How To Get Free Gems In Clash Of Clans Android?

If you are looking to get free gems in Clash of Clans, you’re not alone. The game is enjoyable and addicting but can be frustrating regarding the cost of upgrades that you need to make your base more robust and secure. This article will show you how to get free gems on Clash of Clans android mobile so you can enjoy playing without worrying about spending real money on rocks!

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Five Methods to Get Free Gems In Clash of Clans Android.

You can get free gems through;

Daily Quests: You can earn gems by completing a set of quests daily. Each search will give you one gem per completion, and each day there are three different types of investigation to choose from—each with its own set of requirements.

Achievements: Completing achievements in Clash Of Clans will grant you gems as well! The more complex the achievement is, the more gems it will award when completed (though this does not always mean it will be worth the effort).

Google Opinion Rewards: If you’ve played Clash Of Clans on Android, this option already exists for you! If not, don’t worry—you can still get some free gems with Google Play Rewards if your device has ever been connected to an account that made purchases on Google Play Store (or just used their services).

Stepwise Method 1: a guide through daily Quests

To get free gems, you must first complete the daily quests.

Step 1
The quest section is located in the bottom left corner of your screen, and it contains three types of quests: Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Once you pick one from the list, it will be marked as completed when you accomplish its goals (e.g., winning a certain number of battles). For example, suppose you choose to do a gold quest by collecting 20 elixir or gold pieces during battles with other players after winning five such fights with trophy values over 100k per player.

Step 2
In that case, your quest will be completed and rewarded with 25 gems!

Step 3
You can also try completing these quests by building different buildings that produce resources quickly, such as defensive structures like cannons or walls. They require very few resources but provide lots of rewards when destroyed by enemy troops during attacks on their bases.

Stepwise Methos 2: Removing obstacles

Step 1:
Find plants and rocks in your village.
First, locate the obstacles that are blocking you from growing. It’s best to start by finding all the plants and rocks in your village because they’ll be easier to remove than other barriers, like walls or buildings.

To do this, click on the “Home” button on the bottom left of your screen. This will give you further options, including “Village,” which shows all of the structures in your community.

Clicking on that option will give players access to everything from walls around their bases to towers protecting their loot storage.

Step 2: Once here, find where plants are growing and rocks blocking progress for new crops being planted or harvested (labeled as green or grey, respectively).

Step 3: Then proceed with removing them by tapping each individually until it disappears entirely before moving onto another location within the range where more obstacles may reside!
Note: Players can also earn gems by completing quests given out by Chief Masons, who visit their towns every few hours.*

Stepwise method 3: through Google Opinion Rewards

Step 1

Download and install Google Opinion Rewards.

Download and install Google Opinion Rewards.

Step 2
Login into the app with your Gmail account, and enable location for this app in Settings > Location (on Android).

enable location for this app in Settings

Step 3
Now, to earn gems from Google Opinion Rewards, you need to complete surveys and watch videos on YouTube or any other websites provided by the app, which can be redeemed as points later on when they are available on your account (this will happen after some time).

Step 4
Use your Play Store credits to acquire gems.

Stepwise Method 4: through Completing Achievements

If you want to get some gems in Clash of Clans, the first step is to check out the list of available achievements. The next step would be to fight other players and complete lesser achievements. Once you have completed these tasks, all that is left for you to do is collect your rewards.

This guide will help readers unlock their achievement-related goals in an easy-to-follow format so they can enjoy their favorite game even more!

Step 1

Check out the list of available achievements

Step 2

Fight other players (optional)

Step 3

Complete lesser achievements such as upgrading your village or building structures like Barracks or Gold Mines. These will help unlock “Barracks” and “Gold Mine,” which will also bring about other rewards like gems for every victory on this map type; if not, then at least don’t lose any trophies, so keep playing until it unlocks naturally over time! To avoid losing awards altogether, though, remember that only one new player per attack might hurt but won’t affect too badly unless they keep doing this repeatedly against others who have just come back from being offline. They’ll still have time left even though they lost a few battles due to someone else’s actions. At the same time, they weren’t online playing themselves.”

Stepwise method 5: Manage your gem mine to get free gems in Clash of clans android.

Step 1
To start, check out the Builder Base unlocked at Level 3 and upgrade your mine to level.

Step 2
Use the Clock Tower daily to boost the mine further.

Step 3
Upgrade mines as soon as possible for maximum production and gems! The gem mine produces 4.8 gems every 24 hours, so the more you upgrade it, the better!

Step 4
Once you’ve mastered this step-by-step guide through Managing your gem mine, you will be ready for new adventures with Clash of Clans Android gameplay.

Achieving all the five things above will get you free gems and rewards in Clash Of Clans android.
You can unlock rewards by completing achievements or quests given to the player when they reach a new level. The player can also use gems to open it on an instant basis. However, this would cost real money. We do not recommend it, as you can earn these gems from playing with patience and discipline.

Gems can be used for various purposes such as buying heroes, upgrading troops, building structures etc. Hence making them more valuable than gold coins (cash) in the Clash Of Clans gameplay experience because they are hard-earned by performing specific actions like winning battles against other players but if you want faster means of earning, then try using Clash Of Clans cheats hack tool which will give unlimited amounts of gold coins along with gems so that you won’t have any problem doing anything that costs money such as upgrading your army size etc.


Is it possible to get gems for free?

Yes. You can use our Clash of Clans Gem Generator to generate free gems quickly and easily.

Can a person get banned for using other means to get gems?

No. There are enough features available to understand that not every gamer will pay for the game and are also aware that there are different options for players to gain free gems.

How do you enter cheat codes in Clash of Clans?

Some cheat codes can help you get free gems faster. One of them is [clashofclancheats]. This cheat code gives you 100 gems every time you use it, so long as it has not already been used by anyone else playing the game. If someone else used it before you did, then there will be no gem reward for using this cheat code within 24 hours of another player using it first (to prevent people from cheating).


Now it is up to you how much you want to spend on the game and how many gems you want. Hopefully, this guide has been helpful for all of you and helped you get your hands on some free gems!

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