How To Get Instagram Account No Survey?

Instagram is very popular among young people who may not manage their independence on the platform well without monitoring. Fortunately, you can curb young people from going wild by knowing how to get their Instagram account without a survey. But first, let’s see why you should consider getting an Instagram account without a survey.

Why Consider Getting an Instagram Account With No Survey?

Several applications and tools will get you into an Instagram account with a survey. However, using them may come with some risks, and it is safer to consider getting Instagram accounts without filling out survey forms to avoid the following:

Time Wastage

It is not only stressful to fill out survey forms before getting an Instagram account, but it can also be time-wasting. Some of these forms are extensive, and you may need to fill out two or more of them in a single survey. As a result, you spend quality time providing details about yourself as required by the platform without the guarantee of achieving your goal.


Time wastage is one thing about getting an Instagram account survey, but the risk of blackmail is another. Online scammers always appear real without hinting at you about their real identity, and they can blackmail you with confidential information you may submit while filling out their survey forms.

Some of these guys will require you to submit confidential information before you download a hacking tool, making it look like a safety precaution. While it may not be a common practice for all online platforms with a survey to blackmail, you cannot possibly identify the fraudsters among them. Hence, it is best to steer clear of survey forms, especially if it requires too-detailed information.

Data Theft

Like blackmail, some online platforms create survey forms not to help you solve your problem but for their business. They can collect your private data as you use these forms and sell them to online spammers or blackmailers.

Exposure To Malware

It is best to avoid platforms with survey forms when trying to get an Instagram account because you can download viruses to your device using these platforms. However, you will protect your device from any virus attack when you stay away from them.

How To Get Instagram Account No Survey?

There are several ways to get an Instagram account without a survey. You can use the account’s Gmail credentials, third-party software or websites, the Phishing technique, or guess the user’s password. If that seems like a whole lot, check the breakdown of each method below:

Guess the User’s Password

Guessing a user’s password is not a very reliable way to get their Instagram account, but it can work for you, depending on your relationship with the target user and what you know about them.

Some users choose passwords from a combination of their details like names, nicknames, date of birth, and phone numbers.

Older people may also use their spouse’s or children’s details; hence, it may be challenging to find the right combination unless you have a close relationship with the user or understand how they think.

However, you can access their account if you guess the password correctly, but you must also know their Instagram username or email.

Use A Third-party Software (Spy Apps)

If guessing a user’s password is not reliable, you can rely on some third-party software like mSpy and XPSpy to a large extent. Both tools are powerful for monitoring the phone activities of a target user.

How To Use mSpy?

mSpy is an app released for parental control, and it is one of the best phone trackers that helps you know more and worry less by finding out what your kids or the target users are doing on their devices.

With mSpy, you will get full access to the user’s contacts, chats, conversations, photos, links, and other shared media. However, it is not available for free, but it is affordable and will offer more than it charges. To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Click here to begin your account creation process on mSpy. 
  • On the Create Account page, enter your email in the text field and tap the Try Now button.
How To Get Instagram Account No Survey
  • Next, select the target device – Android or iOS – or you can decide later.
Next select the target device - Android or iOS - or you can decide later.
  • Choose from the three available plans, one, three, or twelve, depending on your goal, and tap Buy Now.
How To Get Instagram Account No Survey
  • Enter your payment details to subscribe to your chosen plan.
  • You will be prompted to check your mailbox instructions on the steps to install mSpy on your target device.
  • Follow the instructions in the mail, then fill in the required information about the target device on the mSpy’s Control Panel.

You can monitor the target device’s activities when the process is complete.

Using the Phishing Technique271

Phishing is tricking internet users and getting confidential information about them. It is a reliable way to get an Instagram account without a survey.

This method requires creating a phishing page that looks like the official login page and sending the link to the target user with a tempting offer in the message.

You may need to use a compelling offer that will interest the user, create a message around this offer, and request to log in via the attached phishing link to access the offer.

The user will get an error message when they attempt to log into Instagram via the link, but you will get their login ID and password at the backend of the page you created.

While this method is one of the best options to get an Instagram account without a survey, it has a few drawbacks as follows:

  • It is not easy to create a phishing login page without coding skills. 
  • Some users may ignore your invitation to log in unless you can make it catchy and tempting. 
  • It will not work if the target user enables two-factor authentication.

How to Get an Instagram Account Without Survey on iPhone?

Apple devices have a greater level of security; hence, you may find it difficult getting using some of the methods in this post on an iPhone. So, what is the best way to get an Instagram account without a survey on your iPhone?

On iPhone, it is best to use third-party spying apps discussed earlier in this post. Apps like Spyic and Cocosp are great and easy to use, and they will help you to get all the data of your target user’s device once you have their iCloud credentials.

You would not need to access the phone physically unless it has two-factor enabled and you want to disable it.


It is stressful to fill out several survey forms before accessing an Instagram account, but you can avoid the stress with the methods in these posts. 

Create a phishing login page if you have coding skills, or use spy apps if you don’t and cannot guess the target user’s password correctly.

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