How To Get Aimbot On Xbox One?

Are you a competitive gamer of Xbox? Do you wonder How to Get Aimbot on Xbox One? Do you wonder if Aimbot can improve gaming skills and solve problems? Then read this article to get your answers. Let’s not keep you waiting and begin with this process. 

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How To Get Aimbot On Xbox One?

Getting Aimbot on Xbox One is a complex process with several steps. Many people could get confused while getting Aimbot to their Xboxes due to the complexity of the procedure. However, if you learn the steps by heart and memorize them in your mind, you can successfully get Aimbot on Xbox One. You can use XIM Apex or Cronus Zen to get the cheat codes. 

Hence you can install the Aimbot on your Xbox One. In this way, it is nearly impossible for the game developers to detect your Aimbot. Follow the steps below to download the third-party apps such as XIM Apex and Cronus Zen on your computer to get the Aimbot in your Xbox One that will help you in easy aim on your consoles. 

Step 1- Download the Software

Download the Software of XIM Apex on your PC to start the process. Keep the USB and the Universal adapter close to you. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest update of the software. 

Step 2- Attach USB

Attach your USB to the computer and keep your computer’s mouse on your right-hand side. Set the Aimbot on your Xbox one in the center and keep the controller on your left. 

Step 3- XIM Apex Manager

Download the XIM Apex Manager on your laptop, PC, or phone and then open the app and pick the game you want to play first. 

Step 4- Fix Pulling

Make sure that the rate of the mouse of your PC has robust, stable, and fixed sensitivity to send and get the electrical messages. 

Step 5- Set the Pulling Rate

You can set the polling rate of your mouse by clicking on the app and going to the settings menu. Change the settings to the most reasonable and elevated pulling rate. The maximum pulling rate of XIM Apex is 1000 Hz. You can easily use this rate for your mouse. 

Step 6- Change the Mouse DPI

Change the DPI of your mouse. You can set the DPI between 3000-4000. 

Step 7- Go to the Gems Ideal Settings

If you want to track down the ideal settings of your game, then you should amend yours in game settings. Go back to where you can select the game. Tap on the base right button. This will take you to the website containing the games’ ideal settings. 

Step 8- Preparation mode

Open the game and go to the preparation mode. You can see the pencil icon inside the game, tap on this icon. Change the settings as you like. 

Step 9- Set the Best Point

If you still think that the mouse stammer does not look right for the sharp aim, open the app again, go to the option of “Synchronize,” and change the settings to common. You can also turn it off and see the aim that would give you the best point. 


Can you get Aimbot on Xbox one?

After going through several complex steps and complicated procedures, you can get Aimbot on Xbox One. You can download software to get Aimbot on your Xbox. The software is XIM Apex and Cronus Zen. You can download the cheat codes through this software.

How do I install Aimbot?

You can install the Aimbot by downloading the source code from the game. After that, extract the archive, and place the modified client. CPP in the game, and replace the old one. In the last, recompile and play. 

Does Cronus Zen have Aimbot?

Cronus Zen provides cheat codes to the players in the warzone. That is because there are no “Wallhack” or “Aimbot.” You can face difficulties in identifying and killing enemies. 

How much does an Aimbot cost?

The Aimbots have different prices as per their services. Some Aimbots are for less experienced users for easy handling and easy installation. It can cost you around $5.99 for three days, $23.99 for a month, and $47.99 for 3 months.

How can I get mods on Xbox One?

Open the Microsoft Edge browser on the console of your Xbox. Wrote “” in the address bar and hot enter. On that website, look out for the option of “Mods” and click on it. Best mods of your choice. Once you have selected the mods of your choice, click on them one by one.

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