How to Listen to FM Radio on iPhone?

In the modern time of multiple advanced music apps, are you among those who still love to listen to the FM radio? Are you an iPhone user and want to know How to Listen to FM Radio on iPhone? This article will teach you smart and easy steps for your assistance in using FM radio on iPhone. 

Methods to Listen to FM Radio on iPhone?

You can select or learn to listen to FM Radio on your iPhone in multiple ways. Let’s start with the first method.

Method 1: Ask Siri

One of the biggest and best features of the iPhone is Siri. You can easily listen to the FM radio on your iPhone by asking Siri for it. To start, you need to activate Siri. 

Now that you have activated Siri on your iPhone tell Siri the name of any radio broadcast you want to hear. Such as saying “Tune in to Wild 94.9” or whatever station you want. 

Siri will immediately connect you with your choice international and local radio station. Once the radio is open on your iPhone, select the search bar to enter the name of the Radio Broadcast station or frequency that you want to hear. 

You can type the call sign, name, or nickname of the radio station in the search bar. Now that the search result is opened on the screen, tap on it to play the station. Enjoy your music. 

Method 2: Listen To the FM Radio with Built-in radio on iPhone. 

Step 1- Launch the app.

The built-in Radio app is already installed on all iOS devices. You must launch this app from your phone if you want to listen to FM Radio. Open the music app on your iPhone. 

How to Listen to FM Radio on iPhone

Step 2- Tap FM Radio

Once you open this app, you can see the option of search tap on it. Now, you can see the option of “FM Radio” on the right side of your iPhone screen. 

Tap FM Radio

Step 3- Use a Slider

Use the slider from the top of your iPhone screen and find a suitable or desired radio broadcast that you want to listen to. Search or tap from the options given and listen to the music. 

Use a Slider

If you want to choose local or international radio stations on your iPhone, tap on the radio option and swipe up. After that, you will be given a choice to choose from any local or international radio stations. 

Being an iPhone user does not mean subscribing to any Radio Station app to listen to FM Radio. You can listen to the FM in the Apple Music app. On the other hand, the radio broadcast feature is not available in some countries. Similarly, some radio stations are also unavailable in some specific countries.

FAQs on Built-in Radio on iPhone

Can you listen to the local FM radio on your iPhone?

Yes, you can listen to your favorite local radio stations on your iPhone with the help of the Apple Music app. Go to the search menu and search for your desired local radio broadcast by its call sign, name, nickname, or frequency. The radio broadcast will appear in your search results; tap on the radio station to tune in live.

Does iPhone contain a built-in FM radio?

Unfortunately, iPhone does not have any FM or AM in-built radio like the Android phones.

Can you listen to the radio music on your iPhone for free?

With the Music app, you can listen to any local stations on your iPad or iPhone. Beats 1 is Apple’s official music channel that is worth to listen. You can also list up your favorite radio stations.

Does the radio on iPhone use Data?

Yes, the radio on iPhone uses 0.94 MB of data per minute on any random radio app. If you listen to the radio for one hour consistently, you will use up to 60MB of data per hour.

Name the best app for iPhone to listen to FM radio:

IHeartRadio is one of the best and most widely used apps for iOS users. IHeartRadio has a vast music library where you can find any music. You can explore many FM and AM radio stations and select the one that suits you best.

Listen to FM Radio on iPhone

Are you confused and want to learn How to Listen to FM Radio on your iPhone? Then this article has found you and is here to assist you in ways you did not know. As mentioned above, you can use FM radio on your iPhone via different methods. We hope that you have learned to start FM radio on your iPhone. 

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