How To Impress a Girl on Instagram Chat?

Instagram has played a huge role in making conversations real by introducing the direct messages feature. The direct messages feature has made it possible for people to interact without the public noticing. This means your fans won’t know you received a direct message, nor can they read it offering you privacy. The only issue that men might have is how they can use the messaging feature to impress ladies while chatting. If you don’t know how to impress a lady in Instagram chats, ride along for simple tricks! This article includes a detailed guide on How To Impress a Girl on Instagram Chat.

How To Impress a Girl on Instagram Chat

Ten Ways To Impress a Girl on Instagram Chat

You can use various tricks while chatting with a lady to give her the best impression. Tricks to Impress A Girl On Instagram Chat are explained below;

Comment Positively on Her Pictures

If the lady loves posting pictures about herself, you can take advantage of that and leave positive comments that will make her reply to your chats. You must ensure your comment starts with a compliment followed by a question to initiate conversations. Moreover, you must ensure your comments are respectful.

Let Her Know Who You Are

It would be disappointing to start speaking with a lady without introducing yourself. If the girl doesn’t know you, explaining a little about yourself is essential, but don’t overdo it. Moreover, you must keep the introduction message simple and short.

Let Her Know You Know Her Friends

When chatting, it is crucial to reference mutual friends if you have them. If you find it hard to bring up mutual friends, you can point out how you are matched in many things, including mutual friends. Moreover, you can use mutual friends to ask about the possibility of having met somewhere or showing you have chemistry together.

If she likes Memes, Send Her

Some girls love interesting memes and show them by posting on their stories. You can use this approach if she posts some stories containing memes and starts an exciting conversation. Moreover, you should check the kind of memes she posts to get an idea of her humor and ensure you use it in your favor.

Talk About Her Hobbies

You can quickly know what the girl loves doing from her Instagram posts. Once you discover her hobby, use the information to plan something she won’t refuse. Additionally, if you have common hobbies, that would be interesting topics to talk about when chatting.

If You Trust yourself, Send Her a Flirty Selfie

When you are chatting with a girl and are sure, she would love how you look, sending her a funny selfie would be interesting. Ensure you add an interesting caption that would interest her in continuing the chat. Before you send the selfie, ensure you know what her taste is. Otherwise, you may surprise her and end up ruining the chat.

Use Powerful Lines

Some girls like to be talked into with powerful lines. But you must ensure don’t go for sexual talks, just be interactive and keep the conversation fun. If she liked the line, you would have achieved your aim of making her chat even more.

Share Your Phone Number

If you have chatted with the girl for a while on Instagram, it would be good to send her your digits and let her know she can speak with you anytime. If you don’t like sharing your number, you can opt for forums like direct messages on Instagram. Ensure before you send the number you know her a little bit.

Avoid Focusing on the Past

Most people don’t like being asked about their past. For instance, you should avoid asking questions regarding her ex and such information. That can make her uncomfortable, which may lead to the end of the conversation prematurely.

Show Her You are a Cool Guy

Most girls love cool guys. If you want to impress her, it is good to show her you are a cool guy. Moreover, you can show her how enjoyable your company can get even in chatting. Try searching in her posts to find what type of cool guys she likes.

FAQs On Impressing a Girl on Instagram Chat

How Can I Impress a Girl I Met on Instagram?

There are numerous tips you can use to impress a girl on Instagram. You can try things like showing her you are a cool guy, following her if you don’t, and occasionally commenting on her posts. When you do such things, you show you might be interested in her, and this may make her get impressed.

Which is the Easiest Way of Telling My Instagram Crush I Want Her?

There is no one answer to such a question, as there are several things you can do to show someone you have a crush on her. The easiest way is occasionally send her direct messages and start showing interest. Moreover, you can leave her positive compliments and, if possible, raise a question that may initiate a conversation with her.

How Can I Start a conversation with a Girl on Instagram?

Starting a conversation with someone on Instagram can be challenging if you don’t know the person well. Before you rush into starting a conversation, dig for more information about her and get to know her first. Once you know her and what she likes, use her posts and stories to strike up a conversation. You can complement their stories and ask a question that she will answer.

Is it a Good Thing to Flirt with a Girl on Instagram?

Flirting on Instagram is not prohibited. If you want to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram, being flirty with her can enable you to get the chance you have wished for. Moreover, it is not wrong to flirt with someone you know.

What Can I Do to Get a Girl’s Number on Instagram?

Getting a girl’s number is easy if she gives it to you directly. But if she doesn’t know you and wants her number, you can try checking her Instagram bio. You will get the number as quickly as possible if her contact information is added to the bio. Otherwise, you may need to go through her posts and search for them or directly ask her to give you them.


Instagram has made it easy to network and form a connection with new people. With the direct messages feature, you can chat with a girl and end up being friends. But if you wish to reach such a level, you must know the tips to impress the lady and continue the conversation.

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