How to Get Free Gem on Episode iPhone?

You are playing a very interesting game, and suddenly, your gems and passes run short. Or worst, you want to unlock some amazing features but do not have enough gems to unlock those features and stages. Do you wonder How to get free gems on episode iPhone? This article contains all the information you may need about getting Free Gem on Episode iPhone.

Well, we have sorted this problem for you. Here is the complete guide to getting free gems on Episode iPhone. 

Steps On How to Get Free Gem on Episode iPhone

There are multiple ways to get free gems. In this guide, some are mentioned in detail with stepwise instructions. Follow the easy steps on How to Get Free Gem on Episode iPhone.

By installing Episode++ 

By installing Episode++, you can get free access to all the gems in Store, and the game offers them for dollars. So, by installing episode++, you can just press the widgets, and gems will add to your collection without money. 

Interesting? Follow the steps to get it done for you. 

  1. Open your iPhone and go to the settings.
Open your iPhone and go to the settings
  1. Then go to the ‘Generals’ in your Setting. 
General Setting
  1. There you will see the option of Background App Refresh. Click on it. 
How to Get Free Gem on Episode iPhone
  1. After opening Background App Refresh, you will see this page. Click it. 
After opening Background App Refresh
  1. Choose WLAN and mobile data in the options. 
Choose WLAN and mobile data in the options
  1. Now go back to the “Settings” again and select “Battery” this time.
  2. Turn off the “Low Power Mode.” 
Turn off the Low Power Mode
  1. Now go to “App Store” in the “Settings” and make sure that “Automatic Downloads” is on.
Now go to App Store
  1. Now go to the browser and open “Google Chrome.”
Now go to the browser and open Google Chrome
  1. Open and search for Episode++ and start downloading the app. 
Open yulustore
  1. Once you click the Install button, it will start “Installing.’
Once you click the Install button
  1. A configuration message will appear saying, “Configuration Profile available,” and then click Continue. 
How to Get Free Gem on Episode iPhone
  1. Click on “Allow” and proceed with the installation. 
How to Get Free Gem on Episode iPhone
  1. Now go to Settings again, and click on “Profile Downloaded.” 
How to Get Free Gem on Episode iPhone
  1. You will see Episode++ there and install it from there. 
How to Get Free Gem on Episode iPhone

In this way, you will open Episode++ and can easily earn the gems without paying the dollars for them. 

The other method includes

  1. Watching ads on the Episode app.
  2. By completing the offers, you can also earn free gems. 
  3. You can also earn free gems if you refer the game to friends by sending them links.  

FAQs on iPhone Episode

How to get unlimited diamonds and passes on Episode iPhone

You can access unlimited diamonds and passes on Episode iPhone by downloading Episode++. Through this, you can have unlimited gems in your collection that you can easily use in different levels and stages.

What are the codes for free diamonds on Episode?

The best method to earn free diamonds on Episode is to read more and more stories and collect plenty of passes. This way, you won’t be paying any money to buy gems. 

How can we cheat on Episode? 

Besides having plenty of passes and gems, here are a few tips and cheats that will help you stand out from the rest of the game crowd and let you play like a pro.
– Always keep your main character good looking 
– Keep up with the latest fashion sense to adorn your protagonist with it. 

How to earn diamonds in different missions of Episodes like the Run Kingdom and Fantasy Football?

There are myriad ways through which you can earn gems in Run: Kingdom. 
– The first method is by completing missions.
– The second is by claiming daily rewards, and there is the probability of finding gems in daily rewards.
– There is an option of buying diamonds with real-life money, but if you have episode++, you can earn without buying it. 
In fantasy football, you can earn diamonds by receiving awards for ranking high on weekly leaderboards. 
By completing missions and achievements, you can also buy diamonds and awards. 

How do you unlock stories on Episode?

If you are a newbie, you can unlock stories after reading ten chapters. Typically, you can read a new story after four hours when your passes get recharged, and you can get three free passes to read a new story. But if you are in a hurry and want more stories, you can buy the passes from the coins in your collection and read more stories.

Getting free gem Episode iPhone

Playing games is a curious task where you just want to unlock story after story and level after level, and at times you just crave having free diamonds. If you question how to get a free gem on Episode, you can simply download Episode++ on your iPhone and access unlimited gems.

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