How to Get Rid of Green Dot on iPhone Photos?

One of the reasons why users swear on iPhone devices is the superior camera that comes with it. iPhone cameras are clear and crisp, with high-quality motion capture and great zooming capabilities. However, one issue that users point out is the green dot that occasionally appears. Here’s how to get rid of that green dot problem on iPhone photos. You can also learn how to get rid of the hollow arrow on iPhone.

Why Green Dot appears On iPhone Photos?

Before finding the solution, first you have to pinpoint why this is happening. There are several reasons why a green dot could appear on photos you captured with your iPhone:

  1. The green dot is an indicator that tells you that your photos were taken using the front camera
  2. It is the flare effect from having taken a photo with a strong or bright light in the background
  3. If there is a flashing green dot, it indicates that the microphone is being used by an app.
  4. Rather than a dot, it’s a collection of green pixels on the screen. This is actually an issue on your OLED screen and not a software or settings concern.

steps to Get Rid of Green Dot on iPhone Photos

steps to Get Rid of Green Dot on iPhone Photos

If the green dot is an indicator for the use of your front camera, all you have to do is to disable it. To do so:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Screen Time and select Turn on Screen Time.
Go to Settings .Tap Screen Time and select Turn on Screen Time.

3. Go back to the Settings main page and go to Content & Privacy Restriction and toggle it on.

Go back to the Settings main page and go to Content & Privacy Restriction and toggle it on.

4. Select Allowed Apps.

5. Toggle off the camera.

Toggle off the camera.

This disables your iPhone camera and also removes the camera swipe shortcut normally found on the lock screen. If you don’t want to disable your camera itself, you can alternatively toggle off camera access from the camera app you are using under Permissions in settings. 

How to Deal With the Flare Effect

Flare effects appear when there is a bright source of light on your subject. Some ways to avoid or remove flares on your photos are:

  1. Remove or adjust the light source if it is artificial
  2. Adjust your camera angles
  3. Position the green dot towards the bright light source to make it disappear or blend with the light
  4. Shield the lens while taking your photo
  5. Use the healing function from a photo editing app
How to Deal With the Flare Effect

How to Get Rid Of the Flashing Green Dot On iPhone photos

The flashing green dot is a new feature that was released with the 2020 iOS update. It serves as a signal that an app is covertly using your camera. This is a security threat. The best way to address this problem is to delete or revoke permissions from the app causing the problem.  To pinpoint the source, just tap the Control Center button.

How to Get Rid Of the Flashing Green Dot On iPhone photos


Methods For Green Pixel Issue

This is usually an issue for users with an OLED screen, typically used in newer iPhone devices. Sometimes, this is a software bug and requires the help of a technician. There are also cases when restarting your phone will suffice.

Alternatively, it could also simply be some blockage on the picture element. Which may be caused by dust or small particles. Gently apply pressure on the screen or rub it with a lint-free fabric. Try tapping that portion until the problem disappears. 

Consider Contacting a Professional

If you suspect a software or security problem is the source of your green dot issue, consider investing in a professional to resolve it. Avoid using hacks from streaming platforms or social media, if possible. This way, you can better ensure the safety of your privacy and prevent further damage to your device.


What do the green and orange dots mean on my iPhone?

The green dot tells you that the microphone is in use while the orange dot shows the use of the camera.

Can I be recorded with my own iPhone camera?

Apps can record photos or videos of you with your camera if it is in the foreground. The best way to prevent this is to avoid using risky apps, disabling your camera, or restricting camera permissions for apps.

How can I tell if my camera is being hacked?

 The phone may become sluggish or drain batteries faster. The best way to identify the covert use of your camera is the green/orange dot that comes with the 2020 update.

Why do I see a blue dot in my iPhone photos?

This is also an effect of light flares. The color of the “dot” can be green, blue, or other colors. 

Can a free app fix the flare issue on my iPhone photos?

Yes, there are many free third-party apps that can remove flares with editing tools or the healing feature.


There are several reasons for a green dot visible on your camera or iPhone photos. The best approach is to accurately pinpoint the source and apply the correct solution. If in doubt, it is wise to consult with a professional to ensure your security and avoid damaging your device.

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