How To Get Android Apps On iPhone?

Wondering how to get Android apps on your iPhone? It is a common question people have. However, even if you search for the phrase, you will get many results suggesting various solutions. Which will include jailbreaking your iPhone or using an untested program.

Maybe you are convinced by some of these solutions. But there is no working prototype of any program that helps you get Android apps on iPhone yet. Furthermore, apple also does not allow emulators to run other OS on iOS. So, if you want your iPhone to run Android, which you can use seamlessly, it is impossible.

Saying it is impossible to get Android apps on iPhone does not mean you do not have other solutions. We have researched and come up with some solutions for you to try to solve the problem. You may also learn how to install APK files on your iPhone to understand these process better.

Methods To Get Android Apps On iPhone

As stated, no working program or solution lets you get Android apps on your iPhone directly. Apple’s notorious guarding along the Apple ecosystem makes it very hard for developers to create cross-platform solutions. While you can get numerous emulators running Android on Windows and Linux, Apple’s OS is a different story. 

So, in case you have an Android app that you want to run on your iPhone, we are afraid you will not find any working solutions. Although many sites claim to give you a solution for this problem, most of the solutions they offer revolve around untested programs that barely do the work, and on top of it, they require you to jailbreak the iOS first.

So if you do not want to end up with a software-broken iPhone that neither runs iOS in its original form nor Android properly, then we recommend you stay away from those solutions. However, we have compiled some solutions you can try that do not involve breaking your iPhone.

Method 1: Get Android Apps On iPhone By Screen Mirroring

If you have access to both Android and an iPhone device, you can try screen mirroring. Screen mirroring is displaying the screen of the Android phone to an iPhone or other device. It can be done using a simple screen mirroring App that you can get on the Apple store and Play store.

Once you install the screen mirroring App on both devices, you can pair them and start mirroring the android screen onto the iPhone. Technically, it is not the same as Android apps working on iPhones, but it does work if you want to experience how Android feels when working on an iOS device.

Method 2: Search For IPA Files

Just like the APK files are the native Android files, IPA files are also the native iOS files. They only run on their respective OS. That is why you cannot run Android apps on iOS and vice versa. But most of the time, when a developer develops an app, they tend to develop the App for both platforms. Sooner or later, the App must have both iOS and Android versions due to market demand. 

So if the App you are trying to install on your iPhone is one of the popular apps, there is a high chance that you will find the iOS version of the App on the Apple Store. Just go ahead and search for the same name. You can also search for the IPA version of the app file on the internet. 

Method 3: Get Android Apps On iPhone Using Web Versions

Nowadays, most platforms not only focus on mobile apps but also place importance on the web version of the same App. For example, most social media and fintech platforms also have their own web apps that you can access through the web browser on your iPhone or Android phone.

You can search for the web version of the Android App you are trying to use on your iPhone. There is a chance that the developers may have created a web version that you can use without cross-platform solutions.

Method 4: Use Emulators

Note: As there is no proven working emulator that can emulate usable Android on your iPhone, we do not endorse this solution to anyone. This solution is just for information purposes.

Emulators are programs that emulate a platform on another platform. As stated earlier, these solutions are far from usable, and you may end up with a broken iPhone. So please proceed with caution. 

There have been many reports of emulators that could run Android on iOS. When you search for the term ‘Android Emulators For iOS,’ you will end up with many articles listing Emulators like an android. But the thing is, iOS stopped supporting emulators for years. The new iOS version does not support emulators without jailbreak.

And even if you jailbreak your iPhone to run emulators, the emulators are not sophisticated enough to run Android smoothly on the phone. That is why there is a high chance you would end up with a broken phone that can neither run iOS nor Android properly.


Some frequently asked questions about ‘How To Get Android Apps On iPhone?’ are taken from the internet.

Where Can I Get Free iPhone Apps?

If you are searching for free iPhone apps, you can get them on App Store. Most of the apps that you need in your daily life can be installed from App Store. Simply open the App Store and search for the specific App you want to install. You will see if the App is free or not on the App’s page. You can also filter the apps by Free and see if the App is available for free or not.

Are All Apple Apps Free?

No, certainly not. Not all the Apple Apps you can find on App Store are free. But a significant number of the apps and the apps you may need for daily usage may be free. Just try searching for the specific App or filter the apps by price ‘Free’ to see if the App you want is available for free.

Can IPA Be Installed On iPhone?

Yes, IPA files are native iOS files and can easily be installed on iPhones. However, you may need to connect the iPhone to a computer and use iTunes to install the specific file or App on your phone. 

How Do I Install An APK File On My iPhone?

You cannot install an APK file on iPhone as the OS that iPhone runs on, i.e., iOS, does not support APK files. APK files are native Android files. You can try searching for the IPA files that are the same as APK files but for iOS and installing them using iTunes on your computer.

Can I Install 3rd Party Apps On My iPhone?

Yes, you can always install a third-party app on your iPhone. For example, if your office has an App that you need to run on your iPhone, you can use iTunes on your computer to install the App on your iPhone. But do refrain from installing third-party apps that do not originate from an authority site. These apps may contain harmful files that can infect your iPhone.


There is no simple way you can do it. Android apps are APK files that you cannot run on iOS devices. But you can find the IPA version of the same App, search for alternative apps on App Store or see if there is a web version of the App available on the internet.

Hope we answered your question and provided valuable information.

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