How To Get OG Instagram Name?

Instagram lets every user have a unique username. Initially, getting a username was easy as fewer accounts were on the platform. However, when you are trying to register many accounts, it is hard for you to get the username you have been looking for. So, we might have wondered if it is possible to get taken Username. Continue reading further to know how you can do it. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Get OG Instagram Name?

How to Get a Taken Instagram Name?

There are moments when we want a specific Instagram username but find out that name is already in use by another account. Although another account already has the name, but there are ways from which you can try and get the same name in your account. Here are some methods that might help you get a taken Instagram Name.

DM the Instagram Account

The first option for getting taken to Instagram is contacting the owner of the Instagram account. Sometimes, they might be generous enough to give you a username. You can request for them to transfer your username or demand them for the username due to trademark.

Appeal to Instagram for Access

If the account you try to get the username is inactive, you can even appeal to Instagram. Contact Instagram Help and try to appeal for them to give you access to the inactive username. It might not guarantee success, but it is still worth trying to get the OG Instagram name.

Contact Facebook Ad Support

Although it might sound useless, it has worked for some people if they post ads regularly through their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Also, it might work if the account is inactive for a long time. Contact Facebook Ad Support; some people claim they can help you resolve your issue. With many people claiming that it works, it is worth a try. 

Show Proof of Trademark

You can contact the Instagram Help Center if you have a trademark for a specific brand name that resembles a username. Even for trademark violations, it is always better to make an offer before reporting to Instagram for trademark violations, which can be lengthy. If it doesn’t work, you can always head over to Instagram Help Center and report for trademark violations with proof. You might even need an attorney’s assistance to resolve this issue through trademark violation.

  1. Open Instagram Help Center.
  2. On the left side, click on “Privacy, Security and Reporting” and then go to “How to Report Things.”
  3. Under Report Intellectual Property Infringement, click on “How do I report Copyright Infringement on Instagram?
  4. Click on it, and select “Fill out this form.”
Open Instagram Help Center
  1. Now fill out the Copyright form and follow the instructions.

Alternatives for If you cannot get the Username

Even with the above methods, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the OG username. Try your luck, but remember that you might not get the username. But you don’t have to worry much just because you can’t have a specific username. Even if you have a brand name, you can work around different usernames revolving around the brand name.

  • Use underscore between the username.
  • Add the location of your business in the username.
  • Use abbreviations of your brand or business.
  • Shorten the name.
  • Replace a letter with a similar number.
  • Add an adverb like the in the name.

FAQs On Getting OG Instagram Name

Does Instagram delete inactive accounts?

Yes, Instagram deletes inactive accounts. But the time frame is still unclear if you are wondering how long it takes for Instagram accounts to be deleted. You can also check about the Deleting policies of Instagram on the Instagram Help Center. Instagram classifies an account as inactive based on when it was created, how frequently the account posts on the app, and how often you log into it. 

Can you buy someone’s Instagram handle?

Some people sell and buy Instagram handles. They are against their Terms of Service. Instagram doesn’t support people buying and selling Instagram handles; they might be banned if found. Buying any Instagram account comes at your own risk.

How long does it take for a username of a deleted Instagram account to be available?

It is still unsure how long it takes for the username to be available after someone deletes their account. When someone changes their username, it will be available for someone to use the old username after 14 days of changing it. But there is no word from Instagram for when the deleted account username will be available.

Can I request an inactive username?

No, it does not matter how inactive the account is. Instagram doesn’t let users directly request inactive usernames. So even if the account is inactive, you can only use the available version of the name using periods, underscores, numbers, or abbreviations. But even if you can’t directly get an inactive username, it is still worth a try for you to request an inactive username.

What happens to a user name of a banned Instagram account?

When Instagram bans an account, the username might not be available immediately for other people to use. If the ban is temporary, there is no way other people can use the username. But when the account is permanently banned, it is not sure after how many days it will be available for others to use, and some people even claim that the username will no longer be available for others to use. 

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