How To Get The Last Present In Fortnite On PS4?

Fortnite is one of the most popular games among gamers of all ages on different platforms. The game also rewards players for completing various challenges and events like the Winterfest. Initially, players get 14 rewards. After current confusion about an additional gift, Fornite Players are confused about the last gift. In this article, we will talk about how you can get the Last present in Fortnite on PS4.

You can also learn what the last gift in Fortnite PS4 is.

Is there a last present at Fortnite On PS4?

During the Winterfest event, Fornite players receive a notification about a new gift ready to open in the lodge with 12 gifts and two additional packages. But this time, players still received a notification after unwrapping all the 14 gifts available about the last present. When players get to the Fortnite lodge, there is no previous present for players to unwrap. So, everyone is confused about the 15th Present in Fortnite.

It is reported that the error started after the server went down and came back with an additional notification. 

On December 30, The @FortniteStatus Twitter account updated the players that they are working on the issue by probably rewarding players with an additional final present. Later on, on January 7th, Fortnite rewarded their players with an extra gift for players who logged in during the event. 

What is the Last Present in Fortnite?

Epic Games then released the last present for the players who logged in during the Winterfest event. It is pretty easy for you to receive the last present in Fortnite. For people who have missed the Winterfest event entirely by failing to log in during the event, you will also be able to buy the Crescent Shroom Pickaxe from the Shop. Initially, the item was available as a gift, and later, it was launched in the shop for players to buy.

In Fortnite, the last present is generally located in the Data Hive. You will be able to get to the location after completing the challenges. Climb the ladders and stairs, and you can see a large globe.

How to Open the 15th Present in Fortnite On PS4?

Fortnite has a secret present on the 15th floor of the Lighthouse. You can access the 15th present with a key hidden in a treasure chest on the 14th floor. But there are various ways from which you can get the key in Fortnite. You can also get it as a random drop or buy it from the merchants in the game. 

After you have the key to the 15th present, you can head to the 15th floor and open the treasure to get your hidden gift.


How do I get Fortnite Gifts?

There is an option in Fornite to be able to receive gifts automatically. To change the gifting setting on your Epic Games Account, you can change it from your console.

1. Open the main menu and click on the settings icon.
2. Click the profile icon and go to the Account and Privacy tab.
3. Now find Can Receive Gifts and turn it on.

How do you get Spiderman in Fortnite?

There is no specific way you can get Spiderman in Fortnite. But there as different claimed ways and theories around how you can do it. One way is that you can get Spiderman as skin after completing all the challenges in the Season 5 battle pass. Another theory around it is that you can unlock the skin after reaching level 99 in Fortnite.

Can I refund a gift on Fortnite?

Sometimes purchases can go wrong, and players think of returning their gifts. But currently, you won’t be able to refund your gifts on Fortnite. But if you are purchasing other items, you can refund the items with a refund token. Every account will have three refund tokens for players to get refunded for some regretful purchases. You can refund, V-Bucks, Battle Pass, Battle Pass Tiers, Starter Pack, Loot Llamas, Even and Weekly Items, and Fortnite Crew Subscriptions on Fortnite.

Can you sell Fortnite skins?

Although you can sell your Fortnite skins through different third-party platforms, Epic games have prohibited the selling of skins to other Fortnite players. But you can refund your skins on Fortnite exchange of V-bucks. Since you have limited refund tokens on Fortnite. You won’t be able to refund all your skins for v-bucks on Fortnite.  

Can I transfer V-bucks to another account?

Although there is a gifting feature on Fortnite, by which you will be able to gift skins, battle pass, and emotes to your friends. But the players won’t be able to give V-bucks to other players. If you want to gift V-bucks to your friends, you can gift V-bucks cards to different people. They can purchase the card and gift it to other players for them to redeem, but you won’t be able to transfer the V-bucks to other accounts.

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