article until the end to answer your query – “How To Get a Free iPhone?”

These great benefits come at quite a cost; not all individuals can afford them. This has given rise to great tech deals that help to break down costs and reduce the product’s price to as little as nothing. It almost feels like you’re getting it for free!

In this guide, I’ll highlight some pretty good tech deals that get you to pay very little cash for your dream iPhone.  

Methods to Get a Free iPhone

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to get a new iPhone that’s free of charge, unfortunately, it’s not. Few opportunities like contests and competitions are created where you can win a free iPhone by participating in it. 

There are numerous sites and ads flooding the internet that ask for your personal information like card details, home address, personal identification, and more in exchange for a ‘free iPhone.’ Please, do not fall victim to these scams and schemes. 

If you eventually send your important details, you will get scammed and won’t receive your iPhone in return. 

Other instances may arise where your cellular networks advertise free iPhones, but you would have to agree to pay in weekly or monthly installments. It is a long process and might take months before you can receive your iPhone. 

More examples of good tech deals from network providers are explained below. 

AT&T’s iPhone Deal

This iPhone deal gives each customer a 700USD discount on any new iPhone in exchange for your old iPhone. You can choose to trade other iOS devices like your iPad or Apple laptop. Since the discount is massive, you might end up paying nothing for a new iPhone or less than 100USD to cover the remaining costs.

Note that the iPhone being traded should be in a beat condition with screen cracks or case scratches. In order to get a good exchange for your new iPhone, trade old iPhones with high value. Older models of iPhones, like the iPhone 7 or 8, cover less and would only attract a partial discount of 350USD. 

To enjoy this benefit, you must purchase any of AT&T’s mobile subscriptions sold at only 65USD per month. Extra costs like item tax and VAT would be paid separately from the cost of the iPhone as the discount would not cover this fee. 

If this deal is great for you, walk to the nearest AT&T office and get yourself a new iPhone!

Verizon’s iPhone Deal

Verizon’s iPhone deal is quite similar to AT&T’s, with a little difference. With this deal, you can also purchase older models of iPhones at a great deal. To purchase your deal, you have to make a subscription for their financial plan that costs a monthly payment of $19.44, but it’s discounted to zero dollars— that’s free.

The free plan is active for three years. Within this time, you can choose to cancel the subscription before the time expires.

FAQs On Getting Free iPhone

 What phone company is giving away a Free iPhone?

The T-Mobile phone company. If you can’t keep up with the 36-month commitment, T-Mobile is giving a free iPhone 14 Pro or up to a $1000 discount on any iPhone 14 series with two years agreement plus tax. To be eligible for this deal, ensure you can trade in an iPhone in good condition and be an active subscriber on the T-Mobile Magenta MAX plan.

Can I get an iPhone 11 for free?

Yes, you can. To do so, swap your fairly used device and register your line to T-Mobile. Then, purchase the iPhone 11 64GB monthly plan, and you can get your iPhone 11.

 Is AT&T giving free iPhones?

Yes. AT&T is giving away the iPhone 13 for free. To get this deal, you must swap for an eligible iPhone that’s in a neat state. Then, by buying any of AT&T’s unlimited network plans.

 Are iPhone giveaways on Instagram real?

Most of these iPhone giveaways are not real, although they look and sound real. They are fake and are directed to the general public to lure individuals into sending them money tagged as a “shipping fee.” Beware of these scams.

 How can I get an iPhone 12 for free?

On Verizon, you can get a free iPhone 12 after registering for a line and purchasing any of their unlimited data subscriptions. New customers also get a $200 credit on their Verizon cards.

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