How to Hide Your Followers List on TikTok?

TikTok, the current trend for sharing short videos, has made the world a better place today. Read the article till the end to get an answer to your query – How To Hide Your Followers List on TikTok?”

Despite most social media platforms lacking the option to hide followers, TikTok has it for privacy. Is this not fascinating? 

Whether using your mobile or desktop, learn to hide the followers’ list. Well, doing it is as easy as explained below. 

Have you been wondering- How To Hide Your Followers List on TikTok? Then this post is for you. Read on to see easy steps to Hide Your Followers List on TikTok using any device.

Hiding TikTok Followers List Using Mobile 

  • Step 1 

Log In. After logging in to your profile, you will be redirected to Home. 

The application will have five tabs, ‘Home, Friends, Add, Inbox, and Profile’ at the bottom. 

  • Step 2 

Click on the Profile Tab. 

How to Hide Your Followers List on TikTok

After redirecting you to the Profile page, you will see the account name, the profile picture, the people you’re following, followers, and likes. 

  • Step 3 

Menu Tab – On the right corner on the top of your TikTok Profile, there is a tab that resembles some horizontal lines (3). 

How to Hide Your Followers List on TikTok

Clicking on the Tab will send you to choose between two options, Creator Tools & Settings and Privacy, at the bottom of your screen. 

Click on Settings and Privacy

Click on Settings and Privacy

Under the settings and privacy section, you’ll find that it has many options as you scroll down. 

The Account section shows; manage account, privacy, security and login, balance, QR code, and share profile. 

  • Step 4 

The interest is in the Privacy section with a padlock symbol. Click on the Privacy section and follow the next steps. 

The interest is in the Privacy section with a padlock symbol

After clicking Privacy, you will be redirected to the page for privacy settings, where you can now have to edit to your needs.  

One must ensure that making some changes depends on how they want the public to view their profile. 

On the privacy page, there is the Safety section that has several options, including downloads, comments, mentions, the following list, story, duet, and much more options.  

How to Hide Your Followers List on TikTok

As you can see from the image above, Following List is the fourth item on the list under safety. 

The status of the updated permissions on the section is open to everyone, meaning anyone can see the followers’ list.

To ensure that you have hidden your status from being seen by others, you will need to make changes.

  • Step 5 

Clicking on Following List will redirect to an option with a question, “who can see your following list?” Only two options are provided, Everyone and Only Me

Clicking on Following List will redirect to an option with a question

Selecting Only Me means that you’ll be hiding your followers’ list from being visible to the public, and only you can have access to them. 

The public can only now see their mutual friends making it private for the account owner. That’s how to do it using a mobile phone. 

Hiding TikTok Followers List Using Desktop 

Currently, the desktop mode using the PC Browsers cannot help to hide the followers’ list compared to the application version used for mobile phones. 

However, at the top left of your Home Page, 

How to Hide Your Followers List on TikTok

scroll down to view the many options you have to understand how to change the setting using the application. You will find sections such as the one seen in the image below.

scroll down to view the many options

From the options, you can click on them and learn how to manage your TikTok account. 

The Help, Safety, Terms, Privacy, Creator Portal, and Community Guidelines will help you understand how to use the application.

Learning more options will redirect to the articles provided for browser mode using PC. You can apply what you learned from the website to the TikTok App. 

Quick Step-By-Step Procedure in the App Mode 

As explained above, changing your Follower List status to private will help to hide the public from viewing the list. 

Below is a simplified step-by-step procedure for quick access. 

  • Step 1: Log in to your TikTok account 
  • Step 2: Click Profile Tab – at the top right (3 horizontal lines menu tab icon) : two options; Creator tools & Settings and Privacy – select Settings and Privacy 
  • Step 3: Under Settings and Privacy, go to Account and select Privacy (with padlock icon) 
  • Step 4: Under Privacy, select the Following List 
  • Step 5: Who can see your following list? Choose Everyone or Only Me 
  • Step 6: To hide Following List, select the Only Me option. Go back Home. All is set. 


Many questions have been asked about how one can change their Following List in TikTok without affecting their account. 
From the content provided here, you will find a solution to the privacy issue as explained step-by-step with the aid of visuals. 
Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions by most users. 


You can easily hide your followers’ list on TikTok by following simple DIY steps.
Log In to your account, click profile, the menu tab, select settings and privacy, the Privacy section, the following list, and change from everyone to only me.


Yes, it is easy. You can access the settings under your profile on your application. 
Click on the menu, go to settings, select privacy, go to the following list, and edit to only me option. 


Of Course. Resetting the following lists from private to public is also easy. 
You will click on the menu tab at the top of your profile page, select settings and privacy from the privacy section, click the following list, and update from Only Me to Everyone. Go back Home.


Yes, you will have accessibility and can view your followers under the setting. 
Hiding the following list from the public does not deny you the freedom to view or interact with your followers as the account owner.


No. Hiding your following list only hides them from being viewed by the public. 
You will also not view followers from another user with the same settings or those with private accounts. 
However, after hiding the followers’ list, the changes will not affect your activities.

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