How to Get Free VC on NBA 2k16 Ps4?

NBA 2K is ever a joy for any gamer who enjoys basketball. For gamers, we can agree that Virtual Currency (VC) is a crucial aspect if you plan to score high in your NBA 2K games. With VC, you are guaranteed a shot at winning the two most reputable game modes. For NBA 2K gamers, winning the MyCareer and MyTeam is a huge milestone, and if you want to succeed at it, you must learn how to get free VC, in this case, for your NBA 2K16. Let’s get into the details and see how you can achieve that. This article will guide you on How to Get Free VC on NBA 2k16 Ps4?

Methods to Get Free VC on NBA 2K16 Ps4?

The more VC you have, the better your gaming experience. For instance, if playing in MyCareer mode, you must have 80+ VC to upgrade your player’s attributes and get a better overall rating. The benefit of having more VC is how comfortably you can get decent players and obtain more packs. 

How to Get Free VC on NBA 2k16 Ps4

Therefore, having tricks that help you earn more VC is something every gamer is looking for. Luckily, we will cover some of these tricks to give you an upper hand at getting more VC. 

  • The first trick involves using MyCareer gaming mode. The trick here is to load up your MyCareer in your 2K16 games and choose the Hall of Fame, set your game level to Difficulty, and set your time quarters to 6 or 12 minutes each. Once that is done, load up the next game, complete its tip-off, and simulate the game to the end. Note that we are not looking to get rewarded more VCs by the game. Instead, our focus is on the glitch, which rewards our players with more currency as we keep playing. Repeat the steps until you have as many currencies for your players as possible. The only drawback is the time it takes to load each game; cumulatively, it consumes plenty of time. Nonetheless, you will eventually end up with some decent VC for each game simulated.
The only drawback is the time it takes to load each game
  • The other method involves utilizing the My Park online mode. You must note that you will easily lose your reputation while attempting the glitches. This method involves you quitting the game soon after it starts, meaning you are killing the mood of the other players. The trick involves starting the game in My Park online mode, and once you’ve started the game, you immediately quit it. That way, you will end up with more VCs at the expense of your glitch and other gamers.

Hopefully, you now have two ways of getting free VC on your NBA 2K16 Ps4. All the best!

FAQs On NBA 2K16

Is It Possible to Get Free VC on NBA 2K16?

Yes, it’s possible. There are two ways that you can try to see if you can manage to get free VC. The first method involves using the MyCareer game mode and loading your games with quarters of 6 or 12 minutes. In this case, the Hall of Fame. The more you load the games, the more currencies your players get, adding to your VC. Alternatively, you can use the My Park online mode, start a game, and quickly quit it. That will also add more VC.

How Does VC Help in NBA 2K?

The good thing with having many VCs is that you get to purchase more decent players that help boost your gaming experience. Also, you can easily build packs on your NBA games with more VC.

Can You Add Custom Shoes When Playing 2K16?

Yes, it’s possible. Even though there is no clearly defined way to do so, you can create a shoe file on your 2K. Once created, use a modding tool that can allow you to import the custom shoe file to your 2K game. Hopefully, that will help you use custom shoes for your players.

How Can I get More VC?

The reliable and easiest way of getting the most VC is using the MyPlayer grind. With that, you can utilize the various gaming modes, such as MyCareer, and when you keep playing the games and increasing your performance, you will eventually earn more VC.

Can I Buy NBA 2K VC?

Yes, it’s possible to buy more VC for your NBA 2K16 if you’ve been unable to earn them through your performance. Common prices range from $4.99 to $5.2 for 15000 VC. So, if you have no issue with the cost, feel free to buy more VC for your 2K16 game.

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