How to Get Advanced Settings on Instagram?

People love the Instagram app for the unique experience it gives to its users. Because it connects them with their followers through visual content. Millions of Instagram users are exploring the app on daily basis and love using it by all means. Many Instagram users have taken the use of the app to the next level. There they have become Instagram influencers, having a huge number of followers and earning a lot of money. For this, they mostly require advanced Instagram settings that other users don’t need. So, how to get advanced settings on Instagram?

Now, if you too want to learn more about the Instagram app and want to get advanced settings on Instagram for your posts, it is not a big deal. You can follow some simple steps below to get the settings. 

Advanced settings options are a bit of a task to locate for common users, however, this guide is going to help you in this regard. here you go with a step-by-step easy process.

Steps to Get Advanced Settings on Instagram

Step 1:

Open your Instagram profile page, and tap the plus icon shown at the top right corner of your screen. See the picture.

Open your Instagram profile page,


By clicking on the plus icon you will see these options, as shown in the image below. Select the option of the post here.

By clicking on the plus icon you will see these options


Click on the post option. Your phone gallery will open, here you have to select a picture or video you want to post. After selecting you will see these options on your screen as shown in the image, here you can easily spot the option of “advance settings.”

By clicking on the post option


Here you will tap on the option of “advance settings,” and a set of advanced settings options will appear like the image below.

Here you will tap on the option of “advance settings

Here you can easily spot different options of advance settings, including hiding likes and views count, turning off comments, and other preferences. Enable these options to avail these advanced settings one by one.

Here you go with all the advanced settings for your Instagram that you were looking for.


Where is the setting option on Instagram?

The setting option will appear on your Instagram account when you open your profile and tap at the top right corner of your mobile screen.

Can I have advanced settings of Instagram on my android?

Yes, you can have an advanced settings option on your android phone, as well as your iPhone. 

Can I enjoy the same settings and quality of the Instagram app on my android, like other devices?

Yes, android devices also provide the same quality and settings as the Instagram app, as it provides on other devices.

What is added in the advanced settings of Instagram?

In the advanced Instagram settings, you can hide your likes and view counts on your post, it will also allow you to turn off comments options on your shared post.

What exactly does “advanced setting” means, when you enable the option?

Advanced settings on any social media app, including Instagram, are the settings with some extended options, which are not needed by every user, however, some account holders prefer to use them.

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