How To Get Reels Back On Instagram?

Instagram has launched Reels to compete with the growing Tiktok, letting people create short, fun videos to share all over the platform. Although the platform has rolled out Reels, it might still not be available for everyone. There might also be times when Reels might not work on different devices. This article will take you through other reasons your Reel is not working and how you can get reels back on Instagram.

why Instagram Reels Are not Working?

Various reasons might lead to Reels not working on your account. You might be able to access reels on Instagram with the following solution. But note that these aren’t complete solutions to help you access reels, and some steps might even delete your Instagram drafts. So, save your drafts before you try to get them back on Instagram. 

Method 1: Check Instagram Reels through all Access Points

The first step is to go through all the access points for. Go to all locations from where you might be able to access Instagram Reels.

  1. Check the Reels Tab on the Navigation Bar.
  2. Check Reels on Create a New Post Section.
Check the Reels Tab on the Navigation Bar.

3. Go to Instagram Camera and Check for Reels.

4. Find Reels in your Profile.

Find Reels in your Profile.

Method 2: Clear the Cache.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Open App Management.
Open App Management.

3. Search for Instagram and Tap on it. 

Search for Instagram and Tap on it. 

4. Open Storage and Clear Cache, and Open Instagram again.

Open Storage and Clear Cache, and Open Instagram again.

Method 3: Update the app on Playstore.

Check for any updates on Instagram on the play store. There might be different issues with the reels with the old version of the App. You also might haven’t got reels on your account without the latest version of Instagram. 

Go to the play store and update the app. After updating, open your Instagram and check.

method 4: Force Stop the App and Open it Again.

  • Open Settings and Go to App Management.
  • Scroll to Instagram and Click on it.
  • Click on Force Stop.
Open Settings and Go to App Management.
  • Open the App again and Go to Reels.

Method 5: Contact the Instagram Support Team.

  1. Open your Instagram App and Go to your Profile.
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines and Open Settings.
  3. Tap on Help and Select Report a Problem.
  4. Enter your issue like “Unable to see the Instagram Reels,” and you can even send the screenshot of your problem.
  5. Tap on Submit and Wait for them to respond to you.

You can also email Instagram Customer care through their email. Send an email to the address [email protected]. If any other ways don’t work, you can send them an email. Type in our issue in the Subject, and then write all the details below. They will generally reply and update you about your issue in the next few days.

Why can’t I find reels on Instagram?

You might see people posting fun and exciting reels on Instagram, but you might not be able to find reels on your own. You might be confused about why you don’t have reels on your account. Many people have been wondering how they can access their Reels. Let’s talk about the two common reasons that might prevent you from accessing your Reels.

Check if Reels are available in your region.

Instagram doesn’t roll out its feature worldwide simultaneously. First, it releases its features to a few countries and then rolls out the feature in other countries. Initially, this feature was available in 50 countries, but now it is available in about 150 countries. 


Why can’t I add a poll to my Reels?

Instagram’s interactive features, including stickers, polls, and Q&As, are unavailable on Instagram Reels. While uploading reels, you will be unable to add polls to them. But if you wish to do a poll with your followers, you can add the reel to your story and include a pole in it.

How long does a reel last on Instagram?

Previously, Instagram would let users upload reels up to a limit of 60 seconds. After Tiktok extended its limit up to 10 minutes, Instagram also extended its video length to 90 seconds. They also now let users import their audio in their reels. You can also import your original audio from your video and use sounds from a video on your camera roll.

Can you see who watched your Reels?

Like your Instagram post and IGTV, you can know everyone who has liked and commented on your Reels. You can also see how many times your video has been viewed. Unlike your stories, you can’t see the people who have viewed your Instagram reels. If you are stalking different people on Instagram, watch their Reels freely without the risk of them knowing.

Can you make money through Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can make some money by uploading your reels on Instagram. You can earn money through your reels if you have a business or creator account. You can earn money directly from Instagram through the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program. Once the Bonus program becomes available, you can earn the bonus in the next 30 days. You can choose up to 150 reels to earn you a bonus. Any video that gets at least 1000 views in that period will earn you a bonus.

Does rewatching a reel count as a view?

Every time you watch a video, it will count as a view. Instagram counts repeated views, so if someone leaves the video in a loop, it will count as an additional view every time it is rewatched. But watching your video will not count as a view. Even if you watch your reel for hundred times, no view will be counted. Besides, every time the video is rewatched, it will be a new view.

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