How to Get Reel Back to Profile Grid iPhone?

If you accidentally removed an important Instagram reel from your profile or forgot to turn on “Also share to feed” and want to add it back, stick to the article.

Also, at times it happens that the reel option is not appearing on your profile. In that case, you need to perform a few actions like uninstalling the app and then reinstalling or scrolling reels that are appearing on your explore grid to make this feature get activated for you. 

We will share a complete guide from getting a reel option on your iPhone to adding a reel back to the profile grid in easy steps. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Reel Back to Profile Grid iPhone

  1. Open “Settings” from your iPhone 
How to Get Reel Back to Profile Grid iPhone
  1. Go to “General”  after settings 
Go to General after settings
  1. Click on “iPhone Storage” and search for Instagram from here.

 Remember you are doing these steps because you do not have a Reel option in your Instagram account. If you have, it then jumps to step number 8.

Click on iPhone Storage and search for Instagram from here
  1. Open Instagram by scrolling down the iPhone Storage. 
  1. Click on “Offload App” 
Click on offload App
  1. Now click on Reinstall App to reinstall Instagram. 
How to Get Reel Back to Profile Grid iPhone
  1. It will start reinstalling, and you can see it from the loading sign. 
It will start reinstalling and you can see it from the loading sign
  1. Now open your Instagram account, and you will see the option of reel appearing in the middle. 
  2. Log in to the Instagram account and then go to the reels section. Select the video you want to add back to the profile grid 
  3. You will see a three-dot button in the right corner. Click on it. 
Click on it
  1. Here you will see the options listed below. Click on “Add to Profile Grid,” and then your reel will be added to the profile 
Here you will see the options listed below
  1. When putting the Reel into the profile grid, you can select the “Also Share to feed” option that appears below the caption.

FAQs on Reels on iPhone

Should I share reels in my profile? 

Sharing reels in your profile is a plus point because it increases your profile’s capacity to attract followers when you share a reel video, your profile visibility increases, and that aids follower in discovering your account.
 Thus, it maximizes the chances of your profile growth. Also, it gives an aesthetic and vibrant touch to your profile.

Is posting reels attract more followers?

Yes, when the short video and clip thing went viral last year, all the social media apps started creating features that allow making short videos. Similar is the case in Instagram reels because these post reels are more than just views.
 Many users have noticed that their follower counts and engagement are enhanced by sharing reels. One Instagram user claimed the rise of 2800 followers by posting reels for a whole month. 

How to put reels back after removing 2022?

You can put reels back by going to settings and force close the Instagram app. When you will, the reel tab will appear then. Open the selected reel from the reel tab and click on the three-dot icon on the right corner. Then click on “Add to Profile Grid.”

How to put IGTV video back on the profile grid?

Following three easy steps, you can add IGTV video to the profile grid.
1. Choose the post you want to add to your Profile Grid.
2. Select “Copy Link
3. From Web Dashboard, click “Add to Grid.”

Why is the reels option not visible on my profile? 

Instagram is not offering the reels option unless you share a reel in your profile.
Sometimes, you do not see the Reel option in your profile. In that case, update your app to the latest version and log out from your account. After logging in, watch reels shown in the explore grid. You will get the reel option in this way.

Use the guide to Get Reel Back to Profile 

We are sure that How to Get Reel Back to Profile Grid iPhone is not an issue for you. You can get the reels by back trying different methods. One is by Offloading the app and then getting it reinstalled again. You can also solve the problem by watching a lot of reels. Also, by going to the three-dot button, you can add your deleted reels to your profile grid. 

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