How To Hit A Cart With An iPhone Charger?

Vapes are the most likable instrument for throwing smoke at teenagers. You will most likely use this tiny electric cigarette when you get together with your friends or cousins on special events and weekends. In this article, we will talk about How To Hit A Cart With An iPhone Charger?

Sometimes the vape battery dies due to extensive use or consecutive charging and heat-up issues. Now you don’t know how to hit a cart with an iPhone charger with great care. Because during your gathering, it’s late at night, and you don’t buy a new battery for your vape. So, you might search the internet to turn your vape on through some tricks. 

The only trick you find online is using an Android or Apple charger. So, you are an iOS user and must have an Apple charger. It’s pretty expensive to do this trick because you have to sacrifice your Apple charging cable. This article will show you how to efficiently hit a cart with your charger. To learn more about the cartridge, stick to this article until the end.

What Is A Cart?

A cart is a cylindrical or hollow shape closed vessel placed on the top of the vape. Cart is used to store liquid or juice, which helps to create smoke. The coil is also inside this vessel and connected to the battery terminals to get an electric current.

There is also the hole on top of the cart through which you inhale the smoke produced from vaping. This cart is the most critical and sensitive part of the vape, which can easily break or be damaged if you don’t use it with care.

When your vape battery dies, you need some power source with quite a balanced current to turn it on. It is because sometimes your vape battery is expensive, and you don’t want to spend much money on it.

How To Hit A Cart With An IPhone Charger?

It will help if you hit the cart with a smartphone charger to avoid extra expenses. The step-by-step guide below will tell you the easiest step to do this trick and turn on this smoky gadget.

Steps To Hit The Cart With An iPhone Charger

You must follow each step carefully to prevent faulty wire connections from burning your vape coil. It would be best if you focused while doing this to keep yourself away from electrical damage. 

  1. Cut The Mobile Connection Part Of the Cable.
Cut The Mobile Connection Part Of the Cable

First, you must have a safety kit around you to take quick actions in case you do something wrong. Now bring a toolkit in which you must have sharp scissors, a cutter, and tape. 

Take the iPhone charging cable in your hand and cut its charging port which you insert into your iPhone. Cut it from a 2–3-inch gap from its end to avoid any cable wire issues.

  1. Now cut the cable cover With Scissors.
Now cut the cable cover With Scissors

Now take the scissors and carefully remove the outer layer of the cable. 

Also, remember that no internal wire should get cut with scissors; otherwise, you must remove more cable cover. It will eventually decrease the size of your charging cable.

  1. Remove White And Green Wire.
How To Hit A Cart With An iPhone Charge

When you remove the charging cable’s outer layer, you will get four different wires inside it. The white and green cable connects the mobile with a PC or MAC to transfer data. 

So, they have no purpose in connecting the charger to the cart. Take the scissor and cut them carefully from the end of the cable opening side.

  1. Remove the Outer Layer Of Black And Red Wire
Remove the Outer Layer Of Black And Red Wire

Now it’s time to play with the actual wires. Remove the outer layer of the red and black wires carefully so the current passing medium cables won’t get cut.

You can also use the nail stripper to remove the outer layers of these wires. These wires are so thin that they could easily be cut with a little push from scissors.

  1. Remove The Cart And insert the Red And Black Wires.
How To Hit A Cart With An iPhone Charge

Now that you have done the central part, you only need to understand the purpose of red and black wires. 

Red wire work as negative wire. You need to connect it to the outer metal surface of the cart. Put the black positive black wire inside the cart where the metal is placed. 

After connecting it, plug in your charger and turn on the switch. Listen to the sound of the vape; if it starts producing vapors, congratulations, the trick works successfully. 

Now smoke the vape as much as you want but keep in mind to take precautions, as excessive use might get your coil to burn down. So use this method for just a tiny duration of time.

FAQs on Hitting A Cart with iPhone Charger

Is There Anything To Do If Hitting Cart With iPhone Charger Doesn’t Work?

You must make sure that your iPhone charger is supplying the current smoothly. If it’s not, you need to use another charger or purchase one from a shop.
Also, check the live connections through the wires’ color. Ensure that the red (negative) wire connects outside the cartridge metal and the black (positive) wire inside.
Check the hole wires thoroughly to see if there is any cut or if the cables get tangled. In that case, you need to purchase another charging cable to perform this task.

How Do I Know My USB Cord Has Electricity Running?

An effortless and quick way to check whether your USB cord is supplying current. Follow each step below to learn about this:
1. Cut the charging cable wire from the mobile connection end
2. Remove the outer cable layer, and then remove the white and green wires
3. Remove the external protection layer of black and red wires with the help of a nail stripper
4. Turn on the switch after plugging in your charger 
5. Touch both red and black wires together 
6. If there is any spark, then your USB cord is working perfectly fine

Can you Use Laptop To Charge The Vape Cart?

Yes, you can use a laptop to charge your vape by connecting the USB cable to a laptop port. 
Then connect your vape to its charging point and see if its light turns on. Then use the vape to inhale to confirm the laptop provides the required current to the cart.

How Do I Use The Car Charger To Use Vape?

You must follow the steps below to use the car charger to use a vape:
1. Connect the car charger to the charging port
2. Connect the vape to the charging output 
3. Check the vape is working fine; if not, then adjust the charger and check again

Is It Dangerous To Hit A Cart With A Car USB Charger?

Yes, it is dangerous to hit a cart with a USB charger because the voltages that a car charger provides might not match your vape requirements. 
It can also cause you to get an electric shock because the car is moving, and you might touch the live wire.


Hitting a cart with an iPhone charger is not a dangerous trick, but you must always take care when playing with electrical gadgets. If any live wire gets connected to your body, there is a chance of an electric shock. The above method works flawlessly fine if you follow each step. 

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