How to Get Pokémon Randomizer on Android?

With Pokémon randomizer, generating Pokémon ROM for any version of Pokémon has been more accessible. If you want to randomize Pokémon on your Android phone and play with your friends, you can easily do so by using special programs that allow you to randomize various aspects of your games. Let’s get started!

How to Get Pokémon Randomizer on Android?

Pokémon randomizer has made it easy to generate Pokémon ROM in even the latest generation of games. Once you get the Pokémon randomizer on your Android phone, you can encounter any Pokémon in the game. Moreover, you can retain settings you made earlier and even randomize Pokémon released anywhere. To get Pokémon Randomizer on your Android, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Install an emulator on your phone.

Ensure your Android device has an emulator installed. Visit Play Store, and search for My Boy emulator. There are various emulator types, including free and paid versions. Select the one you wish to install.

My Boy Lite emulator installed

Step 2. Install a Pokémon randomizer on your Android device.

Use your favorite web browser to enter the URL of your preferred Pokémon randomizer, and it will download automatically. In this case, we have Installed the Pokémon Platinum randomizer 

 Installed  Pokémon Platinum randomizer 

Step 3. Click Play on My Boy emulator and search for Pokémon Platinum Randomized. Ensure you unzip the downloaded file before selecting it.

 Ensure you unzip the downloaded file before selecting it.

Step 4. Select the Pokémon randomizer in your emulator.

Once your randomizer gets downloaded, please search for the game’s name in the emulator you installed earlier and select it.

Once your randomizer gets downloaded,

Like that, you will have a Pokémon randomizer on your Android phone and can randomize the game the way you wish. Moreover, you can make the game more exciting by changing the trainer battle from the default one.


Can I Get a Pokémon Randomizer on Android?

As highlighted in this post, you can get the Pokémon Randomizer on your Android phone. The only requirement to get the Pokémon Randomizer is installing an emulator, and you will be good to go.

Is it Possible to Randomize Generation 6 and Seven Games using a Pokémon Randomizer?

Pokémon randomizer has made it easy to randomize the latest versions of games. With the randomizer, even Pokémon games created in the United States can get randomized quickly to fit all your requirements. Moreover, it does not prevent you from using the previous settings you had set up for your game.

Where Do I Download a Pokémon Randomizer?

There is no specific or best place where you can download Pokémon randomizer. However, depending on your device, you can get the randomizer from various websites that offer them. Also, Android users can check the Play store to see if they can find their desired Pokémon randomizer.

Which is the Best Way to Play Pokémon Games on My Computer?

There are many ways of playing Pokémon games on your computer, but using an emulator is the easiest way. Emulators like Emulator Plus enable you to play games without installing third-party software. You can also play Pokémon games by using a game capture card. You can easily record your gameplay using the cards, allowing you to share it with your friends.

How Do I Randomize Pokémon on a Mobile Device?

There are several ways to randomize a Pokémon game on a mobile device. You can use the Universal Pokémon randomizer or any other randomizer to select the type of moves you want for your game. Moreover, you can use a ROM, which will allow you to choose a Pokémon from the variety of types available. When you use a ROM, you also need to find a randomizer.


Getting a Pokémon randomizer on Android is not as hard as it may sound. As long as you have a suitable Pokémon randomizer you want to have on your Android, it is easy to play randomized Pokémon games. Moreover, it would be best if you had an emulator on your Android device to enable you to play any moves for your Pokémon game.

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