How To Like A Text On iPhone?

Text reactions are helpful features when it comes to texting on iPhone. You must have seen people liking or laughing at a text. These are text reaction features on iMessage and several other apps. You can select among the various available reactions to texts such as love, like, dislike, “haha,” exclamation mark, or question mark.

If you want to like a text on your iPhone, you can open the messaging apps you received the message on, possibly the iMessage app, and go to the conversation. Then select the text message from the conversation you want to like and tap-hold it. Now, you will get various reaction options such as like, love, dislike, etc. Select like among the options and done. You just liked the text on your iPhone.

If you are unaware of this function on iPhone and want to understand more about this feature, we have prepared this guide for you. We will discuss how to like a text on the iPhone and its other text reaction features. Please read ahead.

How To Like A Text On iPhone

There are many different ways you can like a text on iPhone. Some common ways are sending Like emojis from the emoji keyboard of the iPhone or sending Memojis of likes(Thumbs up) to the person. Also, text reactions are used widely by many users to like someone’s text on messaging apps across iPhone devices.

While emojis and Memojis can be selected from the respective keyboard or list, text reactions are quite different in this regard. Although it is very easily found on messaging apps on iPhones, many people are unaware of this feature as it is newly launched.

Reactions to text message

You can also give many different reactions to a text message, along with liking a text, laughing at the text, disliking the text, etc. The most available reactions you can give to a text you receive are listed below.

  1. Heart (love)
  2. Thumbs up (like)
  3. Thumbs down (dislike)
  4. “haha” (laugh)
  5. Exclamation (emphasized)
  6. Question mark (questioning).

While other forms of liking, such as sending like emojis or like Memojis to a text on iPhone, cannot be done directly to the specific texts, text reactions, on the other hand, can be done specifically to a text you like. This makes it clear to the sender of the text which you like.

Steps To Like A Text On iPhone

So, you just received a text message from your friend on iMessage, and you want to like the text on your iPhone. While it is not a complicated process, the reaction options may vary depending on the version of iOS you are using. But in most cases, You can use the below steps like the text on iPhone.

  • Step 1: Open your iPhone and go to the home screen. 
  • Step 2: Open the messaging app where you received the text message.
How To Like A Text On iPhone
  • Step 3: Navigate to the chat and open the chat screen on your iPhone.
  • Step 4: Scroll to the specific text you want to like that is sent by the other person.
  • Step 5: Tap and hold the text, and you will see a row of emojis that you can use to react to the text.
Tap and hold the text
  • Step 6: Select the like emoji among them and done. You just liked the text on your iPhone.

Alternatively, you can tap and hold the text and click the reply button. It will select the text in question and let you reply to the text specifically. Once the text is selected, you can open your emoji keyboard and select a like emoji from there. It will specifically send the reply to the text with the like emoji, indicating you liked the text.

Steps To Like A Text On iPhone Using Memoji

Also, you can create a Memoji to reply to the text. Create any Memoji on your iPhone and reply to the text with the Memoji. It also indicates you liked their text. But Memojis are only available on the latest versions of iPhones and not in the older versions. If you are sure your iPhone has the Memoji function, you can use the below steps to like a text on your iPhone using Memoji.

  • Step 1: Open your iPhone and go to the home screen.
  • Step 2: Open the iMessage app and navigate to the chat you received the text on. 
How To Like A Text On iPhone
  • Step 3: Inside the chat screen. On the first row of the on-screen keyboard, you will see various options.
  • Step 4: Select the Memoji option from the list and click-drag the Like Memoji from the Keyboard to the chat screen. Once you have the Memoji on your chat screen, hit send, and it will send the Like Memoji to the other person. 

Note: The receiver should also have an iPhone to receive the Memoji.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the topic are taken from the internet.

What Is The Difference Between An iPhone Message And A SMS Message?

The key difference between an iPhone message and an SMS message is that iPhone messages are sent and received through the iMessage app, while SMS messages are sent and received through the SMS method through the carrier. 
In simple terms, iMessage is a messaging app similar to messenger and Snapchat, which sends and receives messages through the internet. But SMS messages are sent and received through mobile networks, and the carrier can charge you for the messages you send to other people.

What Does Blue Text Mean On iPhone?

A Blue text means that it is sent and received on an Apple device. The message is exchanged through the iMessage app and does not use the carrier as the medium. Therefore, you do not need to worry about receiving blue text messages. In addition, apple distinguishes the messages sent through Apple devices and other devices with their color code, i.e., Blue for Apple devices and Green for Non-Apple devices.

What Does Green Text Mean On iPhone?

Green texts are texts sent and received through non-Apple devices. These messages also mean the message was sent and received through the SMS function, which uses the carrier as the medium, as opposed to the iMessage app that works over the internet. 

If a message you sent is shown in green, it must be because the receiver does not use Apple devices, and the message is sent as an SMS which may have incurred charges from the carrier to your phone number.

How Do You Send A Text Message On iPhone Instead Of iMessage?

To send a text message on iPhone instead of iMessage, you need to turn off the iMessage from the message settings. To turn off the iMessage, Go to Settings > Messages>Toggle Off iMessage.

Once you turn off the iMessage function, all the messages you send and receive will go through SMS and incur charges from the carrier.

Why Can’t I Send SMS On My iPhone?

There can be various reasons for your iPhone not to send SMS. One of the most probable issues is that you do not have a balance on your phone. There is also a chance that the mobile network is not available. Or you have not turned on the SMS feature on the message settings.

To turn On the SMS feature, open your Settings> Go to Message> Scroll down and toggle On the Send As SMS feature.


Therefore, You can use different methods to like a text on iPhone. For example, you can either use the reaction function and send a reaction to a text, use the emoji feature and send a reply emoji to the specific text, or use the Memoji feature available to send a Memoji of your choice to the sender.

I hope you got the answer to your’ How To Like A Text On iPhone?’ question. Thank you.

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