How To Get Internet Browser On PS4?

PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming systems you can get. The system has made it easier for us to play different games on our TV or any other display. Currently, PS5 and PS4 are some of the most used PlayStations. Although many of us have PlayStation, we might know have known about the Internet Browser on PS4. Some of us might know about the browser but can’t find it on our PS4.

In this article, we will head through how we can access the Internet Browser on our PS4 and look at some of the common functions of the PS4 Internet browser.

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Open Internet Browser on PS4

We all might know PS4 has an internet browser but haven’t yet used them or even know where to find them. Although, it isn’t much use as we all can easily browse the internet with the help of our computers or mobile phones. It is easier and more convenient to browse the internet through our other devices, but if you are still curious about the Internet Browser on your PS4, here is how you can access it:

  1. Turn on your PlayStation to open the home screen.
  2. Now, head over to the content section with large icons of the games, apps, and services.
  3. Scroll to the right until you see the Internet Browser option with the www icon. 
  4. Press the X button on your controller to open the browser.
  5. You can now enter the website in the top bar and use the internet browser on your PS4.

PS4 Browser Functions

Here are some of the common functions on the PS4 browser and how you can access it with your controller.

  • To open the new tab, use the R2 button.
  • To switch to a previously opened window, use the L2 button.
  • To turn on/off the Full-Screen mode, select the Square button on your browser.
  • To zoom into an active web page, use the R3 button. 
  • To enter an URL on the browser, use the R2 button to open a new tab, navigate to the bar, and press X. Type in the URL and use the R2 button to open the page.
  • To perform a Google Search, press the triangle, the keyboard will pop up, type in the search words, and use R2 to perform the search.


Can PS4 Web Browser Run Flash or Video?

No, unlike the browsers on your computer, the PS4 web browser doesn’t have any Flash support. Due to the lack of flash support, you might face different issues while visiting websites that have incorporated Flash. If you open any website with flash, all the flash functions will not work. Everything besides that will work completely fine. If you face any other issues, you can also open the mobile version of the website on the PS4 browser.

Does PS4 support Alternative Web Browsers?

No, there isn’t any support for alternative web browsers in PS4. The PS4 Operating System won’t let you use of having any other browsers on the system. Unlike your other operating system, PS4 does not support downloading and installation of any other web browser. But I also don’t know why you would want to have an alternative web browser on the PS4.

Does PS4 let you Play Video Games In The Web Browser?

Yes, you can play video games on a PS4 web browser. It functions like any other browser, but without Flash support, you can’t play any Flash games on the browser. You can open games and websites with video games and play from the PS4 browser.

How To Save Bookmarks On The PS4 Browser?

You can also easily save bookmarks on your PS4 browser like you would with any other browser.

To save bookmarks on the PS4:
-Press the Options button on the controller.
-A menu will pop up on the right side. Click on Add Bookmark.
-You will be redirected to a new screen with text boxes. 
-Enter the name and URL of the website and Select Ok to save.

How To Delete A Bookmark?

To delete a bookmark on your PS4, follow the steps below:
-Open your PS4 system and Go to the PS4 browser.
-Open the bookmarks list and select a bookmark.
-Click on the Options button on your controller.
-A menu will pop up on the right side, click Delete, and press X.
-Now, you will see a list of bookmarks with a check box. Mark the ones you want to delete and press the X button on your controller.
-Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Delete button.

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