How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an exciting application that has been adopted by many users globally. The app ensures easy sending of voice and text messages between individuals worldwide. Moreover, it offers numerous features that make the app more interactive and suitable. For instance, if you wish to avoid communicating with someone or viewing their statuses, you can mute them. Muting them prevents you from being notified when that person texts you, making it easy to ignore them. So, How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp.

Different Ways to Know If You Have Been Muted on WhatsApp

Although there is no direct way of checking people that have muted you, here are a few tricks to try. Let’s learn “How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp.”

Method 1. Check for Notifications

If the person you think has muted you is your friend or family, you can test if you have been muted by listening to the notification. However, for this method to work, you must be near that person. Moreover, he must have a loud notification sound and be connected to a network. After ensuring all the conditions are met, do the following:

  1. Use your phone to open WhatsApp.
  2. Navigate to the inbox of that person and compose a message.
  3. Send the message.
  4. Check if you will hear the notification sound of receiving a message.

If no notification sound is heard and you see two grey ticks, the message has been delivered, but you are probably muted.

Method 2. Check If You Have Been Muted Using Their Phone

If it is a friend you always meet that you think has muted you, you can directly check on their phone to see if they have muted you. To directly check if someone has muted you, do the following:

  1. Open their WhatsApp.
How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp

2. Navigate to the messages.

3. Scroll through the messages and look for your contact.

4. If you have been muted, you will see the mute icon on your name before you open it.

How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Direct Way to Know When Someone Mutes Me on WhatsApp?

No. WhatsApp has not offered a direct way of seeing contacts that have muted you on WhatsApp. Owner, if you are near that person and you know they have a loud notification and are connected to a network, you can send a message and listen if you hear their notification. If there is no notification on their phone, and you are sure they are online with a loud notification, then there are high chances that you have been muted.

Is Muting Someone the Same as Blocking?

No. When mute someone, you can still receive messages and see their status updates. On the other hand, when you block someone, they are barred from texting you ever again so long as they are blocked. Moreover, a blocked person’s status updates will never show on your WhatsApp.

Will a Message Show Two Ticks If That Person Has Muted Me?

Yes. If a person has muted you and the person is online; the message will be delivered, indicating two ticks. However, your message will not notify that person that it has been received, enabling them to ignore you.

Can I See Someone’s Status If I Mute Them?

Yes. You will see their status on the muted section when you mute someone. A muted status is not shown when statuses are showing freely without scrolling. To see a muted status, navigate to WhatsApp status, click on the Muted Updates, and all muted updates will be listed. Click on the one you wish to view.

What Do I Do If I Never Want to Talk to Someone on WhatsApp?

If you want to prevent someone from texting you ever, WhatsApp has offered the blocking option. When you block someone, their contact is marked, and neither will they call you or send you a text via WhatsApp. Moreover, they will not see your profile or any status you update. Also, you will not see that person’s status or chats on your side. Any messages they have ever sent you will be hidden.


WhatsApp is a suitable application that has proved helpful to many users. Although the app has many features, there is no feature that the app has offered to tell if a person has muted you. Even if there is no feature for checking if you have been muted, it does not mean you will never know it. Read through this guide, and you will discover simple ways How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp.

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