You need a cellular network carrier on your iPhone or Android to make phone calls and send text messages. A SIM card carries a unique identification number created specifically for the user. The SIM card stores personal information about its user.  Let’s get to know how to Insert Dual SIM on iPhone 11?

Older models of iPhones have a single SIM port, but the iPhone 11 has a dual SIM port, allowing you to use two SIM cards. In case you’re wondering how to insert your SIM cards into your iPhone 11, this guide got you covered. 

Easy Steps on How to Insert Dual SIM on iPhone 11

Follow the steps below to insert your SIM card into your iPhone 11.

1. Switch off your iPhone 11 by pressing the Power button on the right edge of your iPhone.

2. At the right side of your iPhone, insert a pin into the tiny hole to open the SIM card port.

3. The SIM card port is gently pushed out the gap. 

4. Remove the SIM port and gently place the nano-SIM cards into the SIM brackets. If you’re replacing an old SIM, remove the old SIM card and gently place the new one. 

5. Ensure that you have the gold back downwards. 

6. Next, switch on your iPhone 11. Then, go to the Settings app.

How To Insert Dual SIM On IPhone 11

7. Under Cellular Settings, turn on the Allow Cellular Data Switching. This setting prepares your SIM cards for active internet connection and cellular coverage.

turn on the Allow Cellular Data Switching

8. Next, set your phone number as the custom line for calls and texts.

After completing these steps, you can use your SIM card to send and receive calls and text messages.

Frequently Asked Questions on Inserting Dual SIM on iPhone 11

How many SIM slots does the iPhone 11 have?

Currently, the iPhone 11 has two SIM slots. These sim slots allow the iPhone 11 to function on two different SIM cards. The slots accommodate a nano SIM card and an e-SIM.

Does an iPhone have 2 SIM slots?

Newer models of iPhones with iOS software versions of iOS 12.1 or later have two SIM ports. iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max are some examples of iPhones with dual SIM slots. 

How do I know if my iPhone is Dual SIM?

If your iPhone model is under the list of iPhones stated below, it has a dual SIM compartment. 

1. iPhone 12
2. iPhone 12 mini
3. iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max
4. iPhone 11 
5. iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max
6. iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max
7. iPhone 13

How do I activate Dual SIM on my Samsung Phone?

On your home screen, tap on the Settings icon to open the app.
Tap on the Cellular and SIM Cards Manager.

Tap on the toggle switch to enable the SIM cards to activate the SIM cards so that you can send and receive calls and messages on each SIM.

What is an eSIM in an iPhone 11?

An eSIM is a digital SIM that lets you to turn on a cellular plan from your network service without inserting an actual nano-SIM into your iPhone 11.

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