How To Hide Your Instagram Story From Everyone?

One of the great features of Instagram is the Instagram Story which gives users room to express themselves and interact with their friends. You can post an Instagram Story of your daily activities, and even though it expires after 24 hours, you can access it later from your Instagram Highlights. So, how do you hide your Instagram Story from everyone? Read on to find out.

When it comes to Instagram Story, you can choose who should and shouldn’t view your Instagram Story. Under the privacy settings, Instagram allows you to select the contacts that should view your Story. Besides, you can upload an Instagram Story and send it to only your friends. If someone is not in your friend category, they can’t access the Story.

Instagram provides the option to hide your Instagram posts from certain followers to maintain your privacy.

How To Hide Your Instagram Story From Everyone:

Sometimes you may not want anyone to view your Instagram Story. It could be you are testing some new features that came with the recent Instagram update, or you want to let loose and express your feelings without opening up to anyone. Whatever the case, you can make your Instagram Story visible to no one. 

You’ve probably used the Privacy feature only to hide your Instagram Story from specific people. It’s the same concept that we will use in this guide. If you wonder how this is possible, follow the steps below and learn. 

Method 1: To Hide Your Instagram Story From Everyone Use Privacy Settings

  1. Open your Instagram app and log into your account.
  2. Click on your profile icon, locate the Menu icon at the top, next to the plus (+) icon, and click on it.
instagram profile
  1. From the menu options that show up, click on Settings
instagram profile menu option for setting
  1. On the Settings page, scroll down and click the privacy option.
instagram setting
  1. Next, click on Story. 
instagram privacy option
  1. Under the Story page, click on the people option. If you’ve not restricted anyone, it should read 0 people. 
instagram story setting
  1. A new window will open up, showing all your followers. Here, since we want to hide the Instagram Story from everyone, scroll down and click the button on the right to get a blue tick on each. That way, every marked person will get restricted from viewing your Instagram Story. 
instagram hide story from

That’s it. No one in your contact list will access the Instagram Story you post. Similarly, if you needed to only hide the Story from selected individuals, you could apply the same concept and choose only the target person. That way, only the selected people won’t view your Instagram Story.

Method 2: To Hide Your Instagram Story From Everyone Use Friends List

With Instagram, you can define who your close friends are and choose only to share your Instagram Story with your close friends. The trick to hiding everyone from viewing your Instagram Story using this method involves removing everyone from your close friends’ list. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Instagram app and log into your account.
  2. Click on your profile image at the bottom of the screen.
  3. On your profile tab, click the menu icon at the top.
instagram profile
  1. Next, select Settings from the listed options.
instagram setting option
  1. Click on privacy from the settings page.
instagram setting
  1. Locate and click on Story
privacy setting for instagram
  1. Click on people under the “close friends” option.
How to Hide Your Instagram Story from Everyone?
  1. Deselect all your contacts to ensure no one gets added as your close friends.

That’s it. The trick is to ensure that the next time you upload your Instagram Story, choose close friends instead of Your Story. That way, since we have no one on our list of close friends, no one will see your Story.


Can I Decide Who Views My Instagram Story?

Yes, you can. All you need is to select the list of people that you want to hide your Story from, and anyone not selected will have access to your Story. To do so, navigate to your Privacy section, and either use the close friends’ list to define who can view your Story or choose who to hide the Story from. Both will work.

How Can I View Someone’s, Instagram Story?

To view someone’ Instagram Story, locate a ring that displays at the top of your Instagram homepage. When anyone you follow posts something on their Instagram Story, their username and a ring will appear on your homepage. Click on it to view what they posted on their Instagram Story.

Is It Possible to See Who Viewed My Instagram Story?

Yes, it’s possible. Navigate to your Instagram Story and click on it. Next, swipe up the screen, and a list of everyone who has viewed it and their username will display. You can scroll down the list to analyze all your viewers.

How Long Is an Instagram Story Visible?

Once posted, an Instagram Story is active and will show up on people’s homepages for 24 hours. After that, other people can only re-view the Instagram Story by navigating to your profile. All the Stories you’ve posted before will be available there. Clicking on any of them will play the video or a picture splash.

What Should I Post on My Instagram Story?

You can post anything sensible or fun on your Instagram Story, provided it doesn’t violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines. It could be pictures or videos. Anything that you feel you should share with your Instagram family. Besides, you can go live on your Instagram Story. It’s allowed.


Instagram Story is a key element that makes people love using Instagram. With the feature, you can update your Instagram family about all your daily activities by uploading a picture or video of what you’ve been up to. When you feel no one should view your Instagram Story, you can choose to hide it from everyone. Luckily, this guide offered a hands-on tutorial on how to hide your Instagram Story from everyone. Have fun!

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