How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One?

Minecraft sharers are the best thing you may want to get on your Xbox One to enhance the graphics and other features. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One.

The shaders highlight the features, including water shades, clouds, and colors with many more unique things. Initially, it was not announced officially from Minecraft about the shaders release for Xbox One.

Later, some YouTubers revealed that you could install them on your Xbox without restriction. Somehow after some time, shaders were released from the gaming creators.

The problem comes when you don’t know where to get those shaders and how to install them on Xbox one. You are wondering how to get Minecraft shaders on Xbox one.

In this article, you will learn the method with a step-by-step explanation to install and enjoy the shaders.

So, let’s get inside the article to find out the secret recipe behind all this fuss.

What Are Shaders?

Shaders are a pack of add which enhance the graphical quality, colors, features, shadows, and many things in a more realistic way. 

Minecraft shaders are very important for graphics lovers. Because if you are addicted to playing games with enhanced graphics, then you cannot play this game without this pack of features.

These shaders come with a zip file which you must download from a website through the Xbox default browser. Then you can unpack the files and quickly get the graphics quality.

Sometimes you never have any experience downloading and installing these files on Xbox. That is because you only turn on the console and start to play the game without noticing any settings and features that you can do as well.

That is when you need a reliable step-by-step guide to help you get these valuable features to work on your Xbox. We have made the same kind of guide for you below to ensure you get the right thing at the right time to enjoy your game with more passion.

Steps To Getting Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One

You must follow the steps below to install the shaders properly. If any of the files or actions are missed, you might not be able to enjoy your favorite game graphics. So, please stick to the article and jump into the guide.

  1. Open Default Browser
Open Default Browser

Turn on your Xbox One and ensure your console is connected with a working internet connection. Now open the default Microsoft Edge browser from your controller.

  1. Search For Mcdlhub
How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One

Now search for mcdlhub and locate the Minecraft console shaders file. Please select the file and open it by pressing the x button on your controller.

  1. Download Shaders
How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One

After opening the shaders window, scroll down to the bottom and select the download shaders option. 

  1. Copy The Download Link
Copy The Download Link

A file link will show on the media fire website; you don’t need to download it. You need to copy the URL or that file by selecting it.

  1. Open Xbox File Downloader
How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One

After the previous step, closes the browser and open the file downloader on your Xbox. On the left side of the screen, select the three-line option, and a list will appear. Please choose the option from the URL in the list and open it.

  1. Paste The Download Link
Paste The Download Link

Now paste the download link and press ok to execute the process.

  1. Select The Shaders File
How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One

Now a window will appear in which two files will show to download. You need to select only the shaders file, not any other file. 

  1. Choose Download Path
How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One

After selecting the file, you must choose the download path, which you can either select by default or change. If you want to keep it on default, press the save button.

  1. Open MC Addons
Open MC Addons

Now on the main home screen of your Xbox One, open the MC Addons manager by locating the apps.

  1. Open Shaders
How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One

When you open the Addons, you must select the shaders by locating them in the resource packs list. Also, you will have the option to choose from its usage. 

Select the global option to work it better online. It might take double the allocation size of the normal one, but you don’t need to worry about that.

  1. Open The Game Settings
Open The Game Settings

Now open the Minecraft game and select the settings option below the play button.

  1. Open Global Resources
How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One

Open the global resources option by scrolling down in settings and choosing my picks button on the list.

  1. Press The Activate Button
How To Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One

Locate the shaders you recently added through add-ons and press the activate button. Now open your game again after closing it and enjoy the enhanced features through these shaders in the game.

FAQs On Minecraft Shaders

How Do I Get Minecraft Shaders On Xbox One?

You can get Minecraft shaders on Xbox One by simply following the steps below:
1. Open the default Xbox browser
2. Search for the mcdIhub
3. Locate the Minecraft shaders
4. Copy the download link
5. Paste the link in Xbox file downloader in the URL downloading option
6. Assign the location and save it

Does Xbox Allows To Run Minecraft Shaders on it?

Yes, Xbox allows running Minecraft shaders on it. Initially, it was not announced that Xbox to run this feature, but later, many tech enthusiasts discovered the method to run it.
Now Xbox also allows and released the official shaders you can buy from their store.

How To Install The Shaders For Minecraft On Xbox one?

Follow the steps below to install the shaders for Minecraft on Xbox One:
1. Open the Addons app on your Xbox One
2. Locate the resource packs and select the shaders file
3. Open the Minecraft game and choose the settings
4. In the general category, find the global resources
5. Choose the shaders file and press on activate button

Which Are The Best Shaders For Minecraft?

There is no definitive answer to this question because there are a lot of shaders from creators on the internet. You can find unique graphical situations in each one and can’t justify which is the best. 
Some famous shader packs include BSL shaders, Sonic Ether’s unbelievable shaders, Shifty shaders, and Chocapic 13’s shaders.


Minecraft is the game of legends where most world re-known players stream live gameplay. Many creators include Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, Techno blade, who recently lost his life battling cancer, and many more content creators.

If you also want to stream your Minecraft gameplay with enhanced features, don’t forget to read our guide about getting Minecraft Shaders on Xbox.

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