How to Get WhatsApp Verification Code by Email?

WhatsApp is the most useable internet messaging and calling app across the world. You can call or text anyone who also has an account on this app with their specific cellular number.

Sometimes you may lose your sim card or chip on which your WhatsApp number is registered. That is more disturbing when you have an important official message to forward to someone whose number is only visible on your WhatsApp.

You cannot recover your account if you don’t have your numbers on your phone. But then why are you here? 

Let me tell you that there might be a solution or a trick that you could use to get your WhatsApp account verification code without your sim card.

This article will be a step-by-step guide on getting a WhatsApp verification code by email. So, let’s dig deeper into the article to explore the trick that WhatsApp tends to make for emergency cases.

You may also learn how to get the WhatsApp key easily.

What Is WhatsApp, And How To Get WhatsApp Verification Code By Email?

WhatsApp is a voice and video calling app that can send a message and any file, including music, video, gifs, etc., to someone who also has an account on this app. 

To run this application, you only need a working internet connection via cellular data or a Wi-Fi network. WhatsApp brings the latest updates time by time to enhance the features of their app.

In recent updates, WhatsApp updates many privacy and security features to enhance the user experience. You can send a file of up to 2 GB on WhatsApp in any format. 

There is no limit to calling or no charges; you must connect to the internet and go on calling with your loved ones for hours.

Sometimes you may go abroad without a working sim card due to no roaming feature. Then you must have a backup email enabled on your WhatsApp to continue your account services abroad.

The verification code you get when trying to log in to your WhatsApp account can also be received on your email. But you must follow the step-by-step guide to activate that security feature.

Steps To Getting WhatsApp Verification Code By Email

Try to follow every step given below whatever mobile brand you are using, whether Android or iOS:

  1. Open WhatsApp On Your Smartphone
Open WhatsApp On Your Smartphone

Unlock your smartphone by pressing the power button or by a face or fingerprint unlock. Once you unlock it, Locate WhatsApp on your main menu and open the app by tapping on it.

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings
Open WhatsApp Settings

Tapping the three dots button on your main WhatsApp interface would be best. That is given at the top right corner of the screen. Now choose the settings option at the bottom of the list of options.

  1. Open Account Option
Open Account Option

You will see an account option at the top of the main profile settings. Tap on the account option.

  1. Tap On Two-Step Verification
Tap On Two-Step Verification

Now, you will have multiple options regarding account security and privacy. There is an option at the third number called “two-step verification.” Open this option by tapping on it.

  1. Tap On Enable
Tap On Enable

Now you must go through two different stages. After pressing the enable button, you will be asked to enter a six-digit pin. In the second stage, you will be asked to enter your email. You may not be able to see that screen here because WhatsApp protects the screen during that process.

  1. Enter Email And Pin
Enter Email And Pin

Once you enable it, you may see the pin and email options appear on the two-step verification screen. You can also change the email anytime you want just by choosing that option and entering your six-digit security pin code; that’s it.


How Do I Enable Two-Step Verification On WhatsApp?

You need to follow the step below to enable this security option quickly:
1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
2. Open the WhatsApp setting by tapping on the three dots option in the chat
3. Open account settings by tapping on it
4. Tap on the two-step verification option
5. Enter a six-digit code on the section where required
6. Put your email address after entering a six-digit code
7. You must confirm it and tap on the done option

How Do I Use My WhatsApp On A Browser?

You can log in your WhatsApp account on your PC or laptop browser by following the step below:
1. Open your browser on a PC
2. Search for the WhatsApp web and open the top website without ad
3. Now open WhatsApp on your smartphone
4. Tap on the three dots option and choose the lined devices option
5. Tap on the link to a device
6. Your smartphone camera will open and scan the QR code given on your WhatsApp web screen
7. After scanning, you may be able to use your WhatsApp on the web

Can I Recover My WhatsApp Account Lost Data?

You can recover your WhatsApp account data if you have attached your Gmail account. \You need to open your WhatsApp account and go to chats, where you will see a backup option. 
Tap on it and enter your attached email where your data is backed up. Now tap on the restore button and select the data to restore.

How To Get My Old WhatsApp Account Back?

You can get your old WhatsApp account back only if you have that cellular number working on your smartphone.
Open your WhatsApp
Enter your cellular number on which your old account was made
You will receive a verification code by SMS or call on your number
Put that code in the box


WhatsApp privacy and security changes time by time according to the need of their consumers. If you have any verification code issues, contact their support by email or the web.

You might face several issues while logging in to a new device because your account was logged into another model early. You may receive the code within 30 seconds; if there is a network problem, it might take more or less 30 minutes.

The guide above about how to get a WhatsApp verification code by email has a step-by-step guide for you to solve this problem. 

If you find the above guide useful, please share it with your loved ones who might also be facing this issue. And if you have any queries in mind about this guide or any other problem, you may tell us in the comment section below or check our blog section.

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