When you receive a text message, you would automatically receive a popup notification on your screen. This popup contains the name of the sender, the time received, and the details of the inox message. For certain reasons, you might not want your iPhone to notify you every time you get a new text message or inbox. Luckily, your iPhone can allow you to hide text messages and notifications from one person or multiple people in a few easy steps.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to hide text messages, app notifications, and alerts from one person on your iPhone. Let’s proceed. You can also learn how to automatically forward text messages on your iPhone.

Steps to Hide Text Messages from One Person on iPhone

There are three known methods that can be used to hide messages on your iPhone. The first method is used to hide messages from a single person. 

1. Tap on the Phone app to launch the app.

phone app icon

2. Tap on the  Contacts tab at the bottom of the screen. 

dial page

3. Go to the search box at the top of the screen and enter the name of the contact whose text messages you want to hide.  

search contact to hide

4. Tap on Edit at the top right corner of your screen.

contact details

Tap on the Edit button highlighted at the top of the contact’s details. Then, tap on Edit Abdul. 

5. Scroll down, tap on Delete Contact, then select Delete Contact again for reconfirmation on the pop-up notification on the screen.

delete contact

The “Delete Contact” tap on a contact’s details page is highlighted in red.

Here you can delete the contact’s details, Abdul. 

deleted contact

6. Launch the Settings app on the home screen.

setting icon

7. Scroll down and select Messages.

message setting

8. Scroll down and tap on the toggle switch of the Filter Unknown Senders setting under the Message Filtering section.

filter unknown message sender

Now, this setting transfers the messages sent from Abdul or any other contact to a hidden list separated from your main inbox messages. In order to see the hidden messages, just go to Filters at the top right corner of the Message App and select Unknown Senders.

Steps to Hide Text Message Alerts in a Specific Chain

The second method allows you to hide inbox messages sent by a particular person entirely. To do this, follow these quick methods below. 

1. Tap on the Messages app on the home screen to launch the app.


2. Open the message or messages you want hidden.


3. Tap on the ID picture of the contact.

messaging chat on iPhone

4. Tap on the toggle switch of “Hide Alerts” on the pop-up.

hide message alert

Once you’ve turned on the Hide Alerts setting, you would no longer receive alerts or notifications whenever the selected contact sends a message.

Steps to Hide Text Messages Notification on an iPhone

This method completely stops all inbox notifications from being displayed. Here, you don’t have to select a specific person to hide a message from. To use this method, you would follow the steps below.

1. Launch the Settings app.

setting icon

2. Scroll down and tap on Notifications. Under this section, all the apps on your iPhone that have access to Notifications are generated.

notifications setting

3. To stop receiving notifications, tap on the Show Previews tab at the top of the screen. 


4. Tap on Never. This completely stops all message notifications from being displayed on your iPhone.

show message preview

If you select When Unlocked, this setting partially hides your inbox notifications. This means that you’ll receive the notifications from the Message app, but you won’t see the message details like the sender’s name or the content of the inbox message.

5. You can also stop notification alerts of other apps on your iPhone. To do this, scroll down and select the specific app. In this example, I selected Messages. 

6. Tap on the toggle switch on Allow Notifications to stop all of the app’s notifications and alerts from popping up. You can choose to filter or select some options on how you want the notifications to be hidden. For example, the Lock Screen option only hides the app’s notifications from being displayed on the Lock Screen only.

message notification

Since I’ve turned off the notification of the Message app, I won’t be able to see any new notifications from the app unless I open the app to check the new inboxes directly. 

Alternatively, you might only receive notifications in the Notification Center by swiping the top of your screen downwards.


Can you hide text messages on your iPhone without deleting them?

Certainly yes. This is done by turning off the preview settings to completely stop receiving message notifications so that your privacy and security are in check.

Can you hide text messages from a specific person on an Android phone?

Yes, you can. You can simply turn off notification alerts via the Settings app or download a third party that allows you to lock your private conversations on all social media messaging platforms with the Message app inclusive. For example, Chat Locker.

How can I hide a conversation on my iPhone?

Simply open the conversation on the Message app then tap on the sender’s picture icon. Tap on info then, turn on the toggle switch on hiding Alerts.

How do you hide a conversation on iMessage?

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 
2. Scroll down and tap on Notifications.
3. Select Messages.
4. To stop receiving notifications, tap on the Show Previews tab at the top of the screen. 
5. Tap on Never.

Can you have secret messages on your iPhone?

You can use your iPhone to hide, lock and hide alerts on the Messages app. But to message secretly, there are some secret messaging apps available on the App Store. 


With the methods explained above, hiding text messages from a person or a group of people can help to keep your conversations private and discrete. Hope you found this tutorial helpful. 

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