How To Keep An Audio Message On iPhone?

In an iPhone, the audio messages can be saved so that you can retain them as memories. Therefore, it is also a good idea to store your iPhone audio messages on your PC or Mac for later retrieval. To prevent an audio message from being automatically deleted, press “Keep” next to the message you want to keep. Check out this step-by-step guide for how to keep an audio message on your iPhone.

Stepwise Guide To Keep An Audio Message On iPhone.

You can save all of your sent and received audio messages if you don’t want your iPhone to delete them. You won’t have to select “Keep” for each message manually. 

Step 1

Click on the settings option on the iPad or iPhone.

Click on the settings option on the iPad or iPhone.

Step 2

Click “Messages” after scrolling down.

Click "Messages" after scrolling down.

Step 3

Select “Expire” from the list’s “AUDIO MESSAGES” section.

Select "Expire" from the list's "AUDIO MESSAGES" section.

Step 4

Select "Expire" from the list's "AUDIO MESSAGES" section.

In order to prevent your sent and audio messages received from ever being automatically deleted from your device, select “Never.”

You likely already know that using iMessages on the computer is possible directly if you own a Mac. It’s a great feature wherein your iMessages can be easily synced for quick access to your iPhone/iPad conversations on your Mac.

Before continuing, make sure that your iMessages on your Mac are set up with an existing or similar ID as configured in your iPhone or iPad.

Voicemails that have been saved to your iPhone are kept there so they won’t be automatically deleted, but they might take up a lot of room. Due to this, you might wish first to remove the voicemails from your iPhone to free up space before backing them up to your computer.


Where do my iPhone’s saved voice messages go?

On iOS 12 and later, all saved messages are kept in the Messages app. However, if you’re using an iOS version before version 12, they will be kept in the Voice Memos app.

Can I cancel a voice message on my iPhone?

No, you cannot. Once you’ve sent an audio message to someone else, you cannot unsent it. It won’t disappear on their device even if you delete it from yours. You would be better off deleting the message before sending it.

How can I tell whether my audio message has been heard?

The term “Played” will appear beneath the message once the recipient of the audio message has heard it. You will be notified if they decide to store the message. If they have used “Settings” to override the default message expiry time, this notification will also appear.

How to modify the iPhone’s voice message expiration length?

Simply open the Settings app, select the Messages option, touch Audio Messages, scroll down to the Expire tab, and choose “Never” rather than “After 2 Minutes” from the options presented. This ensures that any voice messages you transmit or receive stay on your device indefinitely. However, unless they’ve also adjusted their settings, the messages you send to other people will continue to expire on their devices.

How to share audio files?

You can share each audio file individually by selecting “attachments” from the “info” menu found under the instant message conversation.

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