How To Get To The No-beard Filter On Tiktok?

Tiktok is home to a lot of viral videos and trends online. Over the years, many challenges, effects, filters, and videos have sparked a trend on the internet. Currently, such a trend is the no-beard filter on Tiktok. People have been getting over a million views on their Tiktok just by using the filter and recording their reactions. We all have seen the filter on Tiktok and wondering how we could use the filter on Tiktok. This article will go through how we can get the no-beard filter on Tiktok.

Steps to Get the No-beard Filter on Tiktok.

We might have seen many viral videos with well over a million views with the famous no-beard filter. After that, most of us searched the no-beard filter all over the app to record a video in it. But the filter isn’t available on Tiktok. You might be surprised that the no-beard filter belongs to Snapchat. The filter has been so popular that the #nobeardfilter hashtag has over 340M views on Tiktok. Uploading the video with the filter is pretty simple. Anyone looking to upload a video on Tiktok with the filter has to do it in the following way:

  1. Open Snapchat and head over to the camera.
  2. Click on the emoji icon beside the record button to load filters.
Open Snapchat and head over to the camera.

3. Click on explore, search for ‘no-beard,’ and click enter.

Click on explore, search for ‘no-beard,’ and click enter.

4. Select the “no-beard by Andre. Pappas” filter with a beard crossed by a blue line image.

Select the “no-beard by Andre. Pappas” filter with a beard crossed by a blue line image.

5. Record your video using the filter and save the video to your gallery.

6. Now, Open your Tiktok and press the “+” icon. 

Now, Open your Tiktok and press the “+” icon. 

7. Select the no-beard video from Snapchat and upload it to your Tiktok. 

Additional FAQs

Where can I find filters on Tiktok?

Many filters are even available on the Tiktok app itself. The platform also offers many filters to make it fun and exciting for creators to make Tiktok videos. To find filters on Tiktok, tap on create a post on the home page, and then you will find the filter icon on the left side of the camera screen. You can also find different effects on Tiktok. You will also find the Effects icon beside the record button on the camera screen. Click on it to explore other effects on Tiktok.

Is it okay to use Snapchat filters on Tiktok?

Yes, most viral videos on Tiktok have been with Snapchat filters. Filters like the no-beard filter and crying filter have over million views on Tiktok. You are free to use any filter and any effect from Snapchat or any other app on Tiktok. Tiktok has no restrictions on the platform about different filters until and unless you meet the Tiktok community guidelines.

Can I use a beard filter on my Tiktok video?

Yes, just like how we talked about The beard filter for Tiktok. Similarly, you can also add a beard to your Tiktok video. You can open your Snapchat, record a video with a beard filter and upload a video to your Tiktok. If you already have a recorded Tiktok video, you can’t add a beard into it unless you use a professional video editor, which becomes more complicated.

How can I link my Tiktok videos to Snaps?

You can link your Tiktok profile or Tiktok videos to your Snaps. Copy the link of your Tiktok video, and then on Snapchat, after recording your snap, include the link on your Snaps. You can also download the Tiktok video and share it with your Snapchat stories. Since Snaps on Snapchat don’t allow pre-recorded videos, you can only share them as stories. 

Can I create a custom filter on Tiktok?

Popular platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have allowed users to create different filters on the app. Currently, Tiktok is also opening Effect House beta to the creators to develop their AR filters for the platform. The Effect House bets help users create AR filters with different tools and resources available. Tiktok also ensures that the filters follow the regular community guidelines to make it safe for everyone.

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