How To Get Google Play On iPhone?

Some Apple users always admire Google products and its services whenever it comes to the world’s top service providers. The fluidity and adaptability are unparalleled, in a way that can only be found on an Android.

On the other hand, you probably have always been curious about trying new things, just for the sake of that thrill. Unfortunately, you can’t download google play on iOS devices due to its different operating system support, which is android only.

So what is the catch then? Can you download Google play on your iPhone? Does iOS allow that service to run on their iPhone? To find those answers, you need to keep reading this article until the end, so you don’t miss any important part regarding this issue.

I’ll show you how to get Google to play on your iPhone and install apps from the Playstore. So let’s jump into the article to explore the possible ways through which you can work on iPhone.

You may also learn how to use Google Play Money on your iPhone.

What Is Google Play, And How To Get It On iPhone?

AQ Google developed a product that provides its users with games, movies, TV, books, and many more. Most of them are free, and some apps are paid, which you can only use after payment.

Google Play, also known as Google Play Store, works on all android smartphones as a main authentic app store. On the other hand, iOS has a different type of AppStore, but the idea and work are almost identical.

Sometimes iOS doesn’t support an app available on Google Play Store, and you eagerly want to use that app. Now you might be wondering how to get Google Play on iPhone. Right?

In a world full of talent, people always find a solution to any problem. That’s what you will observe in the guide next to this section. 

The step-by-step guide will allow you to get Google Play work on iOS and download all types of android apps from it. So let’s get started with the guide below.

Steps To Getting Google Play On iPhone

To avoid any mishap, you must follow each step below to get Google Play on your iOS device:

  1. Check For iOS Updates
Check For iOS Updates

First, you need to check the updates of your iOS version. To do this, open the settings and then locate the general settings. In general, tap on software update and check if any update is available or if it is already updated. 

  1. Open Safari Browser
Open Safari Browser

Once you check the update, now go back to the home screen and open the Safari browser by tapping the famous compass logo.

  1. Search For iSkin tool iPhone
Search For iSkin tool iPhone

In the search tab, you must search for the iSkin tool for iPhone and then press ok. It will lead you to this website’s main page, which provides you with apps developed to work on iOS devices.

  1. Locate Android OS
Locate Android OS

Now in the list of various apps, you must locate the Android iOS by scrolling down in the main index. Once you find that, tap on it and first confirm it is by iOS tech.

  1. Tap On Application Icons
Tap On Application Icons

Now you will have a different window where you need to modify Google Play for your iOS device. So tap on the applications icons option.

  1. Select The Play Store And Rewrite The Name
Select The Play Store And Rewrite The Name

There locate the Google Play Store app logo and select it. After that, you will have an option to change its name, which you can do by editing and entering Google Play as a name.

  1. Tap On Generate Theme
Tap On Generate Theme

After that, at the bottom of the screen generate theme option will show. Tap on generate theme option, and the download will automatically start. 

If your system asks to open the permission to download, do so because you are downloading it from a third-party app source.

  1. Open iPhone Settings
Open iPhone Settings

Open your iPhone settings, and the profile download option will show on the top of the list below your Apple ID. Tap on the profile download option.

  1. Install The Profile
Install The Profile

Now Install the profile and allow permission you may need to provide your iOS system to complete this process. 

After that, you can open your main screen, and Google Play will show there. Put your Gmail address to login and download all types of android apps on your iPhone.


How Can You Download Google Play On iOS Device?

You must follow the steps below to download Google Play on any iOS device:
1. Open your iPhone settings
2. Check for any iOS updates to ensure the process will not interrupt
3. Open the Safari browser
4. Search for iSkin tool iPhone
5. Locate Android iOS
6. Download according to the Google Play Store skin in options
7. Generate The Theme

Can I transfer My Google Play Games To A iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can transfer your Google Play games to an iPhone. But there is another way to download your game to iOS and sync the game progress.
That is to download the Google Play from a third-party app, log in to your Gmail account, and sync all the progress. Then download the required game.

How Do I Activate Google Play Store On iPhone?

After downloading it from a third-party website app source, activate Google Play on your iPhone. Go to your iPhone settings and install the downloaded profile. Then enter your Gmail and start Google Play on your iOS device.

Does iOS Allow Google Play Store To Run On Their Devices?

Directly, you cannot access the Google Play Store on iOS. That is because iOS devices have their operating system and don’t allow other operating systems to run on them.


You might feel irrelevant to the party whenever your friends are playing a game unavailable for iOS devices. They will try to taunt you on your iOS device or not be able to play that game. 

But you know, there is always a way when there is no way. The iOS experts developed the way to run android apps on iPhone devices. If you are looking for such a thing, follow the guide to solve your query.

If you like the content, don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comment section. Also, check our blog for more guides like this to make your life much easier and smoother.

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