How To Look At iPhone Calculator History?

How To Look At iPhone Calculator History?

People are more into the digital currency world and learning multiple ways of earning. They always need a calculator whenever they need to cash out from the internet or do some calculations before investing. It seems impossible to access the iPhone calculator history for the on-screen calculator. That is why iOS users are more likely to search “how not look at iPhone calculator history.”

But don’t worry! This article will solve all the problems by providing the easiest solution to discover your iPhone calculator history. You can also learn how to see clipboard history on iPhone to ease your user experience.

So let’s jump into the article to look for the most demanding queries solution for the iPhone calculator.

What Is iPhone Calculator, And How To Look At iPhone Calculator History?

The iPhone’s in-built calculator is an excellent tool for performing tasks like adding or subtracting and carrying out basic addition or multiplication calculations. Scientific features in this calculator also turn on when you rotate the screen.

Still, manually entering all the numbers and symbols takes a long time. You must start again when you enter the wrong number, which can be frustrating.

You always pay the rent on time, but you had no idea when you bought that TV or why your car insurance costs skyrocketed. That is why a calculator is an important part of your financial life.

That is why we have brought you the best solution to revive the lost results of your iPhone calculator. The step-by-step guide given below is the ultimate solution to the problem of what you are facing now.

Steps To Look At iPhone Calculator History

The iPhone history is not very visible because apple didn’t do many improvements to its calculator features. But you can view the recent calculator history, and by tricks, you will learn below. Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Utilities In iPhone Main Menu
Open Utilities In iPhone Main Menu

Unlock your iPhone and locate the utility section on your main menu. There are multiple apps in the utility section where you can keep more apps. Tap on the utility button.

  1. Open Calculator
Open Calculator

There you will see the calculator app with a typical apple calculator logo. Select the calculator by tapping on it.

  1. Do any calculations
Do any calculations

Now the calculator will be open, and you need to do some calculations to make some results. The calculator always shows the history of results, not just only entering some digits. The thing you need to do here is to do some calculations.

  1. Remember The Last Calculations Result
Remember The Last Calculations Result

After doing the calculations, you need to remember your recent calculations’ final results’. Because that result will only show in the recent calculator history, you must keep it in mind to match the results.

  1. Tap On Calculator Icon And See The History
Tap On Calculator Icon And See The History

Now you have to do one thing tap on the back button to close the app. After closing, you will see all the utility apps. Now, return to the main home screen and swipe to the left, where recent activities will be shown. 

Tap and hold on to the calculator icon, and then you will have the option to copy the last results. These are the results you made in your recent activity on the calculator.


How Can You Check Your Mobile Calculator History?

There are several methods to check the calculator history on your phone. The best and easiest method is to find the history sign in any calculator app that you are using on your phone that will show all the calculation history. 
iOS calculator is a bit different from android because iOS doesn’t have many improvements in its calculator features. So, you can only view the calculator records of the last results in recent app activity. 
On the other hand, in android smartphones, calculator apps have a history option, which shows the recent multiple histories with calculations.

How Does Memory Function Works On iPhone?

The iPhone memory function featured the ability to enhance the photos in albums with video templates and some specific pictures shown in memory. 
The memory function also shows the events you had or someplace you might have gone in recent times. 
The calculator app result is also part of the memory function, which only shows the recent results of your calculation in the recent mobile activity portion.

Is There Any Option For Calculator History in iPhone 13?

iPhone 13 has the same calculator app just like its predecessors. Because apple didn’t upgrade the iOS in its latest updates associated with calculator features, including a separate history button. 
So you can only view the history by doing some calculations, going back to recent apps, and tapping on the calculator app logo. The recent results will be shown there.

Can You Undo In iPhone Calculators?

Yes, you can undo the digits in the iPhone calculator app uniquely and amazingly. The only thing you have to do is swipe your figure in any direction except down. 
If you swipe left, right, or on the top, a digit will reduce in the calculator screen you entered earlier.

Is There Any Option to Restore your Calculator App?

Yes, you can restore your iPhone calculator app by following the steps given below:
1. Unlock your iPhone
2. Open the app store
3. Tap on the profile option
4. Locate the purchased option in profile settings
5. Now select the recent apps rather than all apps option
6. All the recently deleted apps are there; you can find and redownload the calculator app

What Is The Reason For My iPhone Calculator’s Wrong Answers?

There is a type of lag called animated lag,” which happens in iPhone mobiles when you try to get some results by tapping repeatedly. The algorithm misjudges and delays in taking a response from the input. 
That is why your iPhone calculator shows you the wrong results, sometimes not commonly but very rarely. You can avoid this problem by clearing the extra RAM of your iPhone and typing slowly, not very fast, like typing text messages to your loved ones.


The iPhone calculator is excellent for the usage of basic daily calculations. But the apple developers didn’t make any improvements to complex scientific calculations. However, some features of this calculator are simply remarkable. 

If you face difficulty finding the solution about” how to look at iPhone calculator history,” then the above guide is for you. Please leave feedback if you like this article and share it with your sincere ones.

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