How To Get On Instagram On A School Chromebook?

Education institutes have strictly disabled Instagram and other social media platforms on their servers. As these social media applications can waste a lot of time of every average student. But sometimes for a few projects, you may need access to some blocked websites or social media platforms. In this guide, we will be guiding you to get Instagram on your school Chromebook.

There isn’t any proper or specific method to open Instagram on your school Chromebook but there are multiple ways you can try from them and can save the method that worked for you.

Step-by-step Guide To Get Instagram On A School Chromebook.

When someone wants to block any website on their server they simply add that website to the blacklist of the following IP address. Now what you need to do is to change your IP or remove it from the IP address. You can change your IP address easily but can’t access the blocked websites to get access. So simply follow the steps below to unblock Instagram on the school Chromebook.

  1. Switch on the Chromebook.
  2. Connect with the internet connection
  3. Open the google chrome
  4. Now search for chrome web stores.
search for chrome web stores.

5. Search for a free hotspot shield or ninja VPN proxy.

Search for a free hotspot shield or ninja VPN proxy.

6. Install both of them to use at alternative times.

7. Once installed, activate them. Click on the extension icon from the top bar and then click on the VPN extension. And click start.

Click on the extension icon from the top bar and then click on the VPN extension

8. This will change your IP address. Now you can access all the websites that are blocked on your internet server.


Why Instagram application Is blocked in schools and colleges?

Instagram is a social media application and according to many educational institutes, it wastes a lot of time for each individual. To avoid this time loss, schools and colleges and even universities block Instagram and other social media platforms on their platforms. On social media platforms, there are also a few groups that can spoil the future of students and they just spread hate and divert the new generation’s minds and keep them engaged in useless activities.

How can I get on Instagram on a school computer?

If you are a social media lover, then you most probably love the Instagram app. It has recently gained a lot of exposure and gotten a good spot among other social media platforms. To get Instagram on your school Chromebook, you can use any free VPN or you can just connect your Chromebook to a network that is not registered with your educational institute. Using VPN to access Instagram will allow you to access Instagram, but the internet speed may decrease as the VPN changes your IP address.

Why do some schools have Chromebooks for student use?

Chromebooks come with a lot of features to control the whole device. Most schools and colleges use Chromebooks because they can block many unnecessary things on them. They can bring the focus of students towards studies by blocking all irrelevant files and websites. Another reason to have a Chromebook for students is that they are very cheap compared to a complete PC setup. They are portable, and students can take their Chromebook to their hostel for any project without any issue.

How To Get On Instagram On A School Chromebook without VPN?

First, we will recommend you to use VPN as the VPN will be only visible to you and none of the other officials will be informed and it is easy to install and operate., But still, if you want to continue using Instagram without using any VPN proxy, then you can install a Virtual machine on your Chromebook. The virtual machine will create a separate profile within your Chromebook and will give you access to all of the blocked applications and websites.

Is VPN safe to use to access Instagram on a school Chromebook?

VPN changes your IP address and hence you get a new IP address on your device and can access anything. If your internet services providers have blocked any website or if your educational institutes have blocked applications or websites, it is not recommended to reach that website. If you need to access the website using VPN, Then you can do it and it is safe. There isn’t any problem with using the VPN of a trusted publisher.

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