How To Hide Seen on Instagram Dm?

Instagram has improved, ensuring users have the best application experience. Instagram introduced the direct messages feature that enables users to send messages to one another without the public noticing. The direct message feature comes with updating the activity status; like if you read a message, someone will know you have read it. Moreover, it indicates things like when you were last active and if you are online. When you don’t want to reply to a message promptly, you may need a way of hiding the seen status. This article includes a detailed guide on How To Hide Seen on Instagram Dm.

Tricks To Hide Seen on Instagram Dm

Instagram has not offered a direct way of hiding seen on direct messages, but that does not mean you cannot achieve your aim. If you want to hide that a message got seen on Instagram, you can achieve it by using various tricks, as explained in this section.

Enable Airplane Mode

The easiest way of reading a message without indicating seen is reading while you are offline. Thus, if you receive a message while on the internet, you must go offline by enabling Airplane mode or disabling your wi-fi directly. However, you must know that the trick may not work for videos and images; if you go back online, the message may get marked as seen.

  1. Go offline by enabling airplane mode or turning off wi-fi.
  2. Navigate back to Instagram.
  3. Go to direct messages and open the message you received.
  4. After reading the message, close Instagram and ensure it is not running in the background.
  5. Disable airplane mode, and continue using the wi-fi without opening Instagram.

If you are using an iPhone, you may need to stay offline until you are ready to respond to the message because it will get marked as seen as soon as you go back online.

Clear Instagram Cache or Log Out of Instagram

If you cannot afford to stay offline to avoid the message being marked as seen, you can log out of Instagram after you read the message. This method works the same as the above trick, but you must log out of Instagram to prevent the message you read from being marked as seen when you go back online.

Moreover, you can clear the cache for Instagram to prevent the owner from knowing you read the message without replying.

  1. Read the message you received offline or in airplane mode, as explained above.
  2. Navigate to Instagram settings by tapping on your profile.
Navigate to Instagram settings by tapping on your profile.
Navigate to Instagram settings
  1. Scroll to the bottom and click on Log Out
How To Hide Seen on Instagram Dm
  1. Alternatively, navigate your phone’s Settings app, find Instagram, and click on Clear App data.
  2. You will get logged out of Instagram
  3. Go back online by disabling airplane mode, and continue streaming on other platforms.

FAQs On Hiding Seen on Instagram Dm

Can I Hide Seen on Instagram Dm?

No. Unfortunately, Instagram has not offered a direct way for users to hide the activity status of the direct messages feature. This means that if a person sends you a message in the Dm, and you read it while connected to wi-fi and leave without replying, they will see you read it without replying. If it is someone close to you, they may have bad feelings towards you. But if you don’t want to find yourself in such a mess, you need to read someone’s message when you get disconnected from a network connection.

Is the DM Feature of Instagram Suitable?

The DM feature got introduced on Instagram to enable users to communicate quickly away from the public eye. In the past, there was no direct way of chatting privately until the Dm got introduced. With the Dm, you can communicate with your loved one and send voice notes without being charged. Therefore, the dm enables easy communications using your internet connection.

Can I Read Messages on Instagram Without the Sender Noticing?

Yes. Although you can hide the seen status on direct messages, you can use a simple trick to read the messages without notifying the sender that you read the messages. To achieve that, you must turn on airplane mode, navigate the messages, and read them. After reading it, navigate back, clear Instagram from the background, and disable airplane mode. If you go back and read the message while connected to the wi-fi, the sender will know you read it.

Can I Prevent Others from Knowing When I Am Online on Instagram?

Yes. You can prevent others from seeing the status of your Instagram dm activities, but it means you will not see other people’s status. To disable the activity status of your dm, go to your profile and click on the gear icon. Go to Settings, find the Show Activity Status button, and toggle it off. You will notice that you cannot see any other person last seen.

What Does Seen Mean on Instagram?

When you see the message on Instagram indicated as seen, it means the receiver has read the message. If you have not received a response and the receiver is not online, it indicates he read the message without replying.


The Instagram dm feature is the best for sending messages privately but has a few limitations. Sometimes, you may not have the mood to respond to someone’s message promptly, but once you read while connected to the internet. Instagram will notify the sender you read the message. If you don’t want the sender read the message without replying, read this article!

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