How To Lock Particular Chat In WhatsApp For Android?

If you’ve been wondering-  How To Lock Particular Chat In WhatsApp For Android? Then this post is for you.

Every one of us likes to keep some of our things private. It might be out of the gallery, bank information, or even our conversation in the messaging platforms. On the other hand, sometimes, we don’t want people going through a specific conversation. In WhatsApp also, we might want to hide some of our conversations. There might be some embarrassing or private conversation that you want to keep off from other people. Without a built-in feature to lock a particular chat in WhatsApp, we might be confused about how to lock a specific conversation. Don’t worry; this article is just for you. In this article, we will discuss how to lock particular chat in WhatsApp For Android?

Let’s head on further to discuss how to lock a particular chat in WhatsApp.

Can I Lock a Particular Chat in WhatsApp?

Some apps allow users to lock or hide a specific conversation through a PIN or some kind of lock. On Whatsapp, there is no feature to hide or lock a chat. You can either lock Whatsapp through your phone’s in-built feature. Besides, there is generally no built-in method to lock a particular chat. Fortunately, third-party apps let you lock a specific WhatsApp chat.

Read on to see easy steps to  How To Lock Particular Chat In WhatsApp For Android.

A step-by-step guide to lock a WhatsApp chat in WhatsApp

  1. Download and Install the Locker for Whats Chat App on your Android Phone.
How To Lock Particular Chat In WhatsApp For Android
  1. Open the app and enter a four-digit PIN for your WhatsApp messages. With the help of the PIN, you can lock your WhatsApp messages.
  2. After setting the pin, enter your recovery email address to recover your PIN when you forget it.
  3. Now, Head to Settings>App Management and grant precision to the Locker app.
  4. Open the app, tap the + icon, and select a chat you want to lock.

With the locker app, you can lock a particular chat on WhatsApp without worrying about anyone going through your conversation. The PIN you set earlier while setting up the app will be your PIN for the app. 

You can archive the chat if you don’t want to use a locker for your app. The archive is a way to hide someone’s message on WhatsApp. Archiving a chat won’t work the same as using a locker, as someone can still see your message if they go through the archived chats.

Without a PIN for WhatsApp, someone can quickly go through the conversation.

  1. Open your WhatsApp and Scroll your chat
  2. Find the chat of the contact you want to archive.
  3. Tap and Hold the chat.
Tap and Hold the chat
  1. Now, Click the archive button beside the three dots at the top right corner.
  2. The chat will be archived, and you will not be able to see the conversation when they send a message.

To unarchive the message, follow the steps:

  • Open Whatsapp on your phone.
  • You will see the Archived button in the Chat Section just above the conversation.
You will see the Archived button in the Chat Section just above the conversation
  • Click on it and Find the chat of the contact you want to unarchive.
Click on it and Find the chat of the contact you want to unarchive
  • Tap and hold the chat.
  • Next, click the unarchive button in the top right corner.

FAQs On Locking A Particular Chat In WhatsApp

Can I restore a deleted chat on WhatsApp?

You can restore your chat on WhatsApp if you have stored a backup. WhatsApp doesn’t store your conversation on its servers once they are deleted. But if you have saved the chat data, you can restore them back to the app. Creating a local backup is the only way to restore a chat on WhatsApp.

Can you hide a Contact on Whatsapp?

There isn’t an option to hide someone on Whatsapp, but there are other ways from which you can hide a contact in your WhatsApp app. Here is how you can hide a contact on Whatsapp:
First, open WhatsApp and Go to contacts.
You can also open the chat of the person you want to hide.
Next, tap on the profile picture and click on the info icon.
Their profile will appear.
Click on the three dots and Select “View in address book” to open Contacts on your phone.
Head over to edit the contact information; select the number and paste it into the Notes field.
After this, the number won’t appear on your Whatsapp, and if you want to unhide them, just cut the number from the Notes and paste it into the Mobile Number tab.
 With this method, you can hide the contact and still have their number when you want to contact them.

Can I hide my number on Whatsapp?

Since WhatsApp requires a valid phone number to allow you to log in and use the services, there is no official way of hiding your number on Whatsapp. But don’t worry. There are still loopholes through which you can hide your number. If you get a new number and want to hide your new number from Whatsapp, here is what you should do. Uninstall WhatsApp. Remove the old number and put it on some other phone. Now insert the new SIM and reinstall WhatsApp. While logging in, enter the old number and the OTP from your old number. It will hide your new number, but your old number will still be visible.

How to hide the last seen on Whatsapp?

To hide your last seen on WhatsApp, Open your WhatsApp settings, go to Account, and Open Privacy. From privacy, you can hide the last seen on WhatsApp. 
Not just last seen you can also hide other information like your Profile photo, About information, Status updates, Read receipts and even prevent people from adding you to Groups. 
When you hide your last seen, you also won’t be able to see the last seen of other users. Similarly, when you turn off read receipts, you will not be able to see read receipts of other contacts. So, before your hide, your last seen, understand that their info also will be hidden from you. 

Does WhatsApp Web store messages on PC?

No, the WhatsApp Web data is temporary, meaning nothing will get stored on your PC until you do it manually. For example, while viewing the photos, videos, and other attachments, nothing will be stored on your PC until you click the download button. Although the messages are stored locally, and on your mobile phone servers, the messages from WhatsApp web are just stored on the server. Every time you open WhatsApp web, the app downloads the latest messages from the server and loads them for you.

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