How To Get My Temporarily Locked Instagram Back?

Are you trying to unlock your Instagram account? There is no need to worry about that, many people around the world get the same temporary lock on Instagram. This temporary lock may be due to a violation of Instagram’s terms and policies. In this article, you can find step-by-step guides on how to unlock your temporarily locked Instagram account.

Well, you can also learn how to get back a deleted Instagram account efficiently.

Let’s start.

Method 1: To Get Back a Temporarily Lock Instagram Account

Step 1: Try to Log In

How To Get My Temporarily Locked Instagram Back?

Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone. Enter your username and password. If you have a temporarily locked account, then a message appears on your screen. You can try to log in from the Instagram app or website.

At the bottom of that message, you can see a continue option. Click on that option. Which leads to another window.

Step 2: Get the code.

Get the code.

After you click on the continue option, a new window opens up. In which you have to confirm that you are the owner of the account. They will be sending a security code for confirming the ownership of the account. For that, you can see two options on the screen. You can either send the security codes to your registered phone number or email id. Select the option that you want to choose. After that, click on send security code. Within a few minutes or seconds, you will be getting the code either on your mobile number or email id.

Step 3: Enter the code

 Enter the code

When you click on the “Send security code” option, you get a new window where you have to enter the code. You will be receiving the codes either on your phone number or email id that you provided. Check and enter your codes. And click on submit button.

Now, you can easily log in to your account, and the temporary lock is no more. Follow another method given below if this didn’t work for you. 

Method 2: To Get Back a Temporarily Lock Instagram Account

Step 1: Select the correct form

Select the correct form

Now you have to get the correct form related to your issue. There are a lot of forms available that address different issues. 

Select the appropriate form from below according to your information.

Step 2: Enter your details

 Enter your details

After selecting the correct form, enter your details. Enter your full name and exact email address to register your form. Give your Instagram user name and select your country. 

After that, give the reason. You should say that your account was deactivated by mistake and you have not violated any of their guidelines.

Step 3: Submit the form

Submit the form

After you enter all the necessary details, click on the send button at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 4: Email with code

Once you complete the previous step, you will be receiving an email from Instagram stating that they need a live photo of yours holding a code that they have provided.

Email with code

Step 5: Send the photo

Send the photo of yourself holding the codes sent by Instagram. You must provide a clear photo. And the code should also be clear. Moreover, do not edit photos with photoshop or other software.

Sometimes you would have to send the image over and over again. Sometimes Instagram rejects the image. Because Instagram employees examine the photos, not the robots.

Step 6: Confirmation

Now you just have to wait to get the confirmation message from Instagram. It will take a few days to get the confirmation. 

Once you get the confirmation mail, you can just log in to your account. Sometimes it takes a little more time to get the confirmation. Instagram will permanently ban your account if you get strikes gradually In such cases, you won’t be able to recover your account in any way. The only way possible is to create a new account.


How long is temporarily locked on Instagram?

Usually, it takes 24 hours and more. A temporary ban is usually between 24 hours to 48hours. Most users share that the temporary ban is lifted within that 24-48 hours. But for a permanent ban, the account cannot be recovered again.

Why did my Instagram account got temporarily locked?

The following can be the reasons by which your account got locked:

1. Following and unfollowing accounts in bulk.
2. Putting a lot of comments in a short time.
3. Posting one content again and again.
4. Using third-party apps.

5. These are some of the reasons why your account got locked temporarily.

How do I contact Instagram?

You can contact Instagram by going to your Instagram account and clicking on the Contact Us option. You can find that option contact us option under the settings menu on Instagram

How to know if I got banned from Instagram?

If Instagram bans your account you won’t be able to log in to your Instagram account. And you won’t be able to like, share or comment from your banned Instagram account.

Is it possible to restore my Instagram account after deleting it permanently?

No, it is not possible to restore the account after deleting the account permanently. The only option in front of you is to create a new Instagram account using the same email id you used to create the deleted account. But you won’t be able to get the same user id you created on the deleted account.


Always try not to violate Instagram community guidelines. The form that you send to Instagram is verified by humans, not by bots, so it can take some amount of time to get your confirmation email. You can try any of the two methods given above and unlock your account.

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