How To Have Videos Play On Instagram Story?

Let us guide you on How to Have Videos Play On Instagram Story? Instagram has introduced so many features in a short time, including reels and videos. It doesn’t make sense to give different names to the same type of content. There is no difference between videos and reels. But they have made these two poles apart features for their platforms.

You may have shared reels and videos on your story but sometimes it plays automatically but most of the time the viewer must click on the video to watch it.

Want to get rid of this and give a smooth experience to your viewers? Well, read this blog till the end here. In this blog we will be talking about How to Have Videos Play On Instagram Story? And will answer any other questions you may want to ask an expert.

Instagram’s Latest Update : One Video Format

Instagram has recently stated that they will have only one video format on their platform, the reels. They will remove the video feature from Instagram, and from the end of July 2022 or in the next month, we will see this update. This is because reels are performing well, and users from different platforms are shifting towards Instagram reels. The platform itself has a lot more features and is going to introduce a marketplace just like Facebook has. Now let us proceed to our write-up on How to Have Videos Play On Instagram Story?

Steps on How To Play Videos on Instagram Story?

Step 1. Open an Instagram account and log in to your account.

Open an Instagram account and log in to your account.

Step 2. Swipe left on the homepage to access the stories upload section.

Swipe left on the homepage to access the stories upload section.

Step 3. Click on the videos from button left corner to get the video from the gallery.

Click on the videos from button left corner to get the video from the gallery.

Step 4. After choosing the video from the camera, tap the play button and play the video.

Step 5. While playing the video, you can trim it to the end where you want to end the story.

Step 6. Share it now, and it will play on your Instagram stories.

FAQs on Instagram Reels And Stories

What are reels on Instagram?

The reel is a new feature on Instagram that is getting popular because content creators are getting fantastic reach. As it is new, so Instagram himself is prompting reels so much and showing them in search results and ranking them on popular hashtags.

Should we upload reels or videos on Instagram?

Generally, both are video content forms, but Instagram has divided videos into three types, IGTV, Videos, and Reels. After the success of TikTok, Instagram introduced the reels feature in some regions and started promoting it.
If you are a content creator, we suggest you upload every video as a reel on Instagram as they will give you many followers and increase your profile search appearance.

Why don’t Instagram Stories show videos?

If you are trying to repost a video shorter than 15 seconds on your story, it will not show and play as a video; instead, the viewers will see the video as a post and have to tap to see the complete video.

Why are reels not working?

The reel is a very new feature for Instagram users. The feature is limited to some regions and has not been published worldwide. It could be for a number of reasons that reels are not available for you, including:
– You may live in a region where Instagram has not published the reels feature yet.
– You may not have verified your account with the number. The number you used to verify your account decides your account region.
– Make sure to update your Instagram app from the play store.
– Try uploading reels from the computer. Download INSSIST google chrome extension and use it to upload reels.
You can upload reels on your account even if you are not in a region where reels are present, but your reels will not show in your Instagram feed.

Why do Instagram stories keep repeating?

Instagram is a bit heavy application. It needs a good mobile phone and a good internet connection. There are many reasons for glitching your stories on Instagram, and the most common are slow internet, story looping, and story highlights. You may have enabled to add all of your stories to the highlights, which is why your buyers will be able to see your latest stories in the story section and your highlights section too.

Difference between a Business and a Normal/Standard account on Instagram?

Like every platform on Instagram, you will get two options to create a profile. One is a personal page, and the second is a business page. There are many benefits of a business page as you can easily get analytics of your followers and posts. You will also get access to some tools to promote your posts.

Are Instagram reels public?

Instagram is a social platform, but still, like other platforms, users can keep their account private and control all of their account visibilities. Reels are not something that will be always be shown to the public without your permission. If you have set your account private, Instagram will not show your reels to any user. But if your profile is public, anyone can see your profile and reels, and even Instagram will show your reels on the explore page, and in search results .

Instagram Reels Are Best

We recommend clearing your Instagram cache memory as many times, there are some unused files which may cause some problems in your experience. But still, if clearing cache memory didn’t help you, follow all of the above steps to play videos directly on your stories. Explore how to save Instagram story with music without posting?

As we already have said that reels are the best option to use on Instagram right now. You must start using it and create as many reels as possible because it will give an unpredictable boost to your page. You can grab an unlimited number of clients and followers without a single campaign.

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