How To Get Rid Of The Hollow Arrow On iPhone?

You might have wondered why different arrow icons appear on your iPhone’s status bar, and you seem not to understand why they keep popping up.

What are Hollow Arrows On iPhone?

These arrows appear on your status bar whenever an app is accessing your iPhone’s location service, thus alerting you by popping on your status bar.

The hollow arrows appear on your iPhone’s status bar when a running app is geofencing. Geofencing establishes a geographical boundary and sends a notification when you leave or come back to the geographical boundary.

Now you know why the hollow arrow keeps appearing in your status bar, which makes you uncomfortable, and you want to get rid of it. You’re reading the right article to help you hollow arrow on your iPhone. So, let’s explore the diverse methods you can use to eliminate it. Allow us to answer the question on “How To Get Rid Of The Hollow Arrow On iPhone?

Methods To Get Rid Of Hollow Arrows On iPhone

The appearance of the hollow arrow has been reported to be a significant concern for iPhone users who sees this icon on their status. The hollow arrow helps you know when an app is using your GPS. If it’s a significant concern to you, follow these steps carefully to get rid of it.

Method #1: Disabling The Status Bar

This method lets you eliminate the hollow arrow on your iPhone by turning off the status bar icons on your screen. To use this method, take these steps:

  • Open the Settings App.
  • Scroll down and tap on Privacy.
How To Get Rid Of The Hollow Arrow On iPhone
  • Tap Location Services.
How To Get Rid Of The Hollow Arrow On iPhone
  • Tap System Services.
location services
  • Please scroll down and tap the Status Bar Icon to toggle it off.
system services

Method #2: Disabling Location Services

When you turn off location services on your iPhone, no app can have permission to access your location unless it is turned on again. To use this simplest solution, use the steps below:

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Privacy.
How To Get Rid Of The Hollow Arrow On iPhone
  • Select Location Services.
  • Toggle off Location Services.
How To Get Rid Of The Hollow Arrow On iPhone

That’s all you need to do to get rid of the hollow arrow on your iPhone.

You may also be curious about the meaning of the other arrows that appear on your status bar. We’ll take you through what they signify.

The Gray Arrow

This arrow comes up on your status bar to inform you that an app or website accessed your location in the last 24hrs.

Purple Arrow

The purple arrow signifies that an app has recently accessed your iPhone’s location services.

Blue Circled Arrow

This arrow appears on your screen to indicate that a running app or website is trying to access your location services.

FAQs in iPhone Apps

How To Opt-Out Of Location Tracking On My iPhone?

Unfortunately, Apple has not offered iPhone users an option to opt out of its location data collection. Apple uses this location data to enhance the performance of location-based services and products. Apple still has access to your location information even if you toggle off your location in Settings. Nevertheless, you can prevent third-party apps from accessing your location information when you turn it off in settings.

Can I Report The Police On Apple Maps?

Apple Maps lets its users report hazards such as accidents and speed checks. Most definitely, yes, you can notify the police on apple maps. To do so, you can ask Siri or use the report menu following these steps. Tap on the Menu Arrow while navigating, tap the Report Button, and choose Speed Check Or Report Police On Route. This report will notify other Apple Maps users of the location of the police as they navigate.

Does The Apple Watch Count Steps?

Yes, it does. To let your Apple watch count your steps, you’d have to pair it with your iPhone. Once you’ve done this, the Apple watch will automatically keep track of your footsteps, flight, and climbs and even allow you to check your history. Your records are stored in years, months, weeks, and days. Whichever way you want to view the stats, the Apple watch will prepare them for you.

Which iPhone Model Has The Largest Battery Capacity?

The third generation iPhone SE has the largest battery capacity as of 2022. The iPhone SE comes with a battery capacity of 2,018 mAh. Despite its 5G capabilities, the iPhone SE has extended three-hour battery life. This long battery life is credited to the A15 Bionic chipset. According to Apple, the video playback of the iPhone SE is rated at 15 hours and 50 hours of audio playback.

What Does The Blue Dot Next To The App On My IOS Home Screen Signify?

iOS constantly downloads app updates. If you find a blue dot next to an app on your iPhone, it signifies that that app has recently been updated from the app store. To remove the dot, open the app for the first time after the update.
We hope this guide has helped you to realize that there’s no cause for an alarm whenever you find a hollow arrow on your status bar and that you can get rid of it too. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us using the comment section about this article on “How To Get Rid Of Hollow Arrow On iPhone?

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