How To Know if Someone Unblocks You on iPhone?

Have you ever wondered if someone has unblocked you on their iPhone? As we all know, there are many reasons why people may block you on their iPhones. Still, not knowing if someone has unblocked you on their iPhone can be frustrating. This article will explain how to know if someone unblocks you on an iPhone.

What are the ways To Know if Someone Unblocks You on iPhone?

If you have an iOS device, you are probably aware that you may block calls and texts from a certain phone number. Similarly, you can choose to unblock users if your mind changes. Luckily for the person unblocking, Apple makes this option as quiet as it was while blocking. As a result, most people will never suspect that the other has unblocked them.

You may believe that someone who has recently blocked you on your iPhone has unblocked you. But you are unsure how to determine if the user has unblocked you. So don’t be concerned since you’ve come to the perfect site to find out if the user has unblocked you. Listed below are 3 ways how to know if someone unblocks you on an iPhone.

You can know if someone unblocked you on your iPhone in three ways. The first is via calls, while the second is via iMessages. Lastly, you can also find out via Facetime, but this method is not feasible since the user might decide to ignore your Facetime still. 

These methods are more of a practical way to know you have been unblocked on your iPhone. So this section discusses how you can know if someone unblocked you in those three ways.

Method #1: Knowing via Phone Calls

The first step in determining whether or not someone has unblocked you is simple. It is about calling the number since you know the user has blocked you and calls are not connecting. So if you call and get a tone or nothing and a message saying that the person you’re trying to reach isn’t available. In that case, that’s a red flag, and you’re probably still on the users’ blocked list.

Assuming that calls to the number go to voicemail, where you may select whether or not to leave a message. The voice message will display in the “Blocked” section if you are still on the person’s blocked list. Of course, this is not a perfect way to know whether you are still blocked.

But once a user who blocked you can receive your calls, then that’s a surety that the user has unblocked you.

 then that's a surety that the user has unblocked you.

Method #2: Knowing via iMessages

When someone unblocks you from their iPhone, you gain access to calls, messages, and more. So, we must go over this way to check whether the best has happened and whether they have unblocked you.

Simply open the Messages app on your iPhone to see whether someone has unblocked you on iMessage. Send an iMessage to the person you wish to contact and wait a few minutes. Suppose the notification “Delivered” shows under your most recent text after hours. In that case, the person has unblocked you. 

This is effective because you can tell when you are still on the blocked list, or the user is ignoring you. Even if the person has unblocked you but has their phone on “Do Not Disturb,” the “Delivered” alert will still come up.

knowing via messages

As for the case of Facetime, once a user unblocks you on your iPhone, you can get across to them via Facetime. Unlike WhatsApp video calls, it is difficult to know if someone has unblocked you on FaceTime.

Since FaceTime will not display any info when you contact someone who has unblocked you. It will sound the same as before and display the same waiting screen until such a user answers your call.

FAQs On Knowing if Someone Unblocks You on iPhone

What Happens When Someone Unblocks You on iPhone?

When someone blocks you, you’ll stop receiving calls, messages, and others from such a person. But you’ll be able to call, text and Facetime them immediately after they unblock you. You should note that the messages you sent when you were still on their blocked list do not count, and you need to send new ones when they unblock you.

How Can You Tell Someone Is Unblocking You?

There’s no definite way to tell when someone is unblocking you. Yet if you want to tell that a user has unblocked you, try calling their number or texting their iMessage. If you can reach the number or your iMessage text brings the delivered alert, the user has unblocked you.

Can You Get Notified When Someone Unblocks You?

Just as quiet as it was while the user was blocking you that you didn’t get any notification, the same goes for when the user unblocks you. You won’t get any alerts or get previous messages delivered. You must try to find out yourself if you have been unblocked.

What Happens When Someone Unblocks You on iMessage?

When someone who blocked you earlier unblocks you on iMessages, your messages will get delivered and carry the delivery alert. This is in contrast to when you were blocked and sent messages with no clue if it is awaiting, not sent, or delivered.

Will I Receive Texts After Unblocking iPhone?

Once you unblock someone or others unblocked you on your iPhone, messages, calls, and many more will come through. You can connect and reach such a user like nothing ever happened. So yes, you’ll get the whole text and calls privilege after unblocking on iPhone.


In any event, if a user has unblocked you, it signifies the user is attempting to reconnect with you. In contrast to the past when they wanted nothing to do with you. So, if you can reach the person using the two methods outlined in this article, the person has unblocked you. To prevent such a scenario, do not repeat what got you blocked.

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