How To Hide Followers List On Instagram?

How To Hide Followers List On Instagram?

People want to keep up appearances with their social media following. Social media has become an important part of representing ourselves. Those with a small following are not taken seriously, and those with a large following are worshipped as superstars. That is why those privacy-conscious people always wonder “how to hide their followers’ list on Instagram” from unknown users.

If that is the case, you have come to the right place. This article will explain all the queries associated with hiding Instagram followers. You may also be interested in how to hide the Instagram post from certain followers to maintain your privacy at an extended level.

So let’s move inside the article to discover the Instagram secret recipe to hide the followers.

What Is Instagram Follower, And How To Hide Followers List on Instagram?

Instagram is a social media app where people from a common tribe to giant superstars from LA present to greet their fans worldwide. You can send private messages to your followers and share the post you like.

Instagram is also a giant collaborative with Facebook because both are now working under one company. There are some problems that you might face while keeping your account private. 

Netizens also asked Instagram on various forums to solve their privacy issues which they are facing continuously. 

Instagram always prioritizes its customers, and that is what they can do to enable a feature through which you can hide your followers. But you need to follow the step-by-step guide given below to keep you out from further frustrations.

Steps To Hide Instagram Followers list

Hiding Instagram followers is a little bit tricky, so follow the steps given below:

  1. Log Into Your Instagram Account And Open Profile Menu
Log Into Your Instagram Account And Open Profile Menu

Open Instagram on your smartphone app or browser. Log in to your Instagram account. In the main timeline, you can see your profile logo. 

Once you open the browser, you will see it in the top right corner. Tap on the profile logo.

  1. Click On Edit Profile Button
Click On Edit Profile Button

When you click on the edit profile button, You will see the option to edit your profile.

  1. Open Privacy Settings
Open Privacy Settings

Once you open privacy settings, multiple options will appear. You need to locate the privacy option given on the bottom left side. Tap on the privacy option.

  1. Turn On Private Account Option
Turn On Private Account Option

In the privacy section, you will see many options related to your profile. You can modify your privacy settings in this section. 

Turn on the private account option. After that, no one on your friend’s list can see your followers. 

It is the only way to hide your followers from someone you don’t know. Another thing that can be used to hide your followers is to remove that person you don’t want to see from your follower list.


Can you Hide Your Followers List On Instagram?

You need to follow the quick steps given below to hide your follower list:
1. Open your Instagram app
2. Log in to your Instagram account
3. Tap on your profile logo
4. Tap on the edit profile option given above the followers
5. Locate the privacy option and open it
6. Make your account private by tapping on the private account check box

Can Instagram Allows Everyone To See My Following List?

No, Instagram doesn’t allow everyone to see your following list because some privacy options will allow you to hide that list. 
You can activate your private account option, which will only show your followers your list, not an ordinary profile. 
The people who followed you on Instagram can only see your following list when your account is private. If your account is public, anyone can see your profile followers and following lists.

How Can I Hide My Followers From Specific People?

You can hide your Instagram profile from specific people only when you have a private account or if you blocked that person. To do these tasks, you need to follow the simple steps below:
1. Open your Instagram app
2. log in to tour the Instagram profile
3. Search for the person whom you don’t want to see your profile
4. Tap on that profile or tap on the three lines option after opening that profile
5. Choose the block option

If you want to hide your profile from some persons who don’t follow you, then follow these steps

1. Open profile settings
2. Tap on the Edit profile button
3. Open privacy settings
4. Activate the private account option

Can A Random Person Or Non-Follower See My Stories On Instagram?

A random person or a non-follower can only see your Instagram stories when they follow you, and your account privacy is in public mode. If your account is on private mode, then only your followers can see your stories on Instagram.

How Do I Hide My Following List On Instagram 2022?

You can hide your following list by simply turning on private account mode on your profile. And if you don’t want some specific people to see your following list, then you can open those specific people’s profiles and block them one by one. 
They will never access your account or any details related to your Instagram account.

How Do I Hide My Instagram Story Except for Some People?

You need to follow the steps below to hide your Instagram story from specific people:
1. Log in to your Instagram account
2. Open your Profile menu by tapping on the profile logo
3. Open edit profile option
4. Locate the privacy option
5. Now find the story option and tap on it
6. In the story, there is an option of showing your story to your followers or except some people
7. Choose except some people and then mark the people only whom you want to show, then tap on ok


Those of us who compare ourselves to others on social media are often frustrated at what we see on the screen. We want to be a success but feel like we can never achieve it because others have more followers than us.

Don’t worry! It is better to get a little bit private from your haters for some time. You can surprise them with more followers after some time.

If you think this article helps you in many ways, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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